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Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising, You are thorough, intuitive, honest, forthright and active. Your generosity, coupled with naivety, makes you easily exploitable. However, you are fundamentally independent and attracted to the in-depth study of distant, exotic, or serious subjects. Your enthusiasm and infectious energy usually bring lots of luck in both your emotional and professional life.

You are honest and generous. People are attracted to your sense of optimism and the vibrancy your presence brings to their lives. His appreciation for your propensity for risk. You're probably the most popular person in the district, always ready to have a good time and party. You have a developed sense of justice, you are able to zealously defend your beliefs and courageously stand up for the oppressed. One of the most obvious characteristics of Sagittarius is the love of freedom and independence.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, you have a huge personality that includes self-transcendence in relation to the outside world. Curious, affectionate, and optimistic, you face life's challenges without being intimidated by events or others. Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius rising, you set future horizons with audacity and assurance that facilitates many things. The burdens of life weigh on you and it is rare for you to get caught up in them. You are holding fast to your freedom; You want to feel free in your thoughts and actions. You cannot tolerate obstacles and often show impatience and impulsiveness when it comes to your desires. But generous, kind, helpful, charitable, and a good confidante, you are very lovable. Optimistic, idealistic, and communicative, you love life and people and this attitude often attracts luck.

People who are not very familiar with you may find your aggressive reaction to any attempt to put you up against a wall to be alienating. More rational and sustainable people will certainly find you somewhat frivolous. But you don't care about their irritation: you just want to protect your sense of freedom. They are a wonderful friend, but not the most successful lover. You like to have a friend who can share your interests and love of adventure, but who won't be too demanding. This is not always easy to achieve, and you may find solace in dealing with someone who already has obligations, i.e. someone who is already married. This can become a bad habit that is difficult to get rid of.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Woman

They stand out like a rock amidst their surroundings, which are mostly very rocky; It's not that good to live next to them. Their social orientation is based on this requirement: first sacrifice yourself, then make demands of others. With all public spirit, they make high personal demands.

They do not believe in excuses and the court does not allow nonsense. They win high positions by personal exertion: the worker becomes manager of ten people, assistant to the chief of staff, and chief. Unless the joke is very good, she does not make fun of herself easily. They take premature praise lightly. They convey ideas and beliefs to others.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Man

A man with the Sun in Sagittarius and Rising in Sagittarius tries to bring meaning to his surroundings. They stand for justice and are respected and valued for their power of persuasion. However, they are more respected by loved ones, because they always observe the distance, carefully delimiting property.

Although they treat fellow citizens cheerfully, they feel as if they already consider themselves with one foot in heaven. Sagittarians with a Sagittarius Rising consider themselves representatives of the gods, believe the scoffers, and they are not far wrong. But they can be trusted, they hate fraud, carelessness, and meaningless disputes; Unreasonable arguments lead to their condemnation.

Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius Rising Compatibility

In love, this person is exciting, passionate, and honest and favors a partner who gives them space and freedom to explore. Their opposite sign is Gemini, with whom they will find sparks, but sometimes they may find them too temperamental or even too talkative.

Aries people will bring them fun and frills, which they will like and Aquarius people will get along well with them. Taurus and Virgo can work well in business but can be very boring as lovers, and Libra will be a good friend to them, which can be even more. Pisces will feel at home and Capricorn will help them feel safe. Cancer and Scorpio can be very deep and emotional, while Leo will help them explore the world, which is what they love to do.


Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, in love, you maintain your independence and increase experiences until you decide to attach yourself permanently. Then you become an excellent partner and parent, attentive, demonstrative, and full of warmth. Your loves are diverse, but when you fall in love you tend to stick around for a long time. You just need to be careful sometimes of blind faith that leads you to the wrong people; Take time to study the other before committing.

Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius rising, your need for perfection provokes you to search for the loved one for a long time. Thus, you prefer to increase experiences and maintain your independence rather than lock yourself into a 'classic' relationship in which you will suffocate. You are not in favor of marriage and when the commitment becomes too strong, you prefer to run away or move towards other horizons. You like simple and straightforward love relationships with distance, freedom, spice, and unpredictability. In a relationship, you know how to take your relationship out of monotony, and you double your energy to bring your partner toward activities that are dear to you.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you are a physically strong person, mainly due to your love for activity and sports. You can live to a very old age, but there are some organs that require special attention: these are the larynx, ears, and bronchi. In old age, you will be exposed to arthritis, sciatica, varicose veins, and swelling of the legs. If you eat in moderation and do the physical exercise you enjoy, you will not have health problems.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you love to work independently, so you would make a great freelancer. You may also be attracted to sports, law, and social work. Your mind is flexible and you are capable of mastering many areas of knowledge. Through personal efforts, you will get success and also get the inheritance. You will face many problems in your youth, but in the end, luck will favor you. You can have two classes in your life at the same time. You generally have a long and fruitful career.


You have the same feelings as a gadfly, and maternal instincts are no more developed than a stray cat. You live in the present moment as if tomorrow will never come, and do not learn from the past. The only thing permanent in you is your mortality. You sometimes offer help to your friends, but if they catch hold of you, you'll barely have a clue. Your love relationships are a shadow of disaster. You're bouncing from one lover to the next, it's no wonder you're feeling dizzy. You're looking for the slightest signs that you're about to get stuck, and always keep your speed boots on alert. However, you are so arrogant that it seems to you that a representative of the opposite sex just wants to sit on your neck. You would never have thought that you would prove to be the most useless life partner in the world. You can never understand that others are just as capable of using you as you are. It's time to get some light. If you want to know more about Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius rising then talk to astrology.

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