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Pisces Sun Virgo Rising

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising

With the Pisces Sun rising in Virgo, you tend to intellectualize, analyze, and question everything. You are discreet and rarely trust anyone. Instead of worrying about judgments and split ends, trust your intuition: it's doable. You need to keep your hands as busy as your mind: your skill, accuracy, and sensitivity can yield very gratifying results in carefully performed manual work.

You are a useless parent, mainly because you are still a child yourself. But there may come a moment (perhaps by the age of forty) when the need to stand up becomes urgent. Fate itself may intervene, and when someone close to you falls ill, or someone dies, or when you face some serious problem, you will grow up overnight. For you to change, tragedy must occur, but then it will be too late to change.

When it comes to your family, you want stability and harmony and have a knack for making life at home pleasant and smooth. But even if you have excellent practical sense, you cannot afford unexpected disturbances in your established plans. You feel overwhelmed and feel even more fussy. Disappointments make you even more dedicated: you want to help those close to you and may even go to the extent of sacrifice to keep your home and your relationship together.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, with Pisces Sun rising in Virgo, you are caring, generous, and dedicated by nature, you are deeply human, always ready to listen, understand, and help. You like to feel useful. Family and friends are important to you. Beneath your calm, thoughtful appearance, you hide a lot of nervousness and anxiety. You are very good at recharging your batteries. You will satisfy yourself by recognizing your abilities and it is at the workplace that you will get the most concrete evidence of this.

Learn to trust your intuition, which is remarkable. You have a highly sensitive nature, which leads you to spontaneously nuance your opinions and develop cleverness of mind, especially in your judgments and values. You know how to synthesize deeply without obscuring an uncompromising sense of reality. Likewise, you know how to analyze your emotions to understand them better. Your sharp mind encourages you to step back and avoid impulsiveness before making decisions.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Woman

The Pisces Sun is with the Virgo Sun and does not disintegrate. They are brave, but they have no principles, often they don't even have their own pride, and they can't afford such luxuries. They use all the opportunities presented, their relationships are unstable, and everything is ruled by momentary things.

They don't show what really happens in them, they try to look viable. Practicality remains; They talk about spirituality but do not develop it. So this character is really viable, although they constantly change in their vital core, and this is a pity because superficial orientation to the existing environment is often interrupted by artistic interests.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Pisces and rising in Virgo finds stability in the surrounding environment, which in itself is not enough for him. They cling to real possibilities, they cling to anything that can be taken for granted. He also gets support in arranging life.

Essential duties are performed more for the sake of others than for one's own needs. As far as possible, they give themselves up to others, so as not to get lost. They at the same time develop a strong understanding of everyday prescriptions and adapt to any environment. They are pleased with the luxury but can travel overnight on a bunk bed in a common room.

Pisces Sun and Virgo Rising Compatibility

Pisces rules their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage. Therefore, Pisces Sun Virgo ascendant people want a partner who will help them relax and "fall" into a fantasy world after a hard day's work. They need a romantic and loving partner who will love them unconditionally. So, Pisces make a wonderful pair.

All water and earth signs are best suited for Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. Aquarius makes good friends, but Aries and their impulsive ways can cause problems. Sagittarians can sometimes get the job done but are not always ideal due to their wild sense of adventure that constantly needs to be expressed. Leos can be a bit cruel to them, and may have some things in common with Geminis and can be good friends with Libras.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, What you don't like more than anything in the world is when you are fooled and try to tie your hands and feet in marriage or love relationships. Therefore, trust in marriage is very important for you. You are a loving, loyal, and devoted partner, and so you think that spouses should at least have mutual trust in a marriage. It is not surprising that disappointment awaits you in love. Perhaps you will marry twice or have an affair while hiding from your spouse. Your married life is undoubtedly full of difficulties and there may be some secret or problem related to your spouse. Your first child may be in poor health and will need especially careful care. You will have many children who will be difficult to educate, and they will not marry early. There is a danger that you will experience someone's constant hatred associated with a love story in which the interests of the child may suffer.

You are sensitive and full of goodwill, but you are also prone to delusions. You are all about togetherness and marriage. But your over-sensitivity can play havoc with you, as your tolerant flexibility quickly turns into emotional dependence. You aspire to have a peaceful and romantic love life with a sensitive and arranged person, someone who knows how to combine security and romance in everyday life.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, your physical condition is largely due to your mental condition. If you manage to overcome your tendency to worry, your health problems should disappear. You have to learn to distance yourself from the situation; Try doing yoga, it can give you many benefits. Areas that require special care are the intestines and blood. You are also at risk of eczema and allergies, and these may be caused by wheat.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you can achieve great success in business partnerships as a manager, lawyer, agent, or in a medical-related profession. You are attracted to living in nature, maybe you are interested in gardening, truck farming, or farming. You may be a relatively wealthy person and achieve prosperity through hard work. In youth, you may lose everything you have achieved, but the next year will be more successful. You will achieve a good position despite many difficulties, although, perhaps, you will change your profession several times and travel often.

You are not always as organized as you would like to be, but you are good at hiding your shortcomings. You have good intentions that will help you succeed in your financial life, and you should not hesitate to take advantage of opportunities. Good and bad plans come into your life suddenly, and you sometimes take excessive risks in your desire to act.


You are a constant headache to others, restless, nervous, and inconsistent in your thoughts and actions, a hypochondriac. People close to you try to understand you and are always looking for excuses for your behavior. You find hidden satisfaction in hiding your true face and not showing your best qualities. You are selfish and care only about your own needs and well-being. You are not able to overcome obstacles and bear frustration courageously and prefer to pretend to be ill, leaving friends or relatives to solve troubles. If you want to know more about Pisces Sun Virgo Rising then talk to astrology.

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