Remedies to Remove the Bad Effects of the Weak Saturn From Your Life

Remedies to Remove the Bad Effects of the Weak Saturn From Your Life

Saturn is a planet that bears fruit based on karma. If a person's deeds are good, he will not have to face the same problems as ordinary people even in Saturn's Mahadasa. On the other hand, if a person's karma is bad, he may face problems even after Saturn's strong position in the horoscope. Saturn is weak in people's horoscope, they should also be strengthened. But apart from this, one's habits also make Saturn weak and strong. If a person does something that Shanidev does not like, his destruction is certain. If a person behaves badly, the effect of Saturn's weakening also begins to appear in his life.


Deadly Effects of the Weak Saturn 


  • If it is Saturn Weak then the person starts adopting bad habits.

  • If Saturn is Weak then people become a victim of addiction.

  • Their home electronics often seem to go bad. Their home may be slightly damaged. Loss of honor, loss of wealth.

  • If the position of Saturn in the horoscope is weak then the work that is done also starts to deteriorate, and the person does not get the full fruit of his hard work.

  • Due to the deteriorating karma, the condition related to Saturn gets worse.

  • One after another seems to fall prey to bad habits.

  • Along with the economic loss, the reputation is also damaged.

  • If Saturn is weak in the horoscope, such deeds can bring destruction to your life.

  • Weak Saturn easily pushes the winner into activities like gambling, extramarital affairs, theft, and crime.


Remedies to Remove Effects of the Saturn in Life 


  • One should not insult one's elders, women, or the helpless.

  • Nonveg should not be eaten if Saturn is weak. Alcohol, drugs, etc. should not be consumed.

  • Do not make false accusations against others.

  • So keep your company good, otherwise, you will not feel trapped in bad deeds.

  • Not cutting nails and hair on Saturdays, weakens Saturn.

  • Do not disturb the animals by mistake.

  • If a person is getting bad fruit from Saturn, in such a situation, everyone should go to any place near his house on Saturday and light an oil lamp.

  • You have to keep in mind that you should avoid getting angry, especially on Saturdays and Tuesdays, or you should not insult anyone.

  • You should abstain from drugs on Saturdays, and do not forget to consume meat, and fish on Saturdays, as it can bring bad effects on Saturdays.

  • If you fill a bowl with oil on Saturday and donate it to someone in need after seeing your face in it, Shanidev will be pleased with it.

  • You can apply oil on your body and nails while sleeping on Saturday night.

  •  If you are worshiping Shanidev on Saturday, you should eat things made of jaggery and chickpeas.

  • Wear black clothes on Saturdays, because Shanidev loves black things.


Saturn is considered to be a powerful planet based on astrological predictions. Shanidev's vision is said to be bad. It is believed that if Shanidev's evil eye falls on someone's life, then there is aggression in their life. That is why everyone tries to avoid the vision of Saturn. Many remedies for this have also been mentioned above.

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