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Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising is a colorful combination and above all a pleasant one! After all, if there's one astrological sign alliance that sparks joy in life, it's this one. Your personality is so bright that people admire and admire it. Read on for my complete personality analysis, and learn more about your character traits.

A person with Sagittarius Sun and Aquarius rising is free-thinking, self-confident, optimistic, and independent. They are known for their courageous nature, love of freedom, and thirst for knowledge. They also have a human side and often have innovative ideas, which they are not afraid to express. Likewise, they value uniqueness and are attracted to people and situations that are different from the ordinary. They are open-minded, and spontaneous and often surprise others with their unconventional approach to life.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, With Aquarius rising, good humor is a way of life for Sagittarius Sun. In fact, you are a talented person who almost nothing can stop. With a strong optimism, you approach life with infectious joy and enthusiasm. Independent and curious by nature, because of your Aquarius Rising, you always move toward the unknown with new joy. Adventures thrill you and you love sharing them with others. As a very sociable person, you appreciate simple and spontaneous exchanges that help you refine your perspective or question yourself. As a bright and warm person, you are never short of company and you move towards other people very easily. Your secret weapon is relaxation. You're always looking for a good time without any pressure, and you know there's a good chance you'll be appreciated and sometimes, you take advantage of that!

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising Woman

A woman with a Sagittarius Sun and an Aquarius rising is a confident and courageous person who values her freedom and independence. She is optimistic with a thirst for knowledge and a love of exploration. Her innovative ideas and humanitarian spirit make her a unique and compassionate person. She is not afraid to take risks or challenge social norms and is attracted to people and situations that are beyond the ordinary. She herself is spontaneous, open-minded and unapologetic, often surprising those around her with her unorthodox approach to life.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising Man

You have a solid personality, naturally inclined to turn to great abstractions, brilliantly ignoring clichés and traditional patterns. On the contrary, you do not look at life through a small window. Similarly, you find the best strategies when you look far into the future. Exchanges are an opportunity for growth and enjoyment, as they allow you to expand your understanding beyond common knowledge.

Sagittarius Sun and Aquarius Rising Compatibility

Aquarius's opposite sign and the lord of their 7th house of love is Leo, so this person may desire someone loving, open-hearted, and generous and they will definitely appreciate a fun-loving Leo. However, they may find themselves. Flirty Gemini may work better, as they will get along like a house on fire and Sagittarius may also be on their wavelength. Scorpio and Cancer work best as business partners and Pisces can be overly emotional.

Aries will have a close relationship and Taurus can help them put down roots and settle down, but there may be a lot of friction and misunderstanding. Capricorns will be extremely tough and Libras will perform brilliantly if given freedom or travel with them. Virgos will be very practical and Aquarius partners will understand their needs.


Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you feel more free when you live alone. Being married, you have to reserve the right to a significant amount of freedom, even if you have small children. This requires a lot of tolerance and understanding on the part of your partner, as it would be foolish to make someone like you feel trapped. Despite this, your marriage is stable, although your indifferent nature can sometimes cause problems. At the same time, you are wary of situations where you need to show emotions and are reluctant to take decisive steps. But if you make a commitment, you become a reliable and loyal spouse. You will have fewer children, but may also have twins. You will have a lot of problems regarding children. The first baby will need special care before its birth and during the first two years of life. You may probably travel a lot for family matters.

At least we can say that your love life is not easy. You like to be excited. Nothing tickles you more than the passion of beginning. It's a feeling you want to repeat as often as possible. You have many adventures ahead of you and, between your Sun sign and your Aquarius ascendant, loyalty is clearly not your strong point. Although you have no problem speaking your mind, stability in love is not for you, so it's better to make the most of what you have to offer. You don't like the idea of a traditional couple, but sometimes you share someone's life. In this case, you are exhibitionist and especially creative. Actually, everything is good to chase away boredom and monotony. Idealistic, romantic, and honest, you share everything with your spouse. Your wishes, your desires, your needs, etc. According to you, communication is an essential point of harmony.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you are a person in good health, but if you do not feel well, fresh air will be especially useful for you. You are likely to suffer from blood diseases, eczema, muscle cramps, indigestion, stomach upset, nerve pain, and sometimes injuries to the feet and ankles. You are not prone to easily catch disease, so you have nothing to worry about.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you can prove yourself well by working in a team, striving for a common goal or for the common good. You are interested in humanities and scientific research and your work often involves secret methods of research in the field of experimental science. You can become a good writer and speaker, you like to explore the principles on which oratory and theater are built. You will undertake many journeys in connection with financial matters and work. Presumably, you will have two sources of income, and there will be a certain shade of privacy in your business. It may be related to chemical research, military matters, politics, or the investigation of crimes.

At work, you are dynamic, enterprising, and passionate. Courageous, you do everything possible to achieve your goals, even if it means taking on incredible workloads. However, be careful, you often perform several tasks at the same time, which often leads you to work in a hurry. However, nothing is reaching your motivation! Intuitive and creative, you often know where you are going and how to get there, and people like your ideas and you like teamwork. Very sociable, you appreciate the togetherness and fellowship of your coworkers. With your hierarchy, it's more difficult. If the relationship is good because your seriousness is maintained, you have difficulty in submitting orders.


Your efficiency is like that of a bulldozer. Yes, you are frank and honest, it is also true that people always know how you feel about them, But that's because you don't hesitate to tell them about it. You spread their opinions and express criticism with admirable enthusiasm. At the same time, it doesn't occur to you to think about other people's feelings or at least act a little more diplomatically. Yet, you are completely unprepared when you are treated the same way. You feel like a complete fool and try to get rid of the truth about yourself as quickly as possible if it doesn't match your ideas. You can deal with it, but only at a distance. Therefore, most of your relationships with people are fleeting, and although you cannot be called a completely ridiculous person, you are a self-confident bore, that's for sure. If you want to know more about Sagittarius Sun Aquarius rising then talk to astrology.

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