Saturn Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

Saturn Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

Pisces is a double water sign ruled by Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter both are neutral planets towards each other. People with Saturn in Pisces are devoted to spirituality. Due to the connection with the 12th house, such people move towards spiritual liberation. It is also associated with water. And when Saturn is situated in Pisces, the person is a deep thinker. Such a person studies every subject deeply. Saturn helps these natives to taking better decisions but not as a teacher but as a mentor. It serves as their guiding spirit.

People born with Saturn in Pisces are renunciates by nature. He has a deep attachment to art. These natives often play a prominent role among their friends and relatives, probably because they are good at disciplining and making policies. Such people are humble, wealthy, kind, sensitive, and loyal. There is also a powerful desire to learn more. Such people have a deep attachment to a creative field like art. They are really likely to pursue a career in the field of art or spirituality. These natives are good learners and have a confident outlook. They want a bright future and work for it too. These people also like enjoyment and luxury very much.

Result of Saturn Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

Being the ruler of the eleventh house, it eexplained the subjects of greed, profit, selfishness, slavery, slavery, childlessness, female, uncle, husband, elder brother and little sister, corruption, bribery, dishonesty, etc. while the twelfth house Being it represents subjects like sleep, travel, loss, charity, expenditure, punishment, foolishness, dog, fish, salvation, foreign travel, enjoyment opulence, lewdness, other women's game, futile travel, etc. Being under the strong and auspicious influence of Saturn in the native's Janam Kundali or its Dashakala, the native gets auspicious results in the above-mentioned subjects, whereas being under weak and inauspicious influence gives inauspicious results.

Planet Saturn is the ruler of the eleventh and twelfth house in Pisces ascendant. Saturn, being the ruler of the eleventh house, represents subjects like greed, profit slavery, child inferiority, female child, relatives, bribery, and dishonesty in your life. On the other hand, due to Saturn being in the twelfth house, Saturn represents subjects like sleep, travel, loss, charity, expenditure, punishment, foreign travel, indulgence opulence, lewdness, going to another woman, futile travel in the life of the native.

Positive Effects of Saturn Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

Due to the arrival of Saturn in the ascendant, the person gets benefits every now and then, along with this, there is also a possibility of poor health. Native is hardworking, married life is not full of happiness, and partnership work gives profit. There is no progress in the profession. The health of the native is good, the wife may be of fierce nature and of a different caste, discord comes in married life and benefits from partners, and there is a decline in daily income. Jatak is a devotee of his father, he is not religious, and he gets support from his father, but luck rarely supports him, there is a lack of happiness in the house, vehicle, and property and Jatak has a special attachment to his mother. In the Mahadasha of Saturn, the work of the person comes in very good condition. There is a possibility of foreign settlement, there will be benefits from abroad. There is a decrease in the happiness of land, house, and vehicles. Seventh house-related benefits are received. Conjugal happiness and daily income are blessed, and the partnership will not get profit. The expenditure remains. There can be a change in profession or there is a possibility of a slight change.

Negative Effect of Saturn Mahadasha on Pisces Ascendant

Aries is the low zodiac sign of Saturn. Such a person never gets the full support of money, family, and family. The speech of the native is fierce. There is a lot of estrangement with the mother. Does not get the pleasure of house, vehicle, or land. Obstacles do not go away, and elder brothers and sisters do not get support. In the Mahadasha / Antardasha of Saturn, there is a possibility of settling in a foreign country. There is trouble with the younger brother and sister. The luck of the person rarely supports him even after a lot of hard work. The person gets excited in every matter, there is a delay in having a child, there is some disease in the stomach, there is a sudden loss, and there is trouble from the child. The mind remains estranged from the father, due to hard work in life, the person has sometimes been seen as an atheist, wasteful expenditure, and traveling abroad keeps happening, due to which the person does not get any special benefit.

The person has a lot of estrangement from his mother. There is no progress in the happiness of land, house, and vehicles. The working condition keeps getting worse. There is defeat in the competition, and the circumstances in the job or profession do not remain as desired. The health of the native is also likely to remain bad.


Saturn is the lord of the eleventh and twelfth house in this ascendant horoscope. He is the planet of the opposition party of Lagnesh Jupiter. That's why Saturn is considered the most deadly planet in the horoscope. The condition of Saturn situated in any sense of the horoscope is painful for the native. They give auspicious results according to their capacity. Saturn falling in the sixth, eighth, and 12th house is capable of giving auspicious results by coming in Veeparit Raja Yoga, but for this, it is necessary that the Lord of the ascendant, Jupiter, should be both sacrificial and auspicious. The person having Pisces Ascendant should never wear Sapphire, the gem of Saturn. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Saturn Mahadasha in Pisces ascendant.