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Saturn Opposite Mars

Saturn Opposite Mars

Saturn opposite your natal Mars is a time of intense conflict and ego conflict. You may provoke others or they may see you as a threat so they try to stop or obstruct you. Usually, this affects your social and work life, but it can also affect your personal life. You are very confrontational and feel very anxious during this time, even afraid to face people.

You should know that this is a trial period to see if you are able to continue with your ambitions or goals so that you know what changes you need to make in order to achieve them. Often, the steps you take to get rid of your frustration can backfire and fail, so you must learn self-discipline and remain without anger or rage, even when people criticize you. Feel agitated and blocked. or circumstances.

This period is particularly important for health, and accidents are likely, so it would be convenient to have a medical checkup. Learn to relax and don't accumulate stress or anxiety.

Saturn Opposite Mars Natal

Constantly, you must figure out how to assert your authority in opposition to or in conjunction with someone else. Sometimes you don't have the patience to think it all through. Then you're probably off. Feeling locked out, your frustrated ability to exert pressure will likely turn into anger and possibly even rage. You can easily see whether your frustration is warranted. It doesn't matter who originally thwarted your attempts at self-determination. You can get angry at almost anything or anyone that bothers you or complicates what you're trying to do. And this is where you will continually encounter more complications and problems. You must learn to discipline your desire in such a way that not only is it accurate and effective, but you are using it more for long-term purposes rather than short-term gain or ego-gratification. Focus less on what you're missing, and more on how you can get what you want with patience and persistence.

Saturn Opposite Mars Synastry

The opposition of Saturn and Mars shows the state of dispute in a person's life. Unlike the class, the problem usually involves other people in various ways. It creates conflict when the person sees the problem only from his perspective, and it broadens the scope of awareness when he sees the problem from both (or several) sides.

Transit of Saturn opposite Mars synastry enables you to work hard with great persistence, and thereby demonstrate your skills and abilities. Now you can plan your tasks and projects to guarantee more freedom and personal security.

Now you work in an organized manner and can pay attention to more details and get more out of your efforts. This is an excellent time to outline projects as you know how they should be implemented. You will have the patience to achieve your goals, and you can accept some limitations that will help you organize and plan your energy.

Saturn Opposite Mars Transit

It's easy to get discouraged and feel stuck for the duration of this transit. This frustration is likely to build up into a mound of anger, which may erupt at the wrong time and unjustly against people who have done you little or no harm. You can slow the build-up of your anger by finding constructive ways to express it, such as exercising or coming up with a long-term game plan for getting what you want. It's also important to think more carefully about what you're trying to accomplish. Some measure of the resistance you're facing is not without merit. You may need to define or better define what you are trying to do. Similarly, you may be doing what you are doing for the wrong reasons, such as ego-gratification, or in a way that is not in line with your own principles and ideals. If you are willing to be more consistent and disciplined in your approach, with clear and concrete goals, you are more likely to reach them now. you have what it takes.


Now you should take more responsibility and take control of your life and be mature enough, otherwise, your pain, suffering, and guilt will become unbearable. The best thing to do is to make a serious commitment to self-improvement and make an effort to feel more confident from within. If you want to know more about Saturn Opposite Moon, then talk to astrologers online.

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