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Remedies to Remove the Bad Effects of the Weak Mars From Your Life

Remedies to Remove the Bad Effects of the Weak Mars From Your Life

Mars is considered to be the reddest planet in the solar system. Its distance from Earth is very far, yet it has a direct effect on our life. Mars has great importance in astrology. It is considered a factor of energy and strength. Astrology considers Mars to be a cruel planet. Along with this, he has the status of the commander of the planets. According to Indian Vedic astrology, Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are said to be their friendly planets and Mercury is their opposite planet. While its conjunction with Venus and Saturn remains normal. Mars is also the lord of three lunar constellations - Mrigashira Nakshatra, Chitra Nakshatra, and Dhanishta Nakshatra.

Weak Mars in Female Horoscope

This placement of Mars gives problems related to children and in the case of women, it gives abortion. Weak Mars in Female Horoscope troubles love life. The person suffers losses due to her own wrong decisions in life. Such a position of Mars always indicates that the person should not invest in speculative business.

Weak Mars in Male Horoscope

Weak Mars in Male Horoscope brings unfortunate situations for financial matters. It destroys all the wealth of the person and forces the person to live a life in debt. It also causes speech and teeth-related problems and gum problems. This is not a good situation for any kind of financial transaction in business. The negative position of Mars creates a lack of courage, confidence, and enthusiasm in the person. Weak Mars in Male Horoscope will result in unnecessary arguments and will result in the creation of a lot of enemies.

Deadly Effects of the Weak Mars 


  • If there is Mars in the marriage value of the native, then the nature of the person becomes very hot, angry, and arrogant.

  • The presence of Mars indicates a decrease in happiness and an increase in difficulties in the life of the native.

  • If Mars is situated in the seventh house then you will have to face problems in marital relations.

  •  Due to the presence of Mars, there is a decrease in marital happiness, lack of happiness in the in-laws, and sourness in the relations of the in-laws.

  • If you are sitting in Mars Kundali then you will have to face problems in marriage, lack of physical ability, diseases, and differences throughout your life.

  •  Delay in marriage, break up after marriage is certain.

  •  After marriage, there is a rift with the spouse for one reason or the other.

  •  From blood in the body to external life, Mars has a great influence on an adventure, valor, fearlessness and work-business, and married life.

  • If Mars is right, then the person's actions are not interrupted, enemies do not disturb, married life remains sweet and the person becomes financially prosperous.

  •  Due to the bad luck of Mars, suddenly a big crisis comes in the life of the person. It sinks in interest and causes constant economic losses.

  • If Mars is weak then the person gets blood-related diseases and the person lives in the wrong company.


Remedies to Remove Effects of the Mars in Life


  • To strengthen Mars, throw lentils in the river. Maintain good relations with your siblings and friends.

  • To strengthen Mars, something made of ivory is needed in the house. Extremely white clothes. Wear a ring made of three metals gold, silver, and copper on the finger of your left hand.

  • If Mars is weak, keep it filled with water every night near your head and pour it on the plants in the morning to give it strength.

  • People should plant a lemon tree in their house.

  • If Mars is weak then worship the girls to strengthen them and give them gifts of their choice from time to time. By donating silver and rice, the bad effects of Mars are removed.

  • Marital life is affected then one should always keep silver in the pocket to strengthen it. Feeding sweets to sister. But be careful never to gift clothes to women.

  • Offer vermilion to Hanuman temple every Tuesday and worship and recite Hanumanji.

  • Put honey and vermilion in an earthen pot and keep it in a safe place in the house.

  • If Mars is sitting in a weak position, never keep a sword or sharp weapon in your house to force it. Visit Hanuman temple on Tuesday and distribute almond prasad.


If your Mars is not strong, then do the above measures as required and you can take the advice of an astrologer to strengthen Mars or reduce its effect. You can talk to an astrologer about this and also know the signature remedy.

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