Saturn Stone: Meaning, Benefits, and Uses of Saturn Gemstone

Saturn Stone: Meaning, Benefits, and Uses of Saturn Gemstone

In Ratna Shastra, according to the position of planets and constellations, gems have been told. By wearing gems according to the zodiac, a person can get success in every work along with fulfilling his desired wishes. According to Ratna Shastra, gems have such a power that they strengthen the position of planets in a person's horoscope. On the other hand, if one wears the wrong gem without examining it, then it makes even the king a disgrace. Shani Dev is the master of Capricorn and Aquarius. In such a situation, it would be auspicious for the people of this zodiac to wear sapphire, the gem of Saturn. By wearing Neelam Ratna, a person's working style improves, as well as his ability to think increases rapidly. Not only this, it helps in reducing the sight and half-and-a-half of Saturn present in the horoscope. According to Ratna Shastra, Blue Sapphire gives an instant effect on a person.

According to astrology, a person is sometimes surrounded by all kinds of problems and diseases due to the side effects of some planet. According to astrology, Saturn is considered to be the most influential planet among all the planets. When Saturn sits in an inauspicious house in the horoscope, the natives start suffering. In the minds of the people, there is a thought of heavy troubles due to the running of Sade Sati, Dhaiya, and Mahadasha associated with the planet Saturn. Various measures are taken to avoid the inauspicious effects of Saturn. One of these measures has been told to wear sapphire, the gem of Saturn. It is believed that if Shani is inauspicious in the horoscope, then many kinds of problems start coming and the work being done also starts getting spoiled. In such a situation, the natives on whom Shani is heavy, are advised to wear Neelam/ Blue sapphire.

Which Zodiac Sign Should Wear Saturn Gemstone Neelam?

The people of the Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac can wear Neelam.


Saturn Stone Neelam Benefits

  • According to gemology, if sapphire suits someone, then its benefits are immediately visible. Wearing blue sapphire can get rid of health-related problems. Money starts getting profit. Along with this, the chances of progress in job and business increase a lot.

  • Neelam gemstone removes distress, disease, and poverty in the life of the native. When a person wears this stone methodically and with a true heart, he gets positive changes in his life very soon. Saturn's position becomes stronger with the effect of sapphire. If you want to avoid the inauspicious effects of Saturn, then the person must wear blue sapphire. If it is not worn properly, then the person will get to see more of its inauspicious effects and will have to face problems in life.

  • Sapphire increases business and increases luck, many ways to get money will arise, there will be progress in the field of work, due to which respect and prestige will also increase, patience will increase, intellectuality, rationality and culture will increase, women or men who are in depression. They must wear the Neelam stones.

  • Wearing this will make him free from stress and lead a positive life, friends, if you are suffering from diseases like toothache, paralysis, bone pain, and asthma then you must wear this. It is able to cure these diseases. 

Uses of Saturn Stone Neelam

You can put blue sapphire above 5 Ratti, if you are taking very high-quality blue sapphire, then you can put less than 5 Ratti. Keep Neelam Ratna in a bowl and take milk, desi ghee, honey, sugar candy, and Gangajal in it. Their quantity should be such that the sapphire ring or pendant gets immersed in it. Then after worshiping your favorite God, chant this mantra of Shani Dev "Om Pran Prim Praun Sa: Shanishcharaya Namah"(ओम् प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनिश्चराय नमः 3100 times and then take out the sapphire stone from the bowl and wear it after washing it with Gangajal by showing incense or incense sticks. And put that bowl mixture in the Tulsi plant. The auspicious Nakshatras for wearing Blue Sapphire are Pushya, Uttarabhadrapada, Chitra, Swati, Dhanishtha, and Shatabhisha.


It is advised by astrologers to wear blue sapphire for Shani, but before wearing blue sapphire it should be known who should wear blue sapphire because wearing blue sapphire without knowledge can lead to its inauspicious effects. If you want to wear blue sapphire then talk to astrologers.

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