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Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising

You are ambitious, but tend to complicate your own life, as you seem to lack determination in professional matters. You desperately need recognition and success, although it is important that you understand what kind of responsibility it entails. People are attracted by your gentleness and courtesy. In addition, you have the gift of a rich imagination that requires your expression. Otherwise, it may lead you to a tendency to exaggerate everything.

You care deeply about the plight of the less fortunate and try to help them whenever possible. You are active, tireless, and constantly in suspense, and you should definitely choose time for relaxation to maintain health. You are impressionable and can easily exhaust yourself with the strange thoughts and fantasies that come to your mind. Because of this, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand you. By nature you are charitable and just; You are poetic at soul and interested in contemplation. You know how to make yourself happy and enjoy all that life has to offer, but not at the expense of others.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, you may have many brothers and sisters, they take great care of you and you get a lot of help from relatives. Parents may not support you much, your father may leave you prematurely. Family property will be divided and you will not be able to use it to improve your well-being. Your mother may have married twice.

Your Pisces Rising makes you a friend and host that cannot be matched. Always enthusiastic and lively, it is a pleasure to spend time with you. You are one of the hottest personalities among the zodiac signs! The rise of Pisces brings a touch of spontaneity to you. Your actions are guided by your intuition rather than logic, which is why you often act on momentary whims. You earn your freedom and independence through your knowledge and common sense. Your desire to learn will never stop growing, as you will seek to better yourself without being subject to any type of institutional power.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Woman

The Sagittarius Sun rising in Pisces knows that one cannot live on the banks of a mighty river when the entire family is content with a handful of rice. They do this in practical life; They do not need benefits that only cause envy; They abandon them, and join others. This is his important wisdom in life, which is based on the first principle.

They are often omniscient leaders or individuals; Whereas they only think about themselves, but with an understanding and understanding of the future. They attract students who develop their business in time; They are usually teachers and educators whom children can trust. She has life principles, but she applies them measuredly. They have a desire to travel far and wide and strive for education, so their lifestyle is unusual, which allows them not to lose sight of the whole.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Man

A man with Sun in Sagittarius and Rising in Pisces does not just dream of a better world, he is actively working for it. True, they are often tied to old aspirations, but they know that nothing can be built on a past. They are very interested in matters of faith, and any kind of missionary work in developing countries is good for them.

They believe that the world should be understood in its interconnectedness; they are against isolation. They want to fight world hunger; However, at the same time, they would not want to get caught in the whirlpool of decisive conflict. Most of the time they are not that noble, but even though they are selfish, they think more than others.

Sagittarius Sun and Pisces Rising Compatibility

Pisces' opposite zodiac sign is Virgo, so this person will appreciate a practical lover who is responsible and helps organize their life a bit, although Virgo can be too picky and critical at times.

Perhaps Cancers would work better because they would have a fun bond and understanding of each other. Aries can get things done and Taurus will help them ground themselves a bit and think differently. Leo and Sagittarius will make good business partners and Capricorn will be good friends. Aquarius takes a little apart for romance to flourish, and it could work if Scorpio goes on an adventure together. Libra can work, and Gemini will be an ideal partner for many intellectual debates and fun in the times to come.


Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you need to be careful while entering into a love relationship. You search for someone's love and let yourself get swept up in it, only to discover that your chosen one doesn't have the wonderful qualities you first saw in him. But it is already too late. It is difficult for you to understand the practical side of marriage, and you may be very critical in this regard. This combination of signs often suggests that a person will marry twice, but will not find happiness. There will be interference from relatives in married life. Possibly, you will receive inheritance and property through marriage. You will have many children, they will have to travel a lot and their lives will be full of changes.

Sagittarius Sun rising in Pisces, your life path is complex and marked with many questions. As an idealist, you aspire to great love while trying to maintain your independence. You need to feel safe and confident, in addition, you have a great sensitivity within you, which allows you to be very receptive to your partner's feelings. Devoted, you know how to be there when your partner needs you.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you often live in a state of nervous tension, which has a very adverse effect on your health. If you learn to relax, do physical exercise, and not get too stressed, you will be able to maintain health. Weaknesses: Feet, eyes, ankles. You are at risk of colic, and there is a risk of injury due to careless handling of hot or sharp objects. If you are a woman then you are at risk of having gynecological diseases. Common sense will help you always keep yourself in good physical shape.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, generally, your work is related to art, politics, sports, or medicine. You succeed in achieving a good position in life. You have a vibrant and creative mind, which is always in search of new ideas. You will achieve prosperity as a result of your entrepreneurial and personal efforts, writing work may bring success. You can also achieve excellence through travel and you can also become successful due to the goodwill of relatives. You have good abilities in different fields, you can do two professions at the same time. You are very active and pursue many goals, and in two out of three cases you will succeed.

To be able to engage in an activity, you need passion, therefore, you cannot afford boredom. In fact, you try to find a job where you can be the master of your time. Despite the fast pace of work, you find it difficult to remain consistent in your efforts, and you have difficulty concentrating on a single task for long.


You are as firm as an autumn leaf floating on the river. You hesitate and suffer when you need to take decisive action, and because of this failure is following you at every turn. The reason for this behavior is your fear of making the wrong move. You prefer to be idle and only regret that you cannot do anything. You appear cowardly, hoping that others will outwit you, which they often do. However, if the matter fails, you immediately blame others for interfering in your life. So you may lose a lot of friends and family. If you want to know more about Sagittarius Sun Pisces rising then talk to astrology.

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