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Rahu in Virgo Ascendant

Rahu in Virgo Ascendant

Due to the effect of Virgo Ascendant, the person has the ability to fight conflicts because this zodiac sign is considered to be an earth element, therefore it is able to overcome the situation. Mercury has been considered the factor of intellectual ability, so due to the influence of Mercury, you become an intelligent and tactful person. They like to be in a state of rest.


Rahu in all 12 Houses for Virgo Ascendant


Rahu in 1st House Virgo Ascendant

If there is Rahu in Virgo Ascendant, then most of the results will be inauspicious. In the Mahadasha of Rahu, the person remains unwell, the stomach remains upset, there is a possibility of delay in having a child, and there is a sudden loss. There is discord in married life, there is a loss in partnership work, relations with the father are not good, and the person is an atheist, and travels abroad.


Rahu in 2nd House Virgo Ascendant


If Venus is auspicious in the ascendant of a girl child, then there is happiness in the family, wealth, and family support. The speech of the native can be fierce. Succeeds in competition. Obstacles go away. There is success in professional life.


Rahu in 3rd House Virgo Ascendant


When it is situated in its debilitated zodiac sign, Scorpio, there is discord between the younger and elder brothers and sisters. The luck of the person does not support him. The person is not a devotee of his father and religious tendency. Native's married life is not happy, there is no profit in partnership work. The person gets the very little result from hard work.


Rahu in 4th House Virgo Ascendant


The native gets enough love from their mother but faces obstacles in using the power of land and residential property. The person is always worried and upset. The native is weak and feels restless. The person gets into trouble in family life. The native remains unhappy with their father. 


Rahu in 5th House Virgo Ascendant


The person has child-related problems, and suddenly a situation of loss arises. Relations with elder brothers and sisters are not satisfactory. The memory of the person is bad and such a person becomes an atheist because They do not get along with their father. The person remains confused. Know the auspiciousness in the fruits of Rahu when Shani is auspicious. The mind becomes sharp, a son is born. One gets benefits from elder brother and sister, and health remains good.


Rahu in 6th House Virgo Ascendant


The person is brave and courageous. The natives defeat the enemies by influencing them. The native feels some internal weakness in the body but overcomes all diseases. The native uses unfair means to grow his business and become successful. Lack of money remains. 


Rahu in 7th House Virgo Ascendant


Inauspicious results come from Rahu. Marriage happens late. The person is intelligent, hardworking, and well-spoken, but does not get the support of younger-elder brothers and sisters and family. Relations with wife and partners get spoiled. Such a person is very hardworking, but even after hard work, there is a lack of auspicious results.


Rahu in 8th House Virgo Ascendant


The presence of Rahu in the eighth house hinders every work of the native. Tension remains in the Mahadasha of Rahu. Wisdom does not support it. Relations with the father deteriorate, wasteful expenditure takes place, and the family does not get support. There is a lack of amenities. Foreign settlement can happen. The person always feels a lack of money.


Rahu in 9th House Virgo Ascendant


The person will be of courageous personality. Will believe in religion. Possibility of traveling abroad. The native will be very close to the father. The person is an atheist. The person is always sad. The person is not healthy. The native is restless but tactful and feels capable of achieving some success in his profession at last. The person loses his fame in society. The native leads a struggling life.


Rahu in 10th House Virgo Ascendant


When Rahu comes in Gemini, the person gets complete happiness of land, house, and vehicle. There is no decrease in the happiness of the mother. Work comes in better condition. The family supports the native, there is victory in the competition. The person makes a lot of progress in the Mahadasha of Rahu. Gemini sign is considered to be the high sign of Rahu, if Mercury is also auspicious, then the person touches the heights of success in Rahu's Mahadasha and Rahu's Antardasha. If Jupiter is inauspicious, then there is a slight decrease in the auspicious results of Rahu.


Rahu in 11th House Virgo Ascendant


When Rahu is situated in Cancer, there will be no affection and help from elder brothers and sisters. There is a sudden loss of money in the Mahadasha of Rahu. Relationship with the wife does not remain cordial and there is no benefit from the partnership. Lack of money keeps troubling the native.


Rahu in 12th House Virgo Ascendant


Due to Leo being situated in the twelfth house, expenditure increases, and there is a possibility of illness. The mind remains troubled. Expenses are incurred in court cases and hospitals. The person gets failure in the competition and does not get the pleasure of land, house, or vehicle. Foreign travel becomes the sum of the settlement. There is a hindrance in all the work and tension-depression remains continuous.


Rahu gives negative results in the Virgo ascendant. If Rahu is under the influence of any benefic planet, then some auspicious results can be obtained. Talk to astrologers to know about the remedies to remove the negative effects of Rahu in Virgo Ascendant.

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