Saraswati Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Saraswati Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Maa Saraswati is called the goddess of knowledge. Maa Saraswati is holding a book and a Veena in her hands, which imparts knowledge to the whole world. By reciting the mantras of Maa Bhagwati, one attains knowledge, learning, wealth, happiness-prosperity, and success. Everyone wants the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and learning. Not only humans, but gods, and demons also worship the mother with devotion. Worship of Goddess Saraswati enhances knowledge and intelligence, students worship Goddess Saraswati for attaining superior knowledge. There are many mantras for the worship of Goddess Saraswati, from which she is invoked.


Vidya Mantra


सरस्वति नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणि विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा

Saraswati Namasthubhyam Varade Kamarupini Vidhyarambam Karishyami Siddhir Bavathume Sadha

Meaning - Salutations to Goddess Saraswati, who bestows blessings and fulfills wishes. I am going to start my education so I need knowledge and intelligence, bless me.


Benefits Of Vidya Mantra


This mantra is chanted before commencing learning. Chanting this mantra increases knowledge and intelligence. Obstacles coming in studies are removed and benefits are obtained in weak memory power etc. Obstacles and obstacles coming in the study of education are removed. Concentration increases by chanting Saraswati Mantra. The mind gets peace.


Saraswati Beej Mantra


ॐ ऎं सरस्वत्यै ऎं नमः 

Aum Aing Saraswathye Namah

Meaning: I bow to Maa Saraswati.


Benefits Of Saraswati Beej Mantra


This is a very accurate and fast-acting Saraswati Mantra to get all kinds of knowledge and knowledge, which can be benefited all. Students and seekers and seekers of knowledge can get tremendous benefits by chanting this mantra. By chanting this mantra, the power of intellect and speech increases.


Saraswati Mantra


सरस्वति महाभागे विद्ये कमललोचने विद्यारूपे विशालाक्षि विद्यां देहि नमोस्तुते

Saraswati Mahabhage Vidye Kamalalochane Vishwaroope Vishaalaakshi Vidyam dehi namosthuthe

Meaning - Salutations to Goddess Saraswati with eyes like a lotus. You are the embodiment of infinite knowledge. Keep your blessings on me.


Benefits Of Saraswati Mantra


By reciting this mantra, one gets the knowledge and knowledge of becoming the desired or the topper in one's field by pleasing Saraswati Mata. This is the most powerful Saraswati mantra to get desired knowledge, due to which the seeker gets the full blessings of Saraswati Mata. Recite this Saraswati Mata mantra for 1 rosary every day.


Saraswati Gayatri Mantra


ॐ सरस्वत्यै विद्महे ब्रह्मपुत्र्यै धीमहि।


तन्नो देवी प्रचोदयात्।

Om saraswatyai vidmahe brahmaputryai dhimahi.


Tanno Devi Prachodayat.

Meaning: I bow to Bhagwati Saraswati Devi


Benefits Of Saraswati Gayatri Mantra


This mantra increases the intellect of knowledge and increases the power of memory. By reciting Saraswati Gayatri Mantra, one gets the blessings of Mother Saraswati. By the grace of Mother Saraswati, man would have attained knowledge and knowledge. There is peace in the mind. There is an increase in concentration.


Saraswati Mantra Chanting Method


Start chanting the mantra every morning after retiring from a bath etc. Establish a yantra or picture of Mother Saraswati in front of you, offer white sandalwood, white flowers, and rice on it, and worship the goddess by lighting incense lamps after remembering your wish in your mind, chanting any Saraswati mantra with a garland of crystals. Throw a garland with a calm mind.

Read Saraswati Gayatri Mantra only after being completely clean and pure. Recite the Gayatri Mantra of Maa Saraswati with full devotion and devotion. It is auspicious to recite Saraswati Gayatri Mantra in the morning and evening. Reciting Saraswati Gayatri Mantra in Brahma Muhurta is considered very auspicious.


By reciting the Saraswati Mantra, the concentration power of the student increases. If you want to know more about Saraswati Mantra, then you can know by talking to astrologers.

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