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Rahu Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Rahu Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the friendly relationship between Rahu and Mercury can be positive. Both the planets are airy. Rahu in Gemini makes a person proficient in many fields. Rahu bestows the native with secrets and cunning and Mercury is associated with intelligence and wisdom so people born with this position of Rahu are often clever and elegant. Any problem that comes to these people has a solution.

If Rahu sits in the first house in the Gemini ascendant then it gives a good effect on the person in many ways because the Gemini sign comes in the ascendant where Rahu is considered to be exalted. Due to the influence of exalted Rahu in the ascendant, the person's height becomes good and he also becomes lucky in many ways. If the Guru's vision falls on Rahu sitting here, then the person goes to great heights in his life.

Many times the Rahu of the Ascendant makes a person rich by making him work hard, especially when he is not aspected by a benefic planet. Rahu sitting here can cause delays in having a child and can also bring difficulties in married life.

Results of Rahu Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Aries sign comes in the eleventh house in Gemini ascendant. Aries is influenced by Mars which is the enemy of Rahu. That's why Rahu is not able to remain very friendly and comfortable in Aries. The person behaves very friendly with everyone. Prefers to be alone than to be in a crowd. Will like to listen to his own words more than the orders of others. Relations with family and friends will be good. Financial condition will be very good. Will be rich and will be able to lead a luxurious life.

Rahu being the lord of the fourth house in this Ascendant, mother, land building, vehicle, quadruped, friend, partnership, peace, water, public, permanent property, mercy, charity, treachery, deceit, condition of conscience, consumption of aquatic substances, accumulated wealth It is a representative planet of subjects like false allegations, rumors, love, love affair, love marriage. Strong and auspicious Rahu gives very auspicious outcomes in these subjects whereas Rahu with weak and malefic impacts gives portentous results.

Positive Effects of Rahu Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Rahu in Gemini also makes the native a better communicator and debater; However, they can be impulsive talkers, which means they don't think before they accost. The person is a risk taker and self-confident. These people are also very courageous. Rahu also gives short journeys to the native of this place. Such people are usually interested in IT fields. They also do well in occupations in the field of communication and media. Their mind is clever but it seems that they are too busy to think which sometimes causes stress. The zodiac sign of Mercury comes in the fourth house of Gemini ascendant, which is Rahu's friend, therefore Rahu sitting here gives the person the happiness of land and building, but he always remains dissatisfied.

If such a person lives with his family in his birthplace, then mental disturbance always remains in his mind. Rahu in the fourth house can make a person settle abroad if there are other yogas in the horoscope. Saturn's zodiac comes in the ninth house of the Gemini ascendant, which is considered to be Rahu's sign. If I sit here, the fortune of the person would have progressed, but he has to face many kinds of difficulties.

Such people make their fortune based on their hard work, but luck does not support them as much as they work hard. Such people see their meaning even in the following religion and can behave like hypocrites. His relations with his father are also not very good.

Negative Effect of Mahadasha of Rahu on Gemini Ascendant

Moon and Rahu are not friends with each other, Rahu here deprives the person of family happiness and also he has to face problems in collecting money. A person gets money by working very hard. Rahu in the second house will make the person's speech harsh and sarcastic. People will start feeling very bad about his words. Sun's sign comes in the third house of Gemini ascendant, which is the enemy of Rahu, so it does not allow the person to enjoy the happiness of his younger siblings, but Rahu in the third house makes the person mighty. Such people are courageous and always ready to work hard. This Rahu can create problems in their married life. Such persons start exerting more authority over their spouse, which can become a major cause of problems. This Rahu sometimes spoils the relationship with the father.

Rahu sitting in the sixth house puts the seventh vision on the twelfth house, due to which the person may have to spend in court and hospital. This Rahu keeps on creating a situation of change in the work area of the Jatak.


The person will remain in a position of profit during his lifetime. Native's relations with younger siblings will be good. Native will be brave and hardworking. However, there will be some problems in the health of the father of the native. If Mercury is not in good houses in the horoscope, then there will be a situation of separation in the marital relationship. Otherwise, if Mercury is in the center and triangle, then the negative effects of Rahu will not be seen much. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Rahu Mahadasha in Gemini ascendant.

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