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Know About Scorpio Baby Personality Traits

Know About Scorpio Baby Personality Traits

Hey there...Having a baby whose birth took place between 23rd October and 21st November? Curious to know what they are like, just to prepare yourself to deal with them in a better way? Here you go!!  Check these personality traits of a Scorpio baby according to Astrology predictions. These will give you a perception of the nature of Scorpio babies and help you in your parental journey.


Scorpio babies are emotional by nature. Following 10 personality traits will give you the feel of how your Scorpio child behaves. These baby predictions will make your experience as parents adventurous and interesting.

1. Scorpio babies tend to hide everything within themselves


Scorpio babies are very secretive and they tend to keep their thoughts and feelings within themselves. At certain times, they even yearn for privacy. They need their own time alone with themselves.


2. Scorpio babies have a high emotional intensity


Scorpio babies’ emotional quotient is extremely high. They are basically introverts. They can be highly loving and attached to the people they are close to and can be extremely indifferent and impolite with strangers. Because of this intense range of the emotional graph, it becomes difficult to handle them sometimes.


3. Scorpio babies are greatly intelligent


Scorpio babies have high intelligence, a strong mind, and a strong dedication power. They have the curiosity to learn more to improve their strengths and achieve their desired results.


4. Scorpio babies crave meaningful and deep relationships


Scorpio babies are very emotional and they crave a deep connection with the people they are close to or their loved ones. They are emotionally attached to the people they love and require reassurances from them in return. A good conversation, an honest approach, and a heart-to-heart connection are what they crave in life.


5. Scorpio babies have a very strong willpower


Scorpio babies are very strong-willed and determined to get what they desire. They, at times, become dominating and challenging, just to win the game they have started. If they take up any project or job, they make sure to be victorious in it. They are best at what they do.


6. Scorpio babies can have a cruel streak in their behavior


Scorpio babies have a very good memory. They always remember anything they did not like or anybody who has hurt them in any way. They will not voluntarily disturb anybody, but if they are intrigued by someone, Scorpions can hold a grudge and plan for revenge too. They can be cruel to anyone who has hurt them.


7. Scorpio babies have mood swings


Scorpio babies can very instantly swing their mood as per the situation. Their mood drops instantly if anything unfavorable happens. Likewise, a happy talk with their loved ones and a good vibe from some dear can make their mood happy.


8. Hiding from them increases Scorpio babies’ curiosity


If you hide anything from Scorpio babies, they become all the more curious to know that. If they get a feeling that something is kept secret from them, it intrigues them and they become no less than a detective. Finding out secret things satisfies them. And probably that’s why the hide and seek game is a favorite amongst them.


9. Scorpio babies are possessive


Scorpio babies are possessive by nature. It is hard for them to share their toys and snacks with their friends or peers. There should be a definite appreciation for them if they are found to be generous in sharing things with others. It will help them come out of this possessive nature.


10. Scorpio babies need to be disciplined


Scorpio babies have very fluctuating behavior and discipline can bring some order to their life. They need to be disciplined for a better and smooth future.




If you find these traits helpful in your parenting, please tell us in the comments section. Also please share your experiences related to these traits. If you need more assistance and a closer understanding of your Scorpio baby, please feel free to take our online consultation services.

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