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Saturn in Libra Ascendant

Saturn in Libra Ascendant

To consider the results of any planet, the position, conjunction, and vision of the planet are analyzed. In astrology, all nine planets have their own qualities and characteristics. Therefore planets are also affected by their qualities and characteristics. Saturn is said to be a sinful and inauspicious planet. Saturn is said to give auspicious results in the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses. Apart from this, it is a general principle of Parashari astrology that if sinful planets are strong and are in auspicious houses, then they become even more troublesome.


Saturn in all 12 Houses for Libra Ascendant


Saturn in 1st house Libra Ascendant


Libra Ascendant, Saturn in the first house helps in keeping the health of the person favorable. With the auspiciousness of this yoga, there is a possibility of an increase in the education of the person. They can get respect, fame, and prestige. One should try to maintain his characteristic features. The person may have to face some problems in the business sector.


Saturn in 2nd house Libra Ascendant


Can keep a person away from his place of birth. A person can by nature be sacrificing for the sake of others. To get the auspicious results of yoga, one should not decrease the respect of his mother. By respecting the mother, the happiness of a person increases. Respect, fame, and prestige both are attained. A person may have to face a lot of difficulties in the workplace. By maintaining patience in adverse situations, there is a possibility of reduction in the obstacles in the field.


Saturn in 3rd house Libra Ascendant


Success can be achieved only after working hard. The person may have abusive behavior with everyone. The person is knowledgeable and learned. By making full use of one's abilities, the sufferings of a person can be reduced.


Saturn in 4th house Libra Ascendant


A person gets auspicious results in education. There can also be an increase in the happiness of a person's children. But he may have some differences from their mother. Land-related disputes can trouble you. The person of this yoga maintains his influence on his enemies. There is a possibility of having a sense of stubbornness and independence in nature.


Saturn in 5th house Libra Ascendant


When Saturn is in the fifth house in the Kundali of Libra ascendant, the knowledge capacity of a person increases. They may be interested in knowing the hidden genres. There is also a possibility of getting complete happiness from the mother. But all these auspicious results are obtained only by making efforts for the person.


Saturn in 6th house Libra Ascendant


A person can get benefits from outside places i.e. foreign places. But a person's enemies are more powerful. Therefore a person may suffer from his enemies. There are also chances of the expenses being more. Laziness is not beneficial for the people of this ascendant. By making effort, the obstacles to progress are reduced.


Saturn in 7th house Libra Ascendant


When Saturn is in the seventh house in the Kundali of a Libra ascendant, then the health and happiness of the person increase. One should be careful of the actions of the enemy side. This yoga can bring obstacles in the business of the person. One may have to work harder. There is also the possibility of not getting happiness according to hard work.


Saturn in 8th house Libra Ascendant


Most of a person's life is spent in the struggle. They are less likely to get the love of their siblings. It may also happen that you do not get the support of friends and siblings on time. One may also face obstacles in the field of discipline. But a person's education can be excellent and a person can be a scholar. Facing difficulties in many areas of life, a person climbs the stairs of success.


Saturn in 9th house Libra Ascendant


If Saturn is in the ninth house of the Kundali of Libra ascendant, a person may have to face troubles from their enemies. But a person can be successful in conquering their enemies on the strength of their intelligence. They may have to work hard for success. There are chances of getting happiness after the struggle.


Saturn in 10th house Libra Ascendant


There are chances of getting little happiness from money, house, parents, etc. Income can be of medium level. Expenses are likely to increase. This yoga is also not favorable for married life. 


Saturn in 11th house Libra Ascendant


Earning income with difficulties, health remains fine. The path to progress in the field goes through obstacles. The person may be somewhat selfish. This yoga can increase the worries of a person. And there are chances of the person becoming less aware of his responsibilities.


Saturn in 12th house Libra Ascendant


There can be enthusiasm and sharpness in the speech of a person. Expenses may be more. And there is a possibility of a slow increase in income. There is less possibility of getting cooperation in intellectual work. There is an increase in the struggle of a person's life.


Saturn in Libra ascendant gives different results in twelve houses. Talk to Astrologer to know more about the effects of Saturn in Libra Ascendant

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