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Pisces Sun Libra Rising

Pisces Sun Libra Rising

With the Pisces Sun rising in Libra, you are tolerant and generous and dream of a harmonious world where everything will be sweet and just. You lack the aggression and belligerence to face the uncertainties of life and, being easily hurt by reality, you often protect your extreme sensitivity by isolating yourself in your inner world. As an aesthetic, intuitive, and inspired person, artistic expression can bring you great satisfaction.

A person born under this combination of signs behaves with affection and care towards others. Usually, nothing stops you from expressing your feelings directly and clearly. You are kind, honest, and happy to help people. But they must express their needs clearly and clearly because one of your biggest shortcomings is your tendency to avoid making decisions whenever possible. The artistic side of your nature needs immediate positive expression.

You are subtle and compassionate to your surroundings. Your home should be comfortable, well-furnished, and filled with works of art to your liking. You like to be entertained, but not at the expense of other people. Your energy is unstable, so you cannot say that you move through life with unchanged success. You can work all day, and then suddenly become completely apathetic and lethargic. Its effect is visible in both professional and personal life.

Pisces Sun Libra Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Lacking self-assurance, you need to be liked, and seduction is your way of communicating. Full of charm, grace, and kindness, you garner a lot of sympathy. Very attentive, you constantly strive to make everyone around you happy and satisfied. You love people, find them kind and sympathetic, and you always find a way to overcome their shortcomings and weaknesses. Due to this, you may make wrong choices in your love life.

You are in constant search of the ideal of perfection, harmony, and peace. Pisces Sun is rising in Libra, even the slightest criticism or imperfection makes you extremely upset. Even though you are in good health, you still display some fragility, and you have a naturally indolent nature that shies away from harsh realities. You lack a little discipline and depend too much on your environment and instincts to plan your daily life.

Pisces Sun Libra Rising Woman

Pisces women with Libra Rising talk a lot about their desire for harmony, which includes forgetting everything that is for them. They begin again, and others must join them in doing so, while they speak logically, but act paradoxically. They can act fruitfully, but also destructively; It is not so easy to live at their level.

They can mislead even respectable burghers. Of course, mental games play a big role here, everything must be explored deeply, which means there are no limits to transfusions. There may be some magical power that is spiritually embellished. The charm of this character is terrifying; Whether they live up to the promise or not can only be told by someone who is completely devoted to them, but very little of this may survive.

Pisces Sun Libra Rising Man

People with the Sun in Pisces and rising in Libra have a strange attractive power that simultaneously attracts and repels. It's not safe with them. Their essence is charming, they lend themselves to a spontaneity that can only be dreamed of but is impossible in the real world. Usually, you have many brothers or sisters, or they become many after marrying someone from a large family. There are frequent fights between relatives and the matter may even go to court. Father is a source of disappointment or problems for you. He may have to lose a high position. In any case, it causes interference and limitations in your life.

They are usually tempting, but to get to the base of this attraction you have to sacrifice yourself. Here you can find a lot - emotions and reason, devotion and inclination towards sectarianism. And there is always something mysterious about them; They give the impression of excessive education and underdevelopment at the same time.

Pisces Sun and Libra Rising Compatibility

You believe in eternal love and that you may sacrifice yourself in the name of a romantic ideal. You have a deep belief that, by falling in love, you can feel like a complete person, and until you find your soulmate, you cannot believe that you live a complete life. Your married life will be full of many problems and possibly you will even get a divorce. Possibly, you will be a prosperous person. You may suddenly get an inheritance. Most likely you will have many children, and they will be happy in life. Sadly, they will become your best support in old age rather than your spouse.

Your nature is naturally oriented towards others. You want to be in harmony with your family. Similarly, you can understand the feelings of your loved ones by putting them in their shoes and maintaining genuine compassion, which helps a lot in finding solutions to many difficulties. At the same time, you are a serious tenant and demanding landlord.

Pisces Sun Libra Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, Pisces Sun rising in Libra, you are romantic, idealistic, dreamy but also sensitive. You believe in true love, and you are in search of your dream partner. In a relationship, you enjoy hearing your partner, you are often on the same wavelength. You rely on sharing, conviviality, tenderness, softness, and communication. Plus, sensuality, the seduction are omnipresent in your exchanges.

It is in your love life that you give the best of yourself. You are attentive, devoted, and understanding with your partner. Idealistic and romantic, you aspire to true love and build a serene and harmonious family life. Once you find your true love, you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to your family. If you are unhappy in love, you will need to muster the courage to communicate with your partner and learn to be less indulgent in certain cases.

Pisces Sun Libra Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, Unfortunately, you have a sweet tooth and it's important to remember that you eat to live, not the other way around. Any kind of dispute can affect your health and the main reason for this is your indecision. Life is what you will make of it: Your main problem is that you can't decide what you want from life. The organs that require constant attention are the kidneys, liver, legs, and intestines. Moderation in exercise and nutrition can guarantee you a long life.

Pisces Sun Libra Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you can make a good career in health, cleanliness, or services. You, of course, are attracted to art, because you have an ingenious mind, and you can prove yourself as a decorator. You may also be interested in maritime trade and everything related to liquids, you can become a wine merchant, chemist, surgeon, or sailor. Success in life may come to you late, and your work will involve communicating with people, frequent changes of residence, and many long trips. Be wary of the instability that is following you, and try to postpone something for a rainy day.

Refined and sensual, you appreciate beautiful things and have a pronounced taste for art in all its forms. You are a hedonistic aesthete. You are generous with your time and money for noble causes, but despite preferring an almost communal atmosphere, you are also well aware of your interests. Likewise, you can also be capricious with your spending.


This is probably the most uncertain combination of signs in the zodiac, and not only in cases where it concerns important problems but also in small things, for example, the habit of drinking tea or coffee in the afternoon. At first, this behavior may seem eccentric or even ridiculous, but then it starts to become very disturbing. Furthermore, you are cowardly and don't know how to stand up for yourself, let alone your loved ones, no matter how angry they are. Your tendency to indulge your whims in eating will inevitably lead to the fact that the attractive dimples on your cheeks will sink into layers of fat. If you want to know more about Pisces Sun Libra Rising then talk to astrology.

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