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Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising

This is a very passionate and interesting combination, which really can't get bored for more than 5 minutes. Cancer Rising encourages you to be responsible and fulfill all your duties properly; Cutting corners is not an option for this blend. You like to dream big and you really want to reach for the stars, but the idea of hard work overwhelms you. You have wonderful ambitions, but due to your lack of effort, you don't really achieve as much as you want. Sagittarius Sun Cancer rising creates a very positive personality; Optimism is actually your middle name. You hate negativity and always manage to see the positive side of life despite sometimes difficult circumstances.

Sagittarians are often blessed with strong proportions, oval faces with high cheeks and forehead, and strong legs. They dress well and enjoy the bohemian style of dress. Cancerians are commonly recognized by their round moon-like faces, large, expressive, deep, and soulful eyes, and sunny dispositions. They are generally short, broad-waisted, and broad-necked. They often delight the eyes like the delicate flowers of summer.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, No doubt you've often wondered why you don't fit your astrological description. You are proud of your sensitivity, rich imagination, and artistic abilities which are not characteristic of Sagittarius. But these characteristics are not as expressed in you as you are trying to make us understand. It's just a convenient facade that you show the world. Although you are interested in your own feelings, you can be extremely insensitive to the feelings of others.

In addition, you are not as homely a person as you like to portray yourself, and if you are in a bad mood, the feelings of loved ones are not taken into account. Undoubtedly, you are a tough person, one of those people who likes unfamiliar places and adventures. Depending on the circumstances, you can be courageous or timid. Usually, you succumb to physical danger but show great courage in your thoughts and opinions. Despite many obstacles, you will inherit some property. You can expect trouble from relatives with whom you often have disagreements. Therefore, you can get closer to the other family.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising Woman

They want to do everything more or less perfectly, and don't like to be inspired; They want to learn from the best. They often hurt themselves, put pressure on the spirit and mind, and then realize their dependence on spiritual dreams. The subconscious mind makes itself felt, which is often manifested in the prejudices and hasty decisions the mind is faced with; However, alas, the subconscious mind was later proven to be mostly right.

This experience is remembered so that as they age they become suspicious, distrustful, or domineering. They want to uplift people by talking nonsense and not suffering from the mental depression that constantly hangs over them. They strive for the future, but they do not know how to woo the people around them, whom they constantly touch.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising Man

A man with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Rising in Cancer has a very emotional character in relation to others, which in fact does not correspond to their inner, spiritual core. Therefore they are often in conflict either with themselves or with others. If they act good-natured and friendly, they find themselves uncomfortable; If they demand, they come out in protest.

Sagittarius with Cancer Rising often behaves like a king, protecting the weak and the old. But they put too much emphasis on this. When they adopt something it is different; Then they can take it with them. When they manage to find the right note, they are on the verge of danger.

Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Rising Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius have quite contradictory love energies. Cancer is clingy and likes to take care of others, and Sagittarius is more independent, freedom-loving, and adventurous. People with Cancer ascendant like to have a solid base and foundation for their house. Their opposite sign is Capricorn, so they may be attracted to strong, calm people, businessmen, or older partners. Capricorns can be a good match, but because of the opposites, they may find them too stable and a bit boring.

They get along well with Scorpio, whom they will find intriguing and mysterious, and possibly with other Sagittarians as well. Taurus people make good friends but are too harsh on romance. Aries people can stimulate their minds. Virgo can probably do the work, although Sagittarius sees the big picture while Virgo focuses on the details. Like Leo people, Gemini people will also make good friends. Pisces people can possibly work here. There won't be much of a relationship with Libra and Aquarius, who are very different emotionally than clingy Cancers.


Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, Sagittarius Sun Cancer rising, if you need freedom, you are looking for stability first and foremost. You are hoping for the idea of someone who will share your life. In a relationship, they are romantic, affectionate, generous, and charming. You multiply the signs of attention towards the loved one. You are dynamic, you know how to handle your relationship responsibilities. Your satisfaction comes from the construction of the house and the arrival of the children.

You get caught up in domestic matters and refuse to have fun, even though you can afford it. You are a temperamental person and you should take care that this quality does not harm your relationship with your loved one. You are often disappointed with people, which is why you keep looking for new acquaintances. This combination of signs does not support a cloudless marriage. You can receive inheritance, but only after litigation. Your children will create many problems for you, however, they will become your best support in old age. The elderly person is likely to succeed in a profession related to medicine, chemistry, or art.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you suffer from constant worry, which you keep inside yourself. It has a negative effect on the digestive system and can cause stomach ulcers. You should keep an eye on your lungs; You are at risk of arthritis and sciatica. There is also a certain risk of injury from falling, especially when you are abroad. Positive emotions can help you always stay in good physical shape.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you have a tremendous ability to work because of your mobility and resistance, thus, you are not afraid to get involved in your activity or take responsibility. Even if you lack method, you still know how to be very skillful. As a person who is disorganized, you are bound to work with promptness. Intuitively, you have a lot of talent and this allows you to get ahead of yourself or find yourself where you are least expected. Your relationships with colleagues and superiors are good and constructive.

There will be many ups and downs in your life, but you will achieve some fame and success. You are able to compile old material well and present it as new, so you will prove to be an excellent imitator. You are able to negotiate and strive for a good position in society and welfare. Although many problems will come your way, you will prosper in adulthood. Friends, especially women, can support you and provide financial assistance. However, one of your friends will bring adverse changes in your life. One should be afraid of defamation.


You are an incredible messenger, although you are not an absurd person. You don't have the slightest idea of what you want from life, and therefore always avoid making serious commitments. You give yourself over completely to the momentary mood, but something else takes its place and you take back your words. You are misleading yourself and others into believing that you are an unbalanced person with whom you can only maintain superficial relationships. If you really want to be successful in life then you should take advantage of the opportunities given to you and finish the matter. If you want to know more about Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising then talk to astrology.

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