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Saturn Opposite Mercury

Saturn Opposite Mercury

Saturn opposite Mercury brings real conflict when communicating with others and provokes discord and narcissism on your part. You stick strongly to your views, which leads to arguments and disagreements.

You are very reticent and afraid to express what you're thinking, and this often sets you apart from others. You are overly concerned and very demanding of everything, especially of those with whom you share things. You know that you must make important decisions, but your understanding of your approach is not clear enough, and in general, you are too pessimistic and afraid of the consequences. That's why you take everything very seriously.

You should try to identify what are the sources of conflict and not be on the defensive all the time because then you avoid seeing the reality of things. Your views may be too fixed, so others feel compelled to challenge you. They force you to examine your opinions and make necessary adjustments to enrich yourself and be able to deal with your experiences.

Saturn Opposite Mercury Natal

Many people will not like what you think or say. This is true even if you have thought it through well and spoken it clearly (which is likely). You probably believe that others will be more receptive if you tweak and improve what you say or the way you say it. You are convinced that a sound mind and logic should speak for themselves. Still, nothing ever speaks for itself. Refining your thoughts and communication strategies isn't so much for other people, but more for being the best deliverer of what's on your mind. Imagine people who oppose your views and make you better. But don't get so obsessed with your naysayers and detractors that you lose sight of potential allies and co-creators. True, you have your own way of doing things, and some people may not like it. but that's not all.

Saturn Opposite Mercury Synastry

When Saturn is opposite your Mercury Synastry, your ideas, and plans are challenged and almost on the verge of defeat. You realize all the efforts that have been in vain and dwell too much on all the plans that have failed.

Many people disagree with you and this prompts you to carefully examine the causes of failures. You have to overcome the tendency to be pessimistic, gloomy, and non-communicative and let the results speak for themselves before making new decisions. You may reconsider some studies or some businesses. This is a period of doubt and questioning the meaning of everything you do and everything that interests you.

If your opinion has become rigid, you will be strongly challenged by others so that you can see the consequences of certain views and learn to take into account the views and opinions of others. As well as learning by seeing the direct results of your ideas and putting them into practice. Try not to worry too much, as this can make you worry too much and damage your nervous system.

Saturn Opposite Mercury Transit

A different point of view or a set of disagreements may bother you now. You can probably see how you have become sheltered in your thinking and need to be open to opposing views and points of view. It's natural to be resistant, because you may have a lot at stake with your attitude. Still, it's also a good idea to ask yourself why this is. Chances are there are particular people and structures to whom you have given your allegiance that may no longer be worthy of it. Or do you need better reasons why you believe what you do? You can think of challengers as boxing or training partners, rather than outright opponents. Once you're sure about what you think and why, you can present your ideas with confidence and clarity to a ready and willing audience. There will be no point in engaging with such people who need further convincing. Your time will be better spent with people who "get it" and are willing to build on what's clearly mapped out.


You may discover many mental struggles that you must overcome, that you cannot ignore and that you must face in order to find more logic and reason in your life. Excessive worry and anxiety often put the nervous system in jeopardy. You will only feel better if you are able to share your experiences with others in a more meaningful way. If you want to know more about Saturn Opposite Mercury, then talk to astrologers online.

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