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Removing The Black Magic

Removing The Black Magic

Black magic also known as witchcraft is the use of supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes to destroy a person physically, mentally, or financially. It can be done by changing the victim's hair, clothes, and photos, or by looking directly into the eyes. Black magic is not a new thing, it has been practiced for generations and hence we need to be very careful in this time of Kalyug where there are very few well-wishers around you. People with weak horoscopes or inauspicious positions of planets in the horoscope are easy victims of black magic as they have a weak aura around them. We do not fall prey to it easily but there are some basic symptoms of it like disturbed sleep, nightmares like falling from a height, darkening of complexion, headache, eccentric behavior, etc. Black magic makes humans suffer from unfounded fears, bad luck, and confusion.

What Is Kala Jadu?

Kala Jadu is an art through which one person can harm another person. There are many Tantriks all over the world including India who use this knowledge. Black magic is a secret art that is often used to subdue someone and sometimes to win over the enemy. It is said that the person on whom black magic is done loses control over himself. It affects a person's life mentally, physically and financially.

Symptoms Of Kala Jadu

  • Suddenly the happiness of the house disappears, and the running business comes to a halt, getting drowned in debt.

  • Mental unrest all the time, heaviness in breathing, fast walking, sore throat.

  • Sudden untimely death of someone in the house, or a disease without symptoms, which the doctors are unable to understand.

  • Suspicion of someone's presence all the time, feeling of heaviness in the body or head, blue marks on the body even if there is no injury.

  • Not being able to sleep properly, frustration, despair, and lack of enthusiasm for any work in the person.

  • Court cases, meaningless fights, quarrels over unnecessary things.

If such symptoms are seen, then it should be understood that all this is the effect of Tantra Abhichar and steps should be taken to cure it.

How To Remove Black Magic

Make incense by mixing yellow mustard, camphor, guggal, and cow ghee. Burn it every evening with cow dung cakes and burn it throughout the house. Repeat this process for 21 days.

Mix saffron powder, guggal, javitri, and cloves and burn incense in the whole house every morning and evening for 21 days.

Do this on 7 Wednesdays, and offer a betel nut to Ganesha. Donate a bowl full of food to some poor Narayan on all seven Wednesdays.

Do it on any Wednesday. Take four Gomti Chakras, rotate them over the affected person, and throw them in all four directions.

Mix garlic juice and asafoetida. Now make the affected person smell it. This is an effective remedy. And sprinkle cow urine throughout the house.

On Sunday, tie the root of black Dhatura in a blue cloth make an amulet, and make the affected person wear it on the right arm.

Mix one and a quarter kilograms of coal and one kilogram of whole urad and tie it in one and a quarter meters of black cloth. Now rotate it over the affected person and flow it in flowing water.

Every night before sleeping, put cloves and camphor in a silver bowl and burn it in the place of worship.

Keep seven leaves of the Ashoka tree in the temple of your house and worship them and when they dry up, replace them with new leaves. Flow the old leaves in flowing water.

On Saturday and Tuesday, adorn Hanuman Ji and offer him a Chola.

Light two incense sticks each for Mahakali in the morning and evening and pray to her to protect your body and home.

In the evening, after sunset, take a lot of water (water should be at least one and a quarter liters), put a small piece of alum in it, and keep it at the place of worship in the house. In the morning, sprinkle this water in the whole house, save some water, and offer it to the Sun God.

Light a lamp of cow ghee after sunset every Friday or Tuesday, it does not matter which goddess you believe in. After lighting the ghee lamp, fold your hands and say, Mother, bless this house, give happiness and peace, take this house on the path of progress, and give children progress in studies. 


Black magic and Tantra-Mantra are mostly used to win over the enemy. Sometimes it is also misused where it is used to control someone. It is believed that when black magic or witchcraft is done to someone, he starts getting many negative results in life. Many times negativity starts spreading suddenly in life and we are unable to understand its meaning. These should not be ignored. Because this can be a sign of black magic or negative energy prevailing in the house. So let us know how you can identify it and what measures can be taken to get rid of it. If you want more information about removing the black magic, you can get information by talk to astrologer.

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