Rahu Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

Rahu Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius is considered the sign of knowledge. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which is also related to knowledge. It is also considered to be the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology. Sagittarius is a dual-natured sign, and when Rahu is situated in Sagittarius, it makes the native double-minded. However, it is a good place for spiritual liberation and higher education. Such a person strives to achieve better in his education and learn more. It also develops the native's interest in the spiritual sphere of life.

Here Rahu gives spiritual inclination but the person becomes a victim of lies and corruption. These people like to present themselves as spiritual personalities but naturally, they do not have strong spiritual beliefs and values. Such people also have a lot of differences from their fathers. Father may also have some disease. Due to this situation relations with relatives also deteriorate. Rahu also makes you travel abroad in Sagittarius. Such people also tend to actively participate in discussions. However, their efforts don't always yield the results they want.

Results of Rahu Mahadasha for Sagittarius ascendant

Rahu, being the lord of the tenth house, is the representative of the person's state, respect, prestige, deeds, father, dominance, business, rights, havan, rituals, enjoyment of wealth, fame, leadership, foreign travel, ancestral property, etc. in Sagittarius ascendant. Being under the powerful and religious influence of Rahu in the native's birth Kundli or his Dashakaal, the native gets auspicious outcomes in the above subjects, while being under weak and inauspicious influence gives inauspicious results.

Sagittarius is the lord of the tenth house in the ascendant. Being the ruler of the tenth house, Rahu represents subjects like state, prestige, karma, father, dominance, business, authority, enjoyment of opulence, fame, leadership, foreign travel, and ancestral property in your life. Due to Rahu being in a weak position in the above subject, you can also get inauspicious results.

Positive Effects of Rahu Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

When Rahu is located here, wealth and family support comes, and the person is successful in the competition. Obstacles go away. There is a lot of progress in professional life provided Saturn is auspicious and Rahu is strong. Here auspiciousness comes in the results obtained from Rahu. The person is intelligent, and hardworking, and gets the support of elder siblings and family members. Relations with wife and partners are mellow. If the position of Buddha is auspicious, then there is a lot of increase in the auspicious results of Rahu. Being located in the Libra zodiac, you will get impulses and help from elder brothers and younger sisters. In Rahu's Mahadasha, there is a sudden gain. Relations with the wife remain sweet and there is a benefit from the partnership. For the favorable outcomes of Rahu, it is necessary to have a suited position of Venus, otherwise, Rahu gives unfavorable results related to the eleventh, third, fifth, and seventh house.

If Mercury is auspicious and Rahu is also strong in strength, then the person gets complete happiness in land, house, and vehicle. Work comes in very advanced condition. The family supports the native, there is a victory in the law court case. The person makes a lot of progress in the Mahadasha of Rahu.

Negative Effect of Mahadasha of Rahu on Sagittarius Ascendant

If there is Rahu in the Ascendant in Sagittarius, then in the Mahadasha of Rahu, the mental condition of the person is not good, there is a possibility of problem/delay in getting a baby, and there is a possibility of sudden loss. There is monotony in hitched life, there is a loss in partnership work, relations with the father are not good, and the person is a believer, and travels across the border. Hitched life is not happy, there is no profit in partnership work. The fate of the native rarely favors him. There is antagonism from the father, who does not have a religious inclination, travels abroad and gets benefits from his elder brother and little sister. Coming in the fourth house, the native does not get the complete happiness of land, house, vehicle, and mother. Work also does not remain in better condition. There is a possibility of foreign settlement and profit from abroad.

Here Rahu is situated in the eighth house hindering every work of the native. Tension remains in the Mahadasha of Rahu. Wisdom does not support it. Relations with the father contort, wasteful expenditure takes place, and the family doesn't get support. There is a lack of pleasure and luxury, there is bitterness in the relationship with the mother. Foreign settlement can happen. The person always feels a loss of cash. The person does not become a devotee of his father by going into the Sun's zodiac sign. There is a delay in getting a child in Rahu's Mahadasha. You don't get the accurate outcomes of hard work. Father's cooperation is not received. Luck does not favor the native. There is discord between the younger brother and sister also.


The native will be a traveler in the country and abroad. Such a person will believe in tantra-mantra etc. or the person will be interested in things related to these. Sometimes such a person will be logical in the matter of religion. He will be argumentative. The person remains worried about the child. If there is a child, then the child keeps on facing some or the other problems. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Rahu Mahadasha in Sagittarius ascendant.

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