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Rohini Nakshatra According to Astrology

Rohini Nakshatra According to Astrology

In the entire constellation of stars, Rohini nakshatra is known to be the brightest one. This nakshatra is being ruled by Brahma who is the creator of this universe and is under the influence of the moon. The symbolism of this Nakshatra is a cart drawn by oxen where fertility is being depicted. The image of an ox cart implies business and success. The red colour of this nakshatra draws out warmth and energy from this Nakshatra.


Rohini Nakshatra


Persons whose birth star is Rohini are blessed to create a personality to be different from others and catch the attention of the opposite sex very easily. They are often noticed by others for their attractive personality and attitude. The natives are very short-tempered and it becomes hard for them to control themselves since they are very arrogant in nature.


Rohini Natchathiram


This nakshatra is forming a group of five in the chariot shape. This is having their Zodiac sign as Taurus. It is also said that in this nakshatra Krishna has incarnated. The ruler of this nakshatra is Tauras and its Lord is known to be the moon. Natives who are having their birth star as this nakshatra are independent in nature and love freedom. They love to take decision independently and is confident in themselves. They are very kind, loving and affectionate who are full of affection and compassion and honest in nature.


Lord of Rohini Nakshatra


Rohini nakshatra lord is Prajapati Brahma who has created this universe. He is also known by other names such as Viranchi or Vindi.


Rohini Nakshatra Famous Personalities


There are many eminent personalities born under this nakshatra as their birth star. Some of the Rohini nakshatra celebrities are Queen Victoria, Lord Krishna, Charlie Chaplin and Barack Obama.


Rohini Nakshatra Pada 1


When someone is born under the first pada of this nakshatra they are quite calm and composed in temperament just like the moon. They honour and respect others whether its business or in their family life and impresses everyone with their attractive and lovable personality. Planets present in this pada always look for quick and instant results. The proper position of Mars and Sun will give favourable results to the natives in this pada. The natives are quite inclined towards gaining material wealth. This pada will help you in expressing your feelings and viewpoints with the help of material means. Since this is a Vargottama pada, it gives the natives immense results in various spheres of their life.


Rohini Nakshatra Pada 2


The second pada of this nakshatra is coming under Taurus Navamsha whose governing planet is Venus. These planets here mostly make the natives very wealthy and motivate them to work hard with determination. It gives amazing results because of being a Vargottama. This is considered to be the most down-to-earth pada and the Zodiac signs and it is highly capable of satisfying the needs and desires of the natives. The excellent ones are Mercury, Saturn, Venus and the moon.


Rohini Nakshatra Pada 3


The third quarter of Rohini Nakshatra is coming under Gemini Navamsha which is being ruled by mercury. This pada mainly focuses on business, acquiring material wealth, science and technology. This pada is known to be the most adjustable among the other padas of Rohini nakshatra. The planets which can give fruitful outcomes are mercury, Saturn and Venus in this pada.


Rohini Nakshatra Pada 4


This pada is falling under cancer Navamsa which is being ruled by the moon. Money is gained in this pada through short voyages. Planets present here in this pada are of motherly nature though they are quite extremist and possessive. The proper position of Jupiter or the moon will give fruitful results in this pada.


Rohini Nakshatra Zodiac Sign


The Zodiac sign of this nakshatra is Taurus ranging from 40 degrees to 53 degrees 20’. In the night sky, this nakshatra is made up of a very bright star named Aldebaran (Alpha-Tauri). The name of this Nakshatra, Rohini is interpreted as “the reddish one" which mainly implies the warmth and energy of this bright star.


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