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Saturn Mahadasha for Libra Ascendant

Saturn Mahadasha for Libra Ascendant

This position is considered positive in Vedic astrology because Venus, the ruler of Libra, shares a friendly relationship with Saturn. Due to its position in a friendly sign, Saturn here bestows luxuries to the native. These people are inclined towards material comforts but they tend to create balance in life.

Having Saturn in Libra can make you a just and fair person. You have an intellectual and diplomatic mind. You have clever answers to confusing situations. You are good at working with others. Saturn in Libra ascendant also makes you diplomatic in the sense that you know how to use others to your benefit. People with Saturn in Libra are good-looking. However, they face hurdles in their love affairs and marriage as they tend to feel unloved and ignored. Sometimes they also have to face delays in marriage.

Result of Saturn Mahadasha for Libra Ascendant

Saturn is the ruler of the fourth and fifth house in Libra ascendant. Due to Saturn being the ruler of the fourth house, land building, vehicle, friend, partnership, peace, water, public, permanent property, kindness, benevolence, deceit, state of conscience, consumption of aquatic substances, wealth accumulation, false accusation, Represents topics like a rumor, love affair, love marriage.

Lord Saturn is the Lord of the fourth and fifth house in this Lagna Kundli. Being a Kendra and a Trikona lord, Saturn is considered to be the most beneficial planet in this horoscope. Saturn in the first, second, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh house gives auspicious outcomes according to his capability in Mahadasha. If Saturn is in a rising position in the third, sixth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house, it loses its efficacy and gives inauspicious results. If Saturn is lying in a set state in any house of the horoscope, then his strength is increased by wearing his gem sapphire. The inauspiciousness of Saturn is removed by pronouncing him and donating.

Positive Effects of Saturn Mahadasha for Libra Ascendant

Virgo is a friend of Saturn. Therefore, in the Mahadasha of Saturn, the health of the person is very good, there is a sudden profit, such a person is very hardworking, and there is progress in the profession. Married life remains pleasant, there is some profit from partnership work. Such a person gets the full support of money, family, and family. The speech of the native is fierce. The happiness of mother, house, vehicle, and land is attained. Obstacles are removed, and elder siblings get support. There is no reduction in profit. The person is very hardworking. The person's luck favors him only after a lot of hard work. Sharp memory, good resolution, the happiness of children, and sudden benefits are received. There is benefit from the father, the person does not follow the religion, and there is wasteful expenditure and foreign travel.

There is an increase in the happiness of land, house, and vehicles. Working conditions are good. Saturn does a good competitive, job. There is a fear of court cases and accidents. The personality of the native is very good. There is a possibility of the mother being sick. There is success in love affairs. The memory of the person is very good. Relations with wife and partners remain sweet. Interacts with elder brother and little sister, profits are received, a child may remain somewhat ill, wealth increases, and family members get support.

Negative Effect of Saturn Mahadasha on Libra Ascendant

If the Mercury is weak or not in an auspicious position, the results are negative even after working hard. There is no way to return the loan, wasteful expenditure, there is a hindrance in every work, there is expenditure in court cases, hospital, even after a lot of tough work, there is a lack of auspicious outcomes. After taking a long time in a court case, one gets the victory. When the debilitated zodiac sign comes in Aries, there is a hindrance in every work of the person, and tension remains. Their speech is very bad, the family does not support them. Work stops. The child gets hurt, there is a sudden loss, and the person has a disease of forgetfulness. Memory becomes weak. There is a possibility of foreign settlement, work comes to a standstill, court cases go on, and unnecessary expenses are incurred. The family doesn't get support, speech is very bad. The person is an atheist and remains angry with his father. If Lagnesh Budha is strong and also in an auspicious position, then opposite Raja Yoga is formed and most of the results related to the twelfth, second, sixth, and ninth house are auspicious.


Lord Saturn is the Lord of the fourth and fifth house in this Lagna Kundli. The original triangle zodiac sign of Saturn comes in the original triangle house of the Aquarius horoscope, therefore Saturn is considered to be the most yoga Karak planet of the horoscope. The planets give more auspicious or more inauspicious results when they are strong in strength. On the contrary, if the planets are weak in strength, then they give less auspicious or less inauspicious results. In this way, it should be considered best for a causative planet to be strong in strength and to be in an auspicious position, and it should be considered best for a malefic planet to be weak in strength. Only after proper analysis of the Kundli through Astrology Phone Consultation, is the remedial decision taken whether to strengthen the said planet with gems, to reduce the effect of the planet with donations, to pacify the planet with the water flow of certain elements, or By chanting the mantra, we have to get protection by getting the blessings of the said planet.

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