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Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Ketu in Kundli

Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Ketu in Kundli

Kundali has both auspicious and inauspicious yoga. If the number of auspicious yogas is high then even a person born under normal circumstances becomes rich, happy, and heroic, but if the number of auspicious yogas is low then the person is always surrounded by difficulties despite millions of efforts. Duryogas are formed due to the sight of ominous planets on the auspicious planets in the horoscope or the presence of ominous planets stronger than the auspicious ones. In Kundali, there is an ominous planet Ketu whose effect and remedy we know about. According to astrology, such symptoms start appearing even when there is a Ketu defect in the horoscope of the native.

Weak Ketu in Female Horoscope

If Weak Ketu in Female Horoscope, the person will become greedy and selfish and may be worried about her children. There may be disruption in marital life. Lack of confidence will remain. There will be possibilities of poor health and financial loss. The person may develop negative mental powers. Weak Ketu can destroy longevity.

Weak Ketu in Male Horoscope

If Weak Ketu in Male Horoscope, the person may have to face problems with the eyes, mouth, and face. Will have difficulty learning and behave rudely. Will be dependent on others for food. Relations with family members will not be good. The native's brothers and sisters will have to suffer losses. Weak Ketu can spoil relations with the father and siblings.

Deadly Effects of the Weak Ketu 


    • There is a problem of hair fall and weakness comes in the body. The problem of stones increases. It can also increase the risk of skin diseases.

    • Due to the inauspicious effect of Ketu, there is a problem of deafness in the ear. Coughing often occurs.

    • The birth of children is also hampered. Urinary tract infections can also be a problem.

    • If Ketu has a high stage, its effect is seen in the age group of 48 to 54 years.

    • It is considered inauspicious to have Ketu in the house of marriage, the sixth price and the eleventh price of Kundalini.

  • If Ketu is not treated in time, a person may suffer dire consequences. A person can be caught at a crime scene and even go to jail.


Remedies to Remove Effects of the Ketu in Life 


    • According to astrology, if one has to face trouble due to the defect of the planet Ketu, then lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga, and lord Ganesh should be worshipped.

    • Feed Roti to dogs.

    • It is necessary to offer rice on a banana leaf to Lord Bhairav.

    • Diya of cow's ghee at the place of worship and also Diya daily in the temple of the house.

    • Donate sesame Laddu.

    • It is necessary to feed curd and pudding to unmarried girls on Sundays.

    • On the thirteenth day both the parties regularly fast for Ketu peace.

    • Donate to the needy and the poor. 

    • Put salted yogurt in the cooked rice and fill it in Bowl. Also, put some black sesame seeds in it and place this pad under the pipal tree and pray to calm down the Ketu dosha. Keep in mind that this process should be done regularly during the Krishna Paksha of the month.

    • Take 108 beads of red sandalwood. Invite him to a knowledgeable astrologer and wear this garland on Tuesday.

    • Cats Eye Gemstones should be worn to avoid Ketu's ominous influence. Wear these gems according to the convenience of your horoscope.

    • You can use Ketu Yantra to protect all the members of the family from the ill effects of Ketu.

    • Ketu is considered to be the planet that corrupts the intellect. So the best way to avoid its bad influence is to worship Saraswati and Ganapati. Also, worship Lakshmiji regularly. Doing so will never diminish your wealth and honor.

  • The same things that are donated to get the grace of Shanidev can also be donated to avoid the evil effects of Ketu. To avoid this, worship and donation of Shanidev can also prove beneficial for you.


From the astrological point of view, the rise and fall of the life of a native are determined by the yoga-Duryoga formed on the planets Nakshatra and Kundli. Depending on the position of the planets, it is often possible to see what height a person will reach. Talk to the astrologer to know the position of the planet Ketu in Kundli.

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