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Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising

With Sagittarius Sun Capricorn rising, you want to translate your ideals into concrete and sustainable achievements for the community. You are keen to bring your best ideas to life and often have a keen business sense. You are alternately impulsive or cautious depending on the moments and people, which can create problems in your love life. Generally, you give priority to your professional ambitions and do everything possible for your family, but only after that.

Although Capricorn gives the man a lot of discretion, distinguished by sociability and enthusiasm, he cannot completely eclipse your Sun in Sagittarius. However, people have to know you very intimately before they can penetrate behind the mask of indifference and hide your true face. You seem reserved and reclusive, and sometimes you really want to enjoy solitude, which acts as a tonic for you. But you are very sociable and active in your quest for solitude.

Life in nature and sports attracts you very much, and for example, you can become an excellent researcher or athlete. You like to measure your strength with nature to test your strength. You must have a goal to achieve maximum results. As soon as it appears, nothing will be able to stop you on the way to its achievement, and you are capable of making unimaginable efforts for it.

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Serious, honest, organized, and methodical, you are a perfectionist and responsibilities do not scare you. With the Sagittarius Sun rising in Capricorn, you dream of greater social cohesion, and as a practical person, you want to realize your ideals in a realistic way. You have a passionate and profound personality, naturally inclined to overlook superficiality, observing situations with accuracy and without complacency. Internally, you are passionate, but you have strong control over your emotions, impulses, and desires and you appear reserved and distant. However, with age, you learn to let your excitement and spontaneity emerge. Ambitious, you attach great importance to your professional life. You have a tremendous capacity for work and a true talent for business.

You are strong and rational, but you can also be suspicious and depressed. So despite the courage and great ambition that can lead to success, you often feel unhappy. You know how to forgive, but you will never forget an offense, so you make a great friend as well as a ruthless enemy. You probably have many brothers and sisters, but you often compete with them, and this is full of stress and secret sorrows for you. A father may become hostile towards you and cause distress, especially regarding your marriage. In youth, you have pain and are prone to injuries, but with age, you become stronger.

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising Woman

Sagittarius Sun with rising in Capricorn is attracted to a profession that is very demanding, but they are probably not afraid of a long-formulated goal. They seem very experienced; Since childhood, his eyes were intelligent and somewhat sad. These women who do not trust in sundials are guided by the constant flow of time, which will one day settle everything; The so-called punctuality is not necessary, it is meanness. They believe in the system massively and are able to convey this belief to others, which is what sets them apart.

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising Man

The character of a man with the Sun in Sagittarius and the rising in Capricorn is distinguished by great resistance and endurance. These are important in both small and big ways. They want to slowly transform the world into a paradise, even if the victims have to make the bloody sacrifices necessary for progress. They just want to celebrate. These are peacemakers, and role models, although they may seem invisible. They are clearly optimistic and hence spend everything to achieve a good end. They know the duality that oppresses everyone, including themselves, but they do not express it, on the contrary, they actively want to eliminate it.

Sagittarius Sun and Capricorn Rising Compatibility

Capricorn's opposite sign is Cancer, so this person will appreciate a solid home foundation from which to make their mark on the world. They may be attracted to Cancer, but sometimes find them clingy, so perhaps a freedom-loving Sagittarius partner works better. Aquarius will help them expand and Pisces will help them think about things differently. With Aries, they can have a lot of impulsive adventures, and Taurus will help them get involved and enjoy it more. Libra and Gemini may work best as business partners and Scorpio will be fast friends. Virgo will love traveling and exploring with them, and intense sparks will fly with Leo.

You consider love relationships to be a heavy burden, and the more intimate they become, the more difficulties you experience. This is often due to a lack of sociability, perhaps because of your shyness or, more likely, because you prefer a friendly love relationship, one that allows you to maintain a comfortable distance between yourself and the other person. You often suffer from loneliness, but you can be a caring and loving spouse. This combination of signs suggests that the person is married or hostile, or that he enters into it quickly and repeatedly. In any case, sudden major changes may occur in love relationships. One of the spouses will bring you prosperity. Your spouse will have a major impact on your ambitious aspirations and career. You will have many children from whom you will have high expectations. This can cause many problems, as they may not be able to meet your expectations.


Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, with the Sagittarius Sun rising in Capricorn, as an Earth sign with the Fire sign, you'll have a lot of difficulties manifesting yourself. Therefore, you need to be confident to be able to blossom and deliver yourself. You need time to invest yourself in a story and reveal yourself as passionate, bright, creative, and original. In a relationship, you know how to be confident, and you have no shortage of ideas to strengthen and strengthen your love relationship. However, sometimes the fear of being abandoned or betrayed makes you possessive and even jealous.

In love, you aspire to create a stable home. The fear of failure or disappointment leads you to be cautious and take time to choose the right partner because it takes time to trust you. Loyal and loyal both in friendship and love, your sense of duty towards your surroundings is highly developed. Even if you don't show them, your feelings run very deep. Your love life may seem empty or disappointing at times, requiring compromises to make it more fulfilling.

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, Despite your inherent tendency to hypochondria, your health is very good. Areas of special attention are the hands, knees, and abdomen. You may be at risk for cold or constipation, arthritis, flatulence, colic, mental problems, and falls. With a little common sense, you can live a long life without disease.

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are a person of great courage and capable of achieving great success in both the fields of science and business. You will achieve a good financial position in life with the help of your personal qualities, and the support of friends and your family. Playing the stock market can also help fill your pockets. Basically, you will benefit from your own enterprise and main field of activity. There may be foreigners or enemies abroad. Your relatives have a very positive impact on your success and position in life.

You value your professional life and you need recognition for your efforts. You have a tremendous amount of work capacity and you don't count your hours. Furthermore, you approach essential things without haste, and you are productive and efficient in your activity. Loyal and conscientious, when assigned a task, you always complete it. You may remain secret about your finances. Creative or aesthetic activities are very beneficial to you, especially if they bring concrete results. More than others, you are driven and motivated to overcome obstacles and never succumb to pessimism. To achieve this it is necessary to know yourself. You have excellent intuition when it comes to money.


It is difficult for you to find a middle ground, and you hesitate between unnecessary optimism and dark gloom. It is impossible to achieve compromise. You set unattainable goals for yourself, and when you fail, you sink into yourself so deeply that friends begin to fear for your psyche. Often you start drinking again until a new, less crazy idea comes along. In a romantic relationship, you are ready to either go to the altar immediately or doom yourself to loneliness. You may not realize it, but you leave only misunderstandings and confusion on your path. You constantly misinterpret what other people say and don't try to understand that you made a mistake. Now is the time to take off the rose-colored glasses and look at yourself and your life objectively. If you want to know more about Sagittarius Sun Capricorn rising then talk to astrology.

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