Saturn Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn is a floating earth sign, ruled by Saturn, an airy planet. Capricorn natives have great resilience and battle spirit to face the storms of life. When Saturn is situated in its zodiac sign, the outcome is likely to be positive, unless there is any affliction of other planets. This position of Saturn makes the native hard-working. Such people realize their ambitions despite delays and obstacles. Saturn is also related to the tenth house, which represents the profession. Saturn also derives subordinates and when it is situated in the Capricorn ascendant, the native is likely to get a lot of help and support from them.

Such people are endowed with great knowledge about the Vedic scriptures. These people are inclined towards social service and help others a lot. They are honored and respected beings. They like to travel abroad and are also fond of fine arts. These people have ambition and a strong desire for power. Their career matters a lot to him. They can be suspicious and selfish at times, but their behavior is polite and respectful. He has a great sense of organization in life.

Result of Saturn Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn is the lord of the first and second house in the Capricorn ascendant. Being the ruler of the first house, Saturn represents your form, sign, caste, body, age, happiness-sorrow, discretion, brain, nature, shape, and overall personality of a person. Being the lord of the second house, Saturn represents family, eyes, nose, ear, throat, voice, jewelry, beauty, and singing family.

Saturn is the ruler of the first and second houses. Being the lord of the ascendant, it represents the person's form, sign, caste, body, age, happiness and sorrow, discretion, mind, nature, appearance, and personality of the person, and being the second lord, the eye (right), nose, throat, Ears, voice, diamonds, pearls, gems, ornaments, beauty, singing, speech, family, etc. are representative of subjects. Being under the strong and auspicious influence of Saturn in the native's Janam Patri or its Dashakaal, the native gets auspicious outcomes in the above subjects, while being under weak and inauspicious influence gives inauspicious results.

Positive Effects of Saturn Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

With the presence of Lord Saturn in the ascendant, Panchamahapurush yoga named Sasa is formed and the person gets wealth, support of family, gets prestigious, and speech is a little excited. Native is hardworking, married life is full of happiness, and partnership work gives profit. There is progress in the profession. Such a person gets the full support of money, family, and family. The speech of the native is fierce. There is an attachment to the mother. Gets the pleasure of house, vehicle, and land. Obobstacles are removed, and elder siblings get support. There is success in love marriage. The sum of a daughter is formed. Suddenly there is a situation of profit. The memory of the person becomes very good. Relations with wife and partners remain cordial. Gets along well with elder brother and sister, gets benefits, increases in wealth, and gets full support from family members. There is a possibility of sudden profit for the family members.

The health of the native is good, the wife may be fierce and may be of a different caste, happiness comes in married life and benefits from partners, and there is progress in daily income. The person is devoted to his father, religious, gets support from his father, luck favors him, there is a gradual increase in the happiness of house, vehicle, and property and there is a tussle with the mother in small matters.

Negative Effect of Saturn Mahadasha on Capricorn Ascendant

Aries is the low zodiac sign of Saturn. There is always an estrangement between the mind and the mother. There is a decrease in the happiness of land, house, and vehicles. Working condition is not good. Saturn is not able to do well in competition, job. There is a possibility of poor health for the native. The health of the natives may remain bad. There is a possibility of a family member falling ill. Even after working hard, the results remain negative. There is no way to return the loan, wasteful expenditure, there are hindrances in every work, there is expenditure in court cases, and hospitals, and even after a lot of tough work, there a lack of auspicious outcomes. Even after taking a long time in a court case, victory is not certain. There is a possibility of family members and younger siblings being troubled. There is an obstacle in every work, and tension remains. Their speech is very bad, their family does not support it. Work stops. The child gets hurt, there is a sudden loss, and the person may have a disease of forgetfulness. In the Mahadasha of Saturn, a family member and add the person himself have to face a lot of problems.


Saturn is the lord of the first house in Capricorn ascendant. Being the Lord of the ascendant, it is considered to be the most powerful planet in the horoscope. If the Saturn deity located in the first, second, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and 11th house is in the rising stage, then it always gives auspicious outcomes according to its capability in its Mahadasha and Antaradasha. The condition of rising Saturn situated in the third, fourth (debilitated zodiac), sixth, eighth, and 12th houses is painful for the native. If Saturn falls in these expressions, he loses his Yoga Karka. They give inauspicious results. If Saturn falls in any sense of the horoscope, if he is in a set state, then his strength is increased by wearing his gem sapphire. Falling in inauspicious feelings, their inauspiciousness is reduced by reciting and donating Saturn. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Saturn Mahadasha in Capricorn Ascendant.

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