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Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising

Pisces Sun, Scorpio rising, you enter a world of powerful emotions, violent emotions that can both inspire and destabilize you. You have your ideas about morality, justice, and the legality of actions. You are very fascinated by something unsettling or mysterious. Highly secretive, you are difficult to understand, and this makes you magnetic.

You are unusually sensual and passionate by nature, but, fortunately, are finicky in dating, and this helps maintain your best qualities. You are sensitive and artistic, this is expressed in your love for music, painting, and art. But don't assume that you are suitable for activities that involve less mobility. You are very attracted to sports, especially sports that require water, and these can also provide you with a source of income.

Your priorities in life are art, love, children, social life, and animals, and you give them a lot of energy and attention. By nature, you are a fighter, you have a strong fighting spirit, and you argue and get into fights that don't always end well for you. You overdo everything and devote yourself to work and pleasure. You have a strong will and you fight to the end. You cannot remain indifferent to anything and your passion is so great that sometimes it even becomes a hindrance to others. You may have many siblings, but you may be an only child. Your father may fail, but you will always have a warm and friendly relationship. You are very attached to it.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Endowed with a magnetic personality, you remain loyal to your principles, often dictated by a natural intuition that leads you to a deep understanding of human nature. Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising, you can easily utilize this unique sensitivity in all areas. Your creative potential is powerful and it only takes courage to unleash. The evolution of your consciousness avoids emotional quagmire and encourages you to break free from certain influences to express your uniqueness.

Although you are very sensitive and emotional, you do not shy away from the emotions that excite you, but your moods are changeable. Intuitive, and receptive to people and surroundings, you feel your interlocutor's thoughts, anticipate events, and adapt easily. When you don't let your emotions rule you, you are very insightful.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

Suicidal tendencies become evident in women with Pisces Sun rising in Scorpio. Children soon become filled with love for the beauty of life. If they do not understand, they stop seeing any meaning in life, it is better to end it. It may have been a long-forgotten affair to Java, or they may have been sent into the desert in the hope of being discovered there.

If not, they would rather die of thirst in the extreme heat than return. They may also find relief and help in art and music, or if they wish to participate in some vocation that will be good for them. For them, the apparent negligence is a saving straw rather than a genuine bias.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising Man

A man with Sun in Pisces and rising in Scorpio is swimming fearlessly in the waters of the environment. At the same time, they are full of tension, whispering, and seething. Their internal development is constantly fluctuating. They are saddened by their selflessness but are often sarcastic.

With Scorpio rising, Pisces easily become vulnerable and cling to anyone who comes close to them. They find salvation and help not in religion, but in occult, magical, or similar sects, where there is something in which you can forget yourself. They protect this community or society with suicidal courage.

Pisces Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

In your heart, you think marriage is a necessary evil, although your partners often conclude that they were in a situation that had to be avoided somehow. The reason for this is your tendency to tie your partner's hands and feet as if you are afraid that someone might steal them. You are jealous and treat your spouse as the owner of your things and do not understand that the more you put pressure on him, the more likely you are to lose a loved one. You will lose your first wife and marry again and again. This combination of signs gives several children, sometimes twins. Your children will get married soon, you are expected to face some problems in this regard. You start falling in love from an early age and don't stop until old age. Therefore, there will be many secret love affairs in your life.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, Pisces sun, Scorpio rising, your emotional journey is often very difficult as you are drawn to complex and destructive love stories. When you find love, you are gentle, thoughtful, caring, and affectionate. As a creative, original, and dreamy person, you know how to bring wonder and imagination into your relationship. Sensuality and temptation are the basis of your daily life. With an impulsive, passionate, and whole-hearted nature, you invest yourself completely in whatever you do; You don't do anything halfway. You're an extremist who loves or hates without any nuance. Your search for adventure often leads you to tumultuous love stories filled with breakups and disillusionment. But when you meet the right person, you form a lasting attachment. It is only in a stable and calm relationship that you find your balance.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you work with full dedication and also enjoy. At some point, your energy may run out, and you will understand that it is time to rest. The weak organ is the gall bladder. You are also at risk of poisoning, fever, and injury as a result of careless handling of hot or sharp objects. Your right hand is also unsafe. Usually, the cause of your illnesses is you.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are very ambitious, and no matter what path you choose in life, you will pursue it purposefully and constantly strive for success. You may be successful in arts, sports, speculative transactions, or work related to children or animals. You crave success and will undoubtedly achieve it. You are also blessed with the talent of a leader. Your financial condition will not be very stable in your youth, but you will be prosperous in your middle years. You may receive material gains through travel, visits from spouse to relatives, legal matters, and marriage. You will have multiple sources of income and, perhaps, two completely different businesses. After a series of difficulties, all your most daring dreams will become reality.

You are looking for passion, and you shy away from boredom, monotony, and repetitive activities. Your work ethic is intense and you are not afraid to give 110% to succeed. You challenge yourself regularly, even if it means putting yourself in danger. Your sense of observation and your foresight are important assets that you know how to use very well. That being said, you may sometimes find it difficult to integrate a team or rely on hierarchy.


Whenever you get an opportunity, you indulge in sensual pleasures. At the same time, you do not suffer from any remorse, as a result, you forget all ideas about morality, especially about sex. You take what you want, and when you have enough, the poor loser can go on all fours. Most likely, you will turn into a bitter alcoholic, because the ability to self-control is not your strong point. You can be very rude because you cannot tolerate when they hinder the fulfillment of your desires. You never forget those who dare to disobey you and can wait indefinitely for the right moment to take revenge. You are truly a nightmare because your capacity to harm others exceeds your capacity to harm yourself. If you want to know more about Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising then talk to astrology.

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