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Pisces Baby Personality Traits - Pisces Child Traits

Pisces Baby Personality Traits - Pisces Child Traits

Hello Mommies and Daddies...Got a baby with a birth date between 19th February and 20th March? Then you are parents to a Pisces baby.  According to Astrology, check these personality traits of a Pisces baby, which will help you throughout your parenting journey. Following 10 personality traits will give you the feel of how your child is and how it will turn out to be as a grown-up. These baby predictions will make your journey as parents adventurous and interesting.

Pisces babies have art and creativity in their blood

Pisces babies are born artists. They need an outlet to portray their creativity. They need a vent to bring out the abundant art and creativity. If they pursue the fields of arts and creativity, they can be successful. They don’t require to learn this from anywhere.

Pisces babies are tremendously sensitive

Pisces babies’ nature is found to be tremendously sensitive. They are very emotional and every small thing happening around them can affect them. They can get hurt very easily and happy too very quickly.  This nature of them sometimes gives them hard time.

Pisces babies like their “Me” time

Pisces babies love to be alone just by themselves. It is one of their favorite times. They prefer to remain aloof, away from everyone and that really gives them peace of mind. They find themselves relaxed and comfortable when no one is around.

Pisces babies’ imagination has no limits

Pisces babies are highly imaginative. Their nature of creativity plays an important role here. They imagine creatively. It has no limits. Their imagination will sometimes amaze you. It’s their unique vision of life. Therefore they seem to have a knack for storytelling. They can build up really interesting stories. They have color imagination.

Pisces babies quickly trust anyone

Pisces babies are very naïve and trust anybody very easily. An eye should be kept on them, just to check if they are not trusting the wrong person. Not every time trusting is an issue. But care needs to be taken. Being vulnerable can be harmful.

Pisces babies are daydreamers

Pisces babies can daydream as much as you want them to. They get lost in their thoughts and sort of create their own fantasy world. One thought comes to their mind, and live it out completely in their dreams

Pisces babies are great at passion

Pisces babies are full of passion. Whatever work they take up voluntarily, they do it with full focus and dedication. They are fully motivated to do things they love to do. This dedication and passion bring them success.

Pisces babies have strong intuition

Pisces babies have a very strong gut feeling. They catch up to your emotions and sense the feelings you are going through. They empathize with you, without even telling them about anything. They can sense if anything wrong is happening. They should follow their intuition.

Pisces babies are owners of kindness and compassion

Pisces babies are very kind by nature. They will run to help anybody who seems to be needing it. They will constantly try to make you feel happy and better.  Pleasing everyone around makes them happy and content.

Pisces babies are selfless

Pisces babies are selfless and hence they do not expect anything in return from anyone, for being kind and helpful. They will always think about you first and then will take care of themselves. Helping others without any motive of getting anything in return is a rare quality.


These characteristics of Pisces children can help the parents and family to understand them better. If you need more help and understanding about your Pisces child, please feel free to take our online astrology counseling services and get rid of your problems.

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