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Rahu in Pisces - Pisces Rahu Sign Man and Woman

Rahu in Pisces - Pisces Rahu Sign Man and Woman

The presence of Rahu in Pisces suggests that the person will feel strongly connected to family members. They prefer to be surrounded by people who know them well. Even though this situation does not assure that their love relationship will be based on loyalty, they will still feel connected to those close to them. They are family-oriented people and cannot think twice before sacrificing themselves for the well-being of their family members. These people can accumulate wealth without expecting it to come to them. There is a possibility of receiving money from a foreign source.

When Rahu is placed in the 5th or 11th house in Pisces it gives a lucky position. It is a sign of an unexpected long journey to distant places. Since Rahu is not favorable in the water sign, it causes as much harm as possible to Pisces sign people. For Pisces people, the position of Rahu in the tenth house creates problems in job-related matters. They cause disappointment in careers as they do not get many opportunities and are not able to take advantage of them. There are frequent changes in career due to which the person becomes aggressive.

Pisces Rahu Compatibility

Rahu has a deep connection with spirituality, deep meditation, and mysteries. Rahu also represents our desires. Pisces is the zodiac sign associated with the world of dreams, imagination, and fantasy. The conjunction of the Air planet in the Water sign provides even greater depth and content to the individual's spiritual and meditative tendencies. This position of Rahu provides deep thinking to the person. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces and if it is not very helpful in the horoscope, then Rahu in Pisces makes the native a false spiritual teacher. Overall this is an average placement.

It also causes some unwanted trips. People born with Rahu in Pisces often travel abroad. In fact, this placement also comes with the possibility of settling abroad. Such people work hard in life but they do not always get the desired results. Mental troubles and troubles are also possible for the person. Such people also suffer from insomnia. The native also feels alienated in relationships, hence there is a possibility of problems with the spouse due to this situation.

Pisces Rahu Personality Traits

When Rahu comes in Pisces the person can be extremely family-oriented. Such people will always put the interest of the family above their own selfishness because they love their loved ones with all their heart. They will not compromise with the happiness of their family, but they will be ready to compromise with their own happiness if it makes their family happy. This does not mean that people with Rahu in Aries are always faithful to their partners. Instead, it means that despite all the conflicts, they will come together to raise their children.

These people are very conscious about their bodies and can also make wrong decisions for their health. They have a lot of aspirations but they never express them because they feel that their dreams will come in the way of getting respect. A person with Rahu in Pisces believes that life is full of danger at every step and hence, he is always looking for stability.

Rahu in Pisces Man 

Rahu in Pisces indicates that the person may be overly emotional. He may be overly sensitive. He may like fantasy. He can be very spiritual. He may have secret or secret behavior. He can be imaginative about secret things. He may be suffering from hallucinations or phobias. He may be suffering from water-related diseases or problems. His health may not be good.

These people with Rahu in Pisces are really reserved personalities who always carry their own little world. They like to keep most of their activities hidden within their private circle, whether it is about moral or immoral actions. This all comes from their increased sensitivity. Due to the influence of Rahu, they want to stay safe in their own home. Moreover, they are very easy to move in any direction.

Rahu in Pisces Woman

She can help in nature. But his moral character is not good. She can enjoy a luxurious life. She may be interested in foreign affairs. Rahu in Pisces indicates that the person may have to face an accident. She wants quick spiritual progress. Her spiritual pursuits bring him problems if she uses the wrong methods.

People with Rahu in Pisces need to figure out how to refine their brilliantly defined and brooding personality world and psyche. It can mean diving somewhere into an ocean of amazing quality and empathy. An over-stressed person must figure out how to calm down their personality and get in tune with a deeper level of presence because if not, he will certainly find himself in trouble with his work, working conditions, and general demands on the universe. Will be dissatisfied with it. The flawless request must be combined and enhanced with immaculate greatness.

Positive Impact of Rahu in Pisces

The presence of Rahu in Pisces means that such people are devoted to their family and can give anything for the happiness of their family members. Although they do not like to make sacrifices, it is also true that they value their family relationships more than anything else in life. They will encounter new experiences every day and eventually learn what suits them best. They don't want to be hurt emotionally, but when they do get hurt due to unavoidable circumstances, they try to focus on the good side of things. They are clear-minded, but can sometimes be deceived.

However, these problems always subside and they come back on track with the same energy again and again. This ability to bounce back despite all odds makes him one of the most fascinating people. There are a lot of difficulties in the initial phase of their life and when they will know what it feels like to live in a vulnerable state, they will understand the suffering of every person going through it and will help them in every possible way.

Negative Impact of Rahu in Pisces

People with the presence of Rahu in Pisces are calculative and will analyze every situation before taking any step. Sometimes, they think so much that they overlook some important factors. They may be misguided due to their overly analytical nature. Although they believe that they are able to keep track of time, they are unable to control themselves when they realize that they have made a wrong decision. When they venture onto something, they start it with all their passion. But, many times when they start facing failure, their courage diminishes. They strongly believe that punctuality is the key to solving their problems and they are so obsessed with it that they become indifferent to other important aspects.

The presence of Rahu can make a Pisces person feel isolated from the rest of the world. However, other people are not responsible for their experience. They have difficulty adjusting to people. When they get such experiences, they start understanding what they like and this is a step forward in the process of self-discovery.


When Rahu is in Pisces the most important thing is the person's attachment with family members. They will give priority to their family over everything else on this planet and this is what gives them peace. They give the most importance to the feelings of their loved ones. They build the psychic capacities. Depending on the supporting planets, they may also open up virtuous play or neurosis. The inclination toward secret practices, whether disappearing into an ashram for a week to pray to God, traveling in secret, or directing unapproved surveillance. This depends upon which spirits they are directing. Buckling down and living for all intents and purposes is quintessential for the life of these individuals with amalgamation. To know more about Pisces Rahu zodiac man and woman, talk to astrology.

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