Know about the Scorpio Biggest Fear

Know about the Scorpio Biggest Fear

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mars, one of the five elements, the water element. In the body of Kaal Purush, the jurisdiction of the Scorpio zodiac is in the genital area. There are three lords of this zodiac whose lord is Mars, Jupiter, and Moon respectively, in which Mars is a symbol of strength, leadership, ability, anger, loyalty, passion, stubbornness, and courage, and Jupiter planet is a symbol of knowledge, understanding, self-analysis, responsibility, and fame. and the Moon is a symbol of secret anxiety, fickleness, ideological instability, haste, and humiliation of the mind. The combination of Mars and Jupiter in the lord takes them fast forward in life, but the effect of Moon and Mars keeps their mind and brain disturbed. Overall, due to the auspicious and inauspicious effects of the planets, this zodiac changes very rapidly with age.

Being the lord Mars, these people are courageous and brave. Although at first sight these people will seem quite ordinary to you and will seem lost in themselves, when you come to know their reality and their thinking, you will be surprised. It is not as common as it seems, the scope of their thinking and compared with the thinking of people, is very much. It mostly uses the least number of words, but the number of words it uses, and whenever they do, the rivals cannot stand before them. Whether it is the word war or war, these people give a lot of time and opportunity to their enemy to improve but if he keeps repeating the same mistake then his attack is very dangerous and never forgotten.

Due to the presence of the planet Jupiter, all the auspicious qualities related to the planet Jupiter are found in them. These people themselves are self-sufficient, but always think a lot about the family and constantly sacrifice all their happiness and work hard with a laugh. No matter what kind of problem they have, any major problem, they keep the pain associated with it and keep suffering from within. His family members also take full advantage of this habit of keeping quiet and do not back down from their exploitation and suffering.

The position of the planet Moon in the lord is bad for them, due to which they have to bear sufferings in every part of life. Moon is debilitated on Scorpio, so the effect of most of the moons is also negative for Scorpio people. The moon creates a state of self-conflict in them. The effect of Moon Mars often does not allow their thinking to reach the right person in front. They want to say something and speak something and the person in front takes its wrong meaning, so before suddenly reacting to their words, it should be understood well. The negative effect of the Moon planet does not allow them to forget the bad experiences of the past and keeps terrorizing about the future.

This is a zodiac sign with a secret nature, which keeps on doing self-analysis constantly. This zodiac is constantly twisting and twisting the facts related to the people and environment around it inside its mind. While doing self-analysis, these people prefer to live in solitude while experiencing pain and sufferings from all walks of life, due to which sometimes they are considered to be of a naughty nature, but this does not happen. After knowing and understanding the good and bad qualities of everyone, these people distance themselves from them, but still, they never back down from helping in any way socially. Even when these people help someone, they do not like to show it at all. Their own financial condition may be very poor, but if someone comes before them for help, then they sacrifice their lives laughing.

These people analyze so much about their lives and the people around them that hardly any other zodiac would do. It is this quality of deep analysis that causes the biggest fear in their mind. They do not keep their thoughts imprisoned in any enclosure to solve and understand the mysteries of life. Sometimes their thoughts are engaged in churning, bypassing their relationships. Many times they start getting uncomfortable with their own thoughts and are afraid that someone might know my kind of thinking and get away from me hating me. This fear of their mind always haunts them, due to which sometimes they get surrounded by negative thoughts.


Tips to get rid of fear for Scorpio


One has to think about both the positive and negative sides of everything. Now it can't be that you think only good about someone, you should also analyze negative facts about him, and only then you will be able to understand someone better. So you should remove the fear from your mind that your thinking is negative and bad will always happen to you and all your loved ones will leave you. You need a friend in your life who will listen, understand and give you the right advice. Free yourself from the shackles of your mind and share your heart with your special ones and then see how beautiful you feel in this life.


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