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Sagittarius Baby Personality Traits - Sagittarius Child Traits

Sagittarius Baby Personality Traits - Sagittarius Child Traits

Hello everyone...If your baby’s birth took place between 22nd November and 21st December, it’s a Sagittarius baby. And we are here to tell you about their personality traits as per the Astrology predictions?

Sagittarius babies are optimistic and enthusiastic. It’s fun to be around them.  Following 10 personality traits will give you a sense of the behavioral instincts of your baby. These baby predictions will make your journey as parents adventurous and interesting.

Sagittarius babies are always on the move

Sagittarius babies do not like to sit in one place. The moment they learn to crawl, you will find them wandering everywhere. They love to go places and travel. They prefer going out rather than sitting at home. They are travelers.

Rules are not for Sagittarius babies

Sagittarius babies hate to follow the rules. They do not accept anything that is enforced on them. You have to give logic behind every rule, to make them follow it. They are free-spirited. They will do what they feel is right. They do not like doing what others what them to do, without any logic or reasoning.

Sagittarius babies are very optimistic

Sagittarius babies are very optimistic. Be it a lost game or being defeated by a friend or sibling. They see the positive side of it and do not get disheartened. They try again and again till they get the victory. They are not someone who gives up.

Sagittarius babies are bad with finances

When it comes to money, Sagittarius babies are terrible at managing it. They tend to spend all they have and are always lacking savings. Due to their impulsive nature, they usually mishandle their finances and many times get in trouble.

Sagittarius babies and joyful and full of fun

Sagittarius babies love to be happy and make others happy. Their ever-smiling face makes your day. They have a wonderful sense of humor and their laughter makes others join in with them easily. Their positive energy and vibes make them popular among their peers. Their enthusiasm is the life of any party or gathering.

Sagittarius babies crave wisdom

Sagittarius babies will not leave any stone unturned to get wisdom from wherever possible. They always look at the intellectual aspect of everything they come across. They love learning new things and getting new wisdom from them.

Sagittarius babies are highly imaginative

Sagittarius babies’ imagination is awesome. Sometimes, they can get confused between reality and their imagination. They can develop imaginary characters and situations and dream about them. They can even be caught daydreaming.

Sagittarius babies socialize selectively

Sagittarius babies are extroverts and don’t face any problems in mixing with people around them. They enjoy being surrounded by people. But, sometimes they feel like being alone when they do not want to be disturbed by anyone. In other words, the Sagittarius babies love their freedom and space and avoid being with certain people or groups sometimes.

Sagittarius babies are confident

Sagittarius babies are very confident. Their confidence makes them very popular, charming, and admirable.

Sagittarius babies are weirdly wild

Sagittarius babies have a very weird kind of wildness in them. This comes because of their never-ending curiosity about different things and their confidence in themselves. They know what they want to do and they go to any heights to get it. This process may become a bit messy and wild. But it’s a part of their journey.


Overall, Sagittarius babies are a delight to be around. They also become an inspiration for others and gain popularity because of their positive traits. If you find these traits helpful in your parenting, please tell us in the comments section. Also please share your experiences related to these traits. If you need more assistance and a closer understanding of your Sagittarius baby, please feel free to take our online consultation services.

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