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Saturn in Cancer Ascendant

Saturn in Cancer Ascendant

According to Vedic astrology, the results of the planets are affected by the house, zodiac, and the sight, conjunction, and position of the other planets on the planet. Saturn gives auspicious results in the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses. Saturn is the karaka planet of age house eighth house. Saturn in this house generally gives favorable results. In the remaining houses, the fruits of Shani are not said to be auspicious. For Cancer ascendant, Saturn is the lord of the seventh house and eighth house. What kind of results can Shani give for this ascendant by being situated in the twelve houses of the Kundali?


Saturn in all 12 Houses for Cancer Ascendant


Saturn in 1st house Cancer Ascendant


When Saturn is in the first house of the Kundali, there are chances of a person's health being moderate. There may be a decrease in the happiness of siblings. There is an increase in the courage and courage of the person. A person gets happiness from his life partner. But some obstacles may remain in married life. There are chances of obstacles coming in the field of livelihood for the person. The benefits for the person increase.


Saturn in 2nd house Cancer Ascendant


There is a possibility for a person to get complete happiness from their mother. Happiness is also obtained from the subjects of land and land. But a person may have problems with his family members. Opportunities can be obtained to lead a luxurious life. Due to this, there can be excess expenditure and a reduction in accumulation. There may be a decrease in the happiness of married life.


Saturn in 3rd house Cancer Ascendant


If Saturn is in the third house in the Kundali of a Cancer ascendant person, there may be a sense of anger in that person's nature. There are possibilities of an increase in his might as well. Relations with brothers and sisters are formed due to not being sweet. And there are chances of him not getting the support of his friends on time. The presence of Saturn in the third house affects the financial condition of the person. As a result, of this, their expenses may increase. Relations with outsiders are formed due to a lack of sweetness. There may be a shortfall in his money. There may be obstacles in the business sector. And the person's mind is not engaged in religious activities.


Saturn in 4th house Cancer Ascendant


Saturn in the fourth house of a Cancer ascendant person reduces the happiness of his mother. They may have a disputed relationship with his mother. Concerns increase in matters of land and building. But after trying, the situation becomes normal. There are chances of obstacles coming in the business of the person of this Yoga. In this situation, a person may suffer from their enemies. In such a situation, if a person works with courage, then he is successful in defeating enemies. Their married life may be full of discord. It is beneficial for them to strictly follow the government rules.


Saturn in 5th house Cancer Ascendant


Scorpio sign comes in the fifth house of Cancer ascendant. Saturn in this house can give failure to a person in love. Fifth house because there is also a sense of education. Therefore, there are chances of obstacles coming up in education also. If a person keeps his morale high, then he can get higher education. The life partner of the person of this yoga becomes educated and contemplative. There may be a decrease in the wealth accumulation of the person. The livelihood sector is affected a little. But the income remains normal. Gives a person the possibility to always be worried.


Saturn in 6th house Cancer Ascendant


Ascendant of Cancer, Sagittarius, Saturn in the sixth house favors the livelihood of the person. As a result of this yoga, the possibilities of doing a job for a person are created. You can get benefits from foreign places. And there may be an excess of expenses. The person of this yoga is successful in getting benefits from his effort and intelligence.


Saturn in 7th house Cancer Ascendant


Succeeds in keeping the business of the person good. A person may have some lack of happiness in his planetary life. There may also be a shortfall in money. It is beneficial not to fall short in hard work and effort.


Saturn in 8th house Cancer Ascendant


In this house, Saturn increases in the age of a person due to its self-sign in Aquarius. There may be a decrease in the health of the life partner of the person. They may have problems in land-related matters. There may be troubles from the father and government sides. There may also be difficulties in discipline and children's subjects. There may be a decrease in the pleasures related to these.


Saturn in 9th house Cancer Ascendant


Sources of income remain fine. The effect on the enemy remains. Life partner gets happiness. A person can get profit from the business. There is a possibility of a person's health being moderate. They get less support from their siblings. The person's relationship with their younger siblings gives the possibility of not being sweet.


Saturn in 10th house Cancer Ascendant


The result of Saturn in the tenth house does not get the full support of the father. Problems can also come from the government side. There may be a decrease in the happiness of a person's planetary life. And there is a possibility of a decrease in their own health. Income from the business sector is favorable.


Saturn in 11th house Cancer Ascendant


Health remains moderate. There may be obstacles in his education field. This yoga increases the intelligence of a person. A person is successful in increasing his income through hard work and cleverness.


Saturn in 12th house Cancer Ascendant


Expenses are more than income. A person is always stuck in some problem or the other. There may be a decrease in the happiness of a life partner. The chances of getting cooperation and happiness from family members are less.


The effects of Saturn in Cancer ascendant are found according to its position. Talk to an astrologer to know about the effects of Saturn on Cancer ascendant.

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