Scorpio Sun Leo Rising

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising

Although you are ambitious, your career and the stress associated with it take a secondary place in relation to your personal life. You have rightly decided that enjoying success alone is like drinking alcohol alone. You are a friendly person, but you prefer to welcome guests at home and reluctantly go on long trips in search of entertainment. When you were a kid, your parents had to push you toward independence. You have a proud and sensitive soul. A sideways glance or a bad word hurts you very much, and although you prefer to hide your pain, it is unlikely that you will forget the offense or refuse to take revenge.

In general, you are friendly and charitable, you are a wonderful friend, generous and devoted. If trouble comes, the first thing you do is run for cover. Sometimes you may be cocky but always remain calm and confident. You like everything bright and beautiful. You may get angry when provoked, but your anger does not last long. You are distinguished by the firmness of your views which you express in a clear tone, and any matters you are working on are brought to their logical conclusion, no matter how great the risks involved. Father plays an important role in your life, there may be enmity between you and he can also become the reason for your failures in life to some extent. Women in high positions may have secret enemies, although they overestimate their ability to harm you.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, you are lazy and apathetic, you have no interest in putting in even the slightest effort to achieve something in life and you always follow the path of least resistance. Still, you're holding tight to what you already have. You want flattery and approval. If you can't make it in the big world, you better be a big fish in a shallow pond. If you cannot fulfill your ambitions then you can play the role of a gentleman in the domestic sphere.

You are full of unconditional confidence in your decisions, despite the fact that time and again it turns out that they are wrong. You have practically no social life because you don't want to get up from your comfortable chair in front of the TV. You're also incredibly slutty, to the point where you might as well end up in the trash along with your precious throne.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Woman

With Leo rising, Scorpio struggles against their weaknesses, striving above average; They struggle against their basic instincts, and if they succeed, they demand the same from others, but only if they can show how it's done. That's why they never delay, they are always at the forefront.

They want to reveal themselves in their entirety, first of all in their passion, which fills life. There is something royal in their love. Flirting remains just that, flirting. There cannot be disintegration in partnership, it is better to disintegrate. Life seems to be an eternal struggle. In which you have to win again all the time; So they are always ready to enter into it and go deeper. Additionally, they may whisper something that hurts many people.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Man

The character of the man with the Sun in Scorpio and the Rising in Leo, with all the emphasis on his personal origins, reveals something majestic in behavior. They are demanding, they are always ready. They are confident in themselves, they consider themselves irreplaceable, thinking that you will not find another such copy in the world.

But at the same time, proceeding from this, they are always ready to do business, they do not need anything, they are trying to give something of themselves. You should not wait for it to be said about you that you have misused the achievements of others. His pride is great but justified.

Scorpio Sun and Leo Rising Compatibility

In love, Scorpios are mysterious and charming, with a blend of independence and dedication that leaves their partner always wanting more. Leos are magnetic, loving, and generous, so this combination ensures a lover who knows how to give as well as take, with a sultry appeal. This sensual mix of bravery, power, and intrigue is definitely one you don't want to leave in a hurry, but don't be too clingy either, as their 7th house in Aquarius may rebel!

Their best partners are Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Aries, and Leo. Libra and Sagittarius are good friends. People with the Taurus sign will not be able to perform that well here and there may be a struggle for power with people with the Capricorn sign.


Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, your sexual appetite is very high and you put your heart and soul into every hobby. Your partner should remember that with the help of flattery, you can achieve everything. Probably, you will have two marriages and have children from both spouses. You will have many children, although (if you are a woman) the first pregnancy may be unsuccessful. You may have twins, especially if you are married to an Aquarius. When children grow up, differences will arise between them. Presumably, both you and your children will receive an inheritance.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising, You are emotional, and you live according to your emotions or feelings. You bet on love, and on passionate feelings, thus, you do not commit yourself if you do not feel real attraction. Your emotional journey is often marked by breakups or complicated stories as you search for passion. In a couple, your energy is often the engine of your relationship, and you suffocate your partner. Thus, you sometimes need to control or direct everything, which does not prevent you from being soft, attentive, listening, and delicate towards your other half.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you either glow with health or are constantly sitting on a sick leave sheet. Hostile and unsympathetic environments, bruised egos, and rejected love can all have a detrimental effect on your well-being. The best medicine for you is peace, love, and goodwill. The main diseases of people of this zodiac sign affect the back and heart area. It can also be arthritis, blood and bone diseases. A little self-care will be very beneficial for your health.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, ycan be successful in business, transportation, communications, journalism or television, and even medicine. When it comes to work, you are very patient and achieve success with dedication and stamina. You are endowed with many talents, which often lead to activities in the arts or public service. You are attracted to the world of theatre, you have the poetic ability. Wealth will come to you through personal efforts as well as with the help of relatives with good social status. There is a possibility of loss due to family problems. You can also be successful in the household goods and clothing business. Whatever your specialty, you will find many tours.

You have tremendous work capacity, plus you are passionate, you need 'transportation' from your activity, and you don't do anything without real conviction. You are not afraid to invest in yourself and do not hesitate to face the challenges that come your way. Likewise, you are a real competitor, and your resistance to stress is very good. With the Scorpio Sun rising in Leo, you hate daily routine, and you always find a way to break the rhythm of your work. A conversationalist, you know how to get your projects accepted and draw attention to yourself. Sahaj, you have great talent.


This person probably has an attractive appearance. Scorpios are known for having strong shoulders, broad shoulders, and deep, expressive, penetrating eyes that indicate the complexity of their soul. Their style can be a combination of Scorpio's simple class and Leo's fondness for glamour. They may have thick hair, dark blue eyes, red or brown hair, and prefer to wear dark colors. If you want to know more about Scorpio Sun Leo rising then talk to astrology.

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