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Sagittarius Numerology 2025 - Dhanu Rasi Numerology Number 2025

Sagittarius Numerology 2025 - Dhanu Rasi Numerology Number 2025

The coming year 2025 overall is going to be very good for the people of Sagittarius. Being in the house of money, this year will give you abundant wealth. Your zodiac lord Jupiter will remain in the mighty house till April and will add four moons to your might. You may remain a little worried about your mother's health, but with the support of your father, your mother's health will improve. You are advised to take the full progression of this time for your personal growth. You may have some health-related problems like diseases related to the head and eyes and you may have to spend a lot on your good health.  If you want to know more about Sagittarius Numerology 2025 then talk to Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla.

Number 1 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says Income will be better this year and the pace of work will continue. You will get the support of friends. There can be speed in the pending works. Will move on to new tasks. The idea of ​​going on a tour will be made. Children will get happy and fear the unknown and will also remain worried. Cooperation will be received from all sides and income will increase. Income can be weak and you will not feel like doing any work. Tension will be high. Some people in your family may have differences with you in almost every important matter. You may have disputes with colleagues. You can have to face criticism even if you are not at fault in family matters.

Love Life: There are chances of estrangement with a partner, but soon the relationship will also become normal. If you are single, you will get a life partner very soon.

Job-Business: There is a possibility of disputes with employees this year. If you want to work in a new business or partnership, then you have to be careful.

Health: You can have stomach-related diseases and your digestive system may also be disturbed. Don't make unnecessary trips.

Number 2 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says This year there will be success from all sides and job responsibility will increase with new tasks. Health will be good. the effect will increase. You will get a chance to participate in religious events. You may have to do unwanted work under compulsion. There will be a meeting with friends and situations of profit will be created and there will be success in court cases. Unwanted travel may also be required. New plans can be received. Be careful in the use of electrical equipment. You will get the happiness of children. The spouse will be favorable.

Love Life: Tell a secret that your partner should know. Leaving any scope for misunderstanding can sour the relationship.

Job-Business: Jobseekers can get some new projects. Your influence on the job will increase. If you are making plans for any new business then you can start working on those plans.

Health: Excessive work can make you tired this year, so a little workout and meditation can keep your health in good shape.

Number 3 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says This year work will be efficient and good income will remain. Raja Yoga has been created. All work will be completed on time and cooperation will also be available. You will get a chance to participate in religious rituals. The vehicle is the sum. Marriage proposals will be received. If you are going on a journey somewhere, there can be a dispute. Enemies will try to dominate, but they will be conquered by self-effort. There will be a success in the year. There are chances of going to a religious place with family. There will be support from the children and the health of the parents will also be fine.

Love Life: Time will be good with a partner. There will be sweetness in the relationship. Disputes can be settled. Misunderstandings can be cleared.

Job-Business: Time can be very good for a job this year. The means of salary may increase. There will be a business success, due to which the sum of profit will be made.

Health: There will be trouble in health due to fatigue weakness and cough, cold, etc. There may be an infection at the end of the year.

Number 4 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says Despite being able to deal with adversity, this year will remain troubled. Income will be less and troublemakers will be more. There is a possibility of some relief from April 4. Income will improve and help will be received. You will get support from your family. Moon can provide support, due to which money will be received. You will get help from all around. Women will be successful in the field of work. Opponents can retreat and children will get happy. Income will increase and happiness will come. Willing to buy new vehicles.

Love Life: The relationship with the partner will be sweet and loving. The desired relationship will remain stronger and deeper.

Job-Business: You can get promotion opportunities on the job. You will get profitable deals in the business. Do not dispute with any employee.

Health: Time is mixed in terms of health. There will be a need to increase self-confidence and morale and do useful Yogasanas and you will have to be careful with skin-related diseases.

Number 5 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says this year, the Moon might be excellent and the income will be better. The voices of the opponents will be down and the work will go on at a fast pace. They will be satisfied with their family and there is no possibility of any disturbance. On 6-7th, income may be less and expenditure may be more. Goals will be fulfilled and new work will be achieved. The business will be favorable. Friends will provide help and you will get happiness from your married partner. Love will be successful. Children will have to help and income will remain good. Try to stay away from controversies.

Love Life: For the lovers of this zodiac, there are signs of time to be normal.

Job-Business: Your performance in the job will be very special this year. Circumstances in business can be winning for you. You will be able to get ahead of your competitors and also take full advantage of profit opportunities.

Health: Health will be good. Any old disease will start disappearing. Caution will have to be taken while using vehicles and machinery.

Number 6 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says There may be a decline in income this year. There will also be obstacles. The voice of the opponent will decrease and relations with the people around will improve. Stuck money can be recovered. The financial side will be weak. From the evening of 12, time can be seen in favor. There will be an improvement in the job and there will be a possibility of good business. You can have to be alert with friends and your life partner will provide support. The inflow of money will also remain good and along with happiness, the effect will also remain. The situation at the workplace will be strong and the work will be done easily.

Love Life: Time will be careful with lovers. There will be many times facing allegations in love affairs.

Job-Business: Income from the job will be normal this year. There can be many problems at work. Your relations with some friends may get spoiled due to business.

Health: Time is mixed for health. Be careful about stomach-related diseases. 

Number 7 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says Income will be better this year, but expenses will also be high. You will get support from friends and you will get a chance to go on a religious journey with them. There will be success in the love proposal and the life partner will also be favorable. Moon's compatibility will bring wealth. There will be a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. Getting a new job is possible. Promotion and officers can provide support on the job. Time is on the side for the students. Illegal offers can be received. 

Love Life: A partner's advice can be effective in solving any problem. Time will be good for lovers. Love proposals will be accepted.

Job-Business: The atmosphere at the workplace will be favorable for you. The work will be done at a fast pace and people will be impressed by your style of work. Time is profitable in business.

Health: The time is right in terms of health. Eating will be regular. Fatigue and stress will go away.

Number 8 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says Income will be good this year. Privacy may be breached. Extra efforts will have to be made to solve the problems. will meet with old friends. The work will be done on time and support will also be provided. Beware of strangers in business and there may be a tour on the job. Work will speed up. Time will be wasted on useless things. Success in work will start. 

Love Life: A good plan will increase the love between you. Time will be good for lovers. There will be opportunities for the castes to reduce the emerging distances in the relationship.

Job-Business: In the job, you will put extra time and energy into accomplishing your target. 

Health: Any stomach-related problem may arise. Include Ayurvedic household items in your diet. This will make you feel full of energy and vigor.

Number 9 Sagittarius Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says There will be volatility in income this year. There will be victory in disputes and court work will be of the side. It can also become a joke in the workplace. A business trip will be successful and new business friends will also be made. Try to avoid investments. You will get a chance to visit a big religious place. The plans will be successful. There may be expenditure on decorative items. You will get happiness from children and your opponents will be defeated. Apart from work, there can be income from other sources also. Friends will cooperate. Appreciation will be received at the workplace and happiness will remain.

Love Life: Relationship with partner will be good. Lovers will have a good time. There can be sour and sweet quarrels between husband and wife. 

Job-Business: People who are unemployed or looking for a new job are likely to be successful. Your influence will increase in the workplace. Business will be good.

Health: Health will be good. The weather may have some negative impact on you. There can be times of tension.

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