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Pisces Sun Taurus Rising

Pisces Sun Taurus Rising

With Pisces Sun Taurus rising, you are an angel incarnated on Earth, gentle, attentive, warm, kind, and devoted. You dream of solving all problems and curing all diseases. You prioritize caring for the less fortunate or vulnerable, finding practical solutions with a lot of common sense. Your intuition will help you find the ideal partner, someone who understands, supports, and protects you in your endeavors.

They seem very reliable, practical, and practical. Yet, beneath the mask of toughness and determination lies a real leopard. Fortunately, this animal is quite capable of standing up for itself, because you are not ready to show everyone the more sensitive and vulnerable side of your character, and who can reproach you for that. You are always ready to stand up for the weak and nothing can displease you more than a force taking advantage of weakness. Your anger is terrible. Fortunately, your loved ones can easily reassure you, and you are often left confused by the fact that you have lost control.

Pisces Sun Taurus Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, your inner world is deep, and your need for understanding does not tolerate guesses, making you very selective. With the Pisces Sun rising in Taurus, you have a tendency toward fixed ideas, and your refusal to compromise may cause you to put in great effort to achieve certain goals. It's mainly about avoiding routine, which can hamper your creativity. Paradoxically, your nature prompts you to seek stability through significant, radical changes that lead to an even more stable state.

You have the gift of delighting others and exerting a strong magnetic pull on them. You attract and fascinate with your extreme kindness, generosity, and altruism. Sensitive and empathetic, you are especially receptive to your surroundings. You enjoy making people happy, feeling like everyone around you is satisfied, and protecting the vulnerable. However, if you feel betrayed or cheated, it may be challenging for you to accept. Your disappointments can lead to long-lasting resentment.

Pisces Sun Taurus Rising Woman

Their health is often unstable due to irregular lifestyle; They consult a doctor at every opportunity, at the last minute or, on the contrary. They continue to hesitate in surrendering to their emotions. Only a charitable environment can save them.

If the women around them keep their distance from them, they become almost completely helpless. Deprived of their attractive power, they indulge in spiritual and material intoxication. Furthermore, if they discipline themselves they can give much to others because of their sensitivity; Then they will have great influence.

Pisces Sun Taurus Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Pisces and rising in Taurus may be completely at the mercy of sensory disturbances. At the same time, they want to please the world, they reveal some inner secrets. Emotions lead them to doctrinal communities or secret sects. They give the impression of softness and gentleness.

People with Pisces rising in Taurus work beautifully, deceiving others. At their core they depend on emotion and instinct, the flow of emotions carries them in stormy seas all the time. For the most part, they find someone who protects them and helps them live a difficult, miserable life. When they find a sickle on a stone, they react extremely selfishly, proceeding from the fact that no one like them is in danger.

Pisces Sun and Taurus Rising Compatibility

Scorpio rules their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage; Therefore, the Pisces Sun Taurus Rising wants a lot of intimacy, physical pleasure, passion, soul connection, and intensity from their relationship. Scorpio suits them amazingly, and when the Pisces Sun comes across the Taurus Rising Scorpio there is an instant spark and soul connection that they find attractive.

All water and earth signs look great on them. Other Pisces and Taurus people are suitable for them, and they feel very comfortable with Virgo and Capricorn people. People with Cancer zodiac signs prove to be perfect partners for themselves! Aquarius, Aries, and Gemini make good friends, while Sagittarius isn't really a good fit for them because of their overly adventurous spirit. Also not the best match for Leo, although there may be a romantic spark with Libra.


Pisces Sun Taurus Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are an old-fashioned snob and romantic. You also have a great need to feel safe and unconsciously look for a person with whom you can cuddle till the evening, feeling safe within the walls of your home. You are somewhat possessive and prone to jealousy, which can cause problems from time to time. This is not the most successful side of your life, and in order to organize it properly, you need to work hard, because your marriage can be threatened by ill-wishers who are always there to interfere and hinder your happiness. Remain prepared.

Your spouse will probably be a quiet person, likes solitude, and would prefer to stay at home while you are away and busy with your affairs. Your babies will need special attention before birth and again during the first two years of life, especially if the older child is a boy. But in general, they will be a source of satisfaction and happiness for you and you will be successful in higher studies and arts.

Pisces Sun Taurus Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you know how you like to eat, and you have a special weakness for sweets. It is no wonder that you are a victim of obesity and it can harm your health. The organs that require special care are the kidneys, liver, and ovaries. You may also be prone to diabetes. The most annoying thing is when you have a sore throat, and when there is bad weather or you are in a state of stress, you easily get sick with a sore throat or catch a cold. Understand these problems as a warning that you should change your lifestyle.

Pisces Sun Taurus Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are attracted to working in small companies as well as everything related to the land, gardening, nature, and music. You are a meticulous worker and pay particular attention to detail. In youth, your position is not stable, but later, thanks to successful acquaintances, art, literature, science, or any other business, your business will do well. You will receive a certain profit, although you may suffer some loss due to legal action, unemployment, or love after marriage. You know how to appreciate all the benefits of life and, undoubtedly, you may have a certain interest in nutrition and hygiene.

You are stubborn, authoritarian, and sometimes selfish. Fortunately, you have common sense and are attached to material things, but you also enjoy the simple joys in life, like good food. You are patient and determined, and your determination often pays off, bringing you the money you need. Highly sensitive yet flexible and determined, you pursue the goals you set for yourself. You are an enthusiastic person, embracing life with sensuality, and you are an aesthete who loves art and forms. Thoughtful, you assimilate slowly, but you never forget; Your memory is very good.


You need friends, yet you continue to impose your opinions and behavior on others and naturally, they resent this. You think you give them advice, and they in turn think you're a scoundrel who sticks their nose out of their business. It is difficult for you to understand why there are so many fools in the world who refuse to listen to you. And the truth is that you cannot tolerate it when your views or opinions are questioned in any way. Of course, your loved ones are under your heel and there are clear signs of a nervous breakdown. When your children grow up and have the same consistency in opinions and viewpoints, they can keep you honest and open. If you want to know more about Pisces Sun Taurus rising then talk to astrology.

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