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Remedies to Overcome Manglik Dosh in Kundali

Remedies to Overcome Manglik Dosh in Kundali

When the person is born they have a specific birth chart. Every individual has their own birth chart and personality and a designated future. But there are also sub categories in it, which are equally divided into Men and Women. If you don’t have a kundali you can make Kundali online by entering the proper birth details in it. One of the most majorly talked about issues in Kundali is Manglik Dosh, which is also known as Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha, and Angarak Dosh. This happens because of the placement of Mars in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th position. They have Mars in this place, where people are called Mangliks.


The Manglik Dosh effect is mostly for married life, there will be trouble in finding the correct partner, getting married, and divorce might also take place in this people’s life. There is also a thing called Manglik Marriage for these people. There will also be a chance of financial loss in the life of the mangliks. But there are some vedic astrology ways to overcome this Manglik Dosh by proper remedies.


1. Marriage Between Two Manglik


One of the things that most people and expert astrologers suggest for the Manglik born is the marriage between two manglik people. This will cancel each other's ill effects and turn their negatives into positives and make their married life. A happy, and peaceful married life without any problems and issues.


2. Kumbh Vivah


The Kumbh Vivah is for the people who have mangal dosh in their Kundali, and want to marry someone who doesn't have manglik dosh in them. This might create some major issues in the couple's lives and especially to the person who doesn't have mangal dosh in their kundali. And to overcome these problems Kumbh Vivah is the perfect option. This ritual is performed before the marriage, where the Manglik Dosh person prays and gets married to Lord Vishnu’s idol first before the marriage. By doing this they will lose all the ill fates and negativity in life and can start a new married life with happiness and peace.


3. Placement of Mars in Birth Chart


The Astrology and expert astrologers say that the placement of Mars is very important in the Birth chart. But in the case of Aries, it has the capability to take over the Mars position in the birth chart. So, the expert astrologers help to pray to the Aries to take the dominant position against Mars and make it weak, so that it cannot bother you further in life. And you can enjoy a peaceful and happy life. The Aries as the First house takes over the issues of wealth, health, and marriage by Mars, and gives good time to the Manglik Peoples.


4. Offerings and worshiping


For the Manglik people, one thing they are advised to do since the earliest time of their life. IS the worship and offering towards god. The expert astrologers suggest that these people should worship the Gods and Goddess by chanting prayers and giving them offerings on the particular day assigned by the astrologer. By doing such things you will reduce the weight of the problems in your Birth Chart, and will find ease in life with fewer worries and troubles in life. But to learn more about it take astrology phone consultation for proper guidance and understanding of these offerings and worship. 


5. Doing Puja


The Mangal Dosh is associated with Lord Mangal, there is history, story, and reason behind the Mangal Dosha for the longest time in hindu tradition. As we all are aware of the fact that there are temples of Lord Mangal all around India, where people go and do Puja of Lord for the betterment in life. The Manglik Dosh people, the Manglik go there perform the rituals as the astrologers suggest them, then the prayer for the reduced issues and worries in life. So that they can enjoy the good times in life with peace and happiness.


To Sum Up


There are many other things that can work as good remedies to the Manglik people, these are the basic and first on the list do things suggested by the astrologers. If you have any particular issues in life with your mangal Dosh, then it is advised to go and take astrologers consultation for a prosperous life.


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