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Rahu Mahadasha: Rahu Dasha Effects

Rahu Mahadasha: Rahu Dasha Effects

Rahu, the North Nodal point of the Moon, is a subtle planet and significantly affects the life of the natives on Earth. The major time period of Rahu is a vast period of Mahadasha. It stays in the zodiac for 18 years. It is an intense planet and hence gives highly positive as well as negative results. Hence a person should be aware of his birth chart.

The planet Rahu looks like the head of a supernatural poisonous snake. Which highlights the qualities of a monster because of its history. Which is clearly told in the story of 'Samudra Manthan'. It is considered an inauspicious planet. That is, it has the ability to harm and destroy. But this is only half true. It also communicates some good qualities in the personality of the native. The good and bad effects largely depend on the house. Where Rahu is situated at a particular time.

Rahu affects you to a great extent through the company of someone who is near you. The person under Rahu Mahadasha is influenced by the habits of his friends and family. If the people he lives with. They have bad habits like drug addiction, excessive alcohol, debauchery, and violence. So that person becomes one of them in Rahu Mahadasha. On the other hand, if a man lives in the company of such a person or people whom he knows. They are righteous or follow goodness. So Rahu is found in the horoscope of the native with good qualities and intentions.

Rahu Mahadasha is strong and positive in the third, sixth, and eleventh houses. While the fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses are weak and negative. Based on this information and the position of Rahu, aspects of life related to different houses of the individual are affected.

Rahu Dasha Effects

When the condition of Rahu Mahadasha is bad, it affects the life of a person negatively. This means that the improper position of Rahu in your Nakshatra and Rashi invites unfortunate events in your horoscope and is clearly marked in your destiny. Troubles, obstacles, difficulties, and pains seem to be continuous under the influence of Rahu. Rahu in its Mahadasha rules your birth chart for a significant period of time and its weak position causes a lot of stress and trouble for you. Especially in people's personal lives.

Mahadasha of Rahu also creates marriage-related concerns. The married life of the natives goes through a very bad phase. Every couple goes through a lot of stress, misunderstandings, arguments, and even violence. Apart from this, the lovers become incompatible with each other. It becomes almost impossible for them to stand by each other or support each other. This breaks the couple's heart and leads to divorce. Due to this the natives have many love affairs and suffer from adultery.

Your ability to think and understand is likely to be affected by the light falling on Rahu's head. You may face constant confusion and everything from relationships to careers may seem unclear. Suddenly you may not like your work even while working at the highest level. But still, you keep on doing it. All the frustration gets accumulated in one place and comes out in the form of harsh words from you on your partner. You also start seeing things that don't exist. Like ghosts, ghosts. The normal functioning of your brain gets disturbed. As a result, you are more likely to develop mental health disorders such as anxiety, suicidal thoughts, phobias, and meningitis.

Result of Rahu Mahadasha

A well-placed Rahu in the birth chart transforms its influence to the positive side. Which is not normal according to the belief of the people. Apart from this, after learning your lesson from Rahu, you are on the path to success and Rahu supports you in this journey. Also when you are spiritually connected to the divine. So Rahu gives a lot of ups and downs. It makes you brainy. Triangles and quadrilaterals are well managed under the positive influence of Rahu Mahadasha.

Mahadasha of Rahu makes your heart strong in case of the proper position of Rahu. During this, you realize your self-worth and sincerely work towards your goals. Your opinion is considered in society. Your decision-making abilities improve and you are appreciated for your work. You are inclined towards devotional or spiritual aspects. Which enhances your personality even more. You remain mentally and physically excited. Your energy level rises and your good luck keeps finding you without expecting it. People who dream of traveling abroad or pursuing higher education abroad. They can see it coming true. You earn well and can support your family. It is fascinating that we get shocked even by Rahu's good surprises. Apart from this, you can also visit the Rahu Dasha page of Instaastro to know about the Rahu Dasha's meaning.

Marriage in Rahu Mahadasha

According to marriage predictionsRahu has the worst effect on marriage. The transit of Rahu in the zodiac gives a difficult time in marriage. It gives issues like dishonesty, miscommunication, and more in marital life. If you are planning to get married then you may have to face serious problems and delay in marriage. If Rahu is present in the horoscope of the bride or groom. So there are difficulties in the marriage of such a person. That's why Rahu's Mahadasha should be redressed before getting married. If Rahu is present in someone's horoscope. So in matters like marriage, illusions, and doubts arise. The love between husband and wife may decrease when Rahu's Mahadasha takes place. Quarrels and estrangement can arise between husband and wife after Rahu's Mahadasha. Because of this many times, the relationship between husband and wife gets worse. If there is an influence of Rahu in the horoscope of either husband or wife. So both leave each other soon. Due to Rahu's Mahadasha, misconceptions and doubts arise between husband and wife against each other. Because of this, many times there is a possibility of breaking the marriage.

Rahu Mahadasha Remedies

  • Keeping lumps of camphor, urad dal, sugar candy, onyx stone, a little silver, and betel nut in a piece of white cloth can reduce the effects of bad Rahu Dasha. Or bury it in the soil at the entrance of your house.

  • Placing the dining table, kitchen, and food items in the east of the house attracts the blessings of Rahu and hence should be kept in mind.

  • Chanting Rahu Mantra 324 times in the morning during your Rahu Mahadasha period is one of the most effective remedies for Rahu Mahadasha and affects Rahu.

  • Performing puja and tarpan in the name of your ancestors also helps a lot in Rahu Mahadasha.

  • Wearing Eight Mukhi Rudraksha also helps in fighting the malefic effects of Rahu Mahadasha.

  • Coconut offered in temples at the time of Amavasya during Rahu Mahadasha is also considered beneficial.

  • Donate food items and clothes, preferably pulses, sesame seeds, jaggery, wheat, and black blankets to the needy in Rahu Mahadasha.


Rahu Mahadasha is viewed with fear. But it's not always bad. It is believed that it brings passion to people's lives. The passion to do good deeds does no harm and therefore it is okay to acquire. Whereas the passion or crime of bad deeds. Going against the law, getting angry continuously, doing violence, etc. are bad and should be dealt with in time. Talk to astrologers to know more about Rahu Dasha.

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