Om Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Om Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

In our religious scriptures, the mantra, Chalisa associated with almost every deity is described. But one of these words is such that it is used in almost every mantra etc. We are talking about Om, which is seen as associated with Shiva. It is said that the person who chants it not only gets mental but also spiritual benefits.

Without the word Om(ॐ), neither any mantra is complete nor any worship is considered successful. The word 'Oim' is made up of three letters. These letters are a, u and m. OM is made up of three letters A, U, and M. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the combined form of these three. The word itself includes creation, observance, and destruction.


Meaning of Om Mantra


In this A means to generate, U means to raise and M means to become silent i.e. to become absorbed in Brahman. Therefore, whenever you pronounce it, keep these three letters in mind. It is believed that the sound of Om always emanates from the entire universe. With the pronunciation of Om, vibrations start in different parts of the body, as 'A' vibrates in the lower part of the body.

'U' vibrates in the central part of the body. From 'M' there is vibration in the upper part of the body i.e. (the brain). According to Hinduism, if you chant this word regularly, you will get the powers of the universe.


Om Mantra Benefits


  • As soon as you chant the Om mantra, you start seeing its effect within just 2 to 3 minutes. With the influence of Om, your mind starts to become light and the body starts to become loose. This happens because all kinds of anxiety and stress start coming out of the body. You start feeling inner peace.

  • It is believed that chanting Om regularly increases concentration and memory power.

  • When we chant Oim, there is a vibration in the whole body, which benefits your whole body.

  • Chanting Oim is also beneficial in problems related to stomach and blood pressure.

  • Chanting of Om also infuses positive energy into the surrounding environment.

  • If Om is chanted with proper meditation, then it gives you positivity, peace, and energy.

  • The mere chanting of Oim brings peace both physically and mentally.

  • Chanting Om also brings positive energy to the surrounding environment.

  • The biggest benefit of chanting Om is also for those people who have the problem of mood swings. Chanting of this mantra not only removes the problem of mood swings but also increases the efficiency of work. That is, you are able to perform better at your workplace and improve your skills and use them to move forward.


Health Benefits of Chanting Om


Thyroid problem - Pronunciation causes vibration in the throat. This prevents thyroid problems.

Blood Circulation - By chanting, the blood circulation in the body is better. Oxygen in the blood increases.

Digestion - By chanting Om, there is a vibration in the stomach. This improves digestion.

Energy - Chanting Om gives more oxygen. Blood circulation is good. This increases energy.

Healthy Lungs - The pronunciation increases the capacity of the lungs. The body gets more oxygen.

Strong Spine - There is also a vibration in the spinal cord by chanting. This makes the spine strong.


Om Chanting Method


In religion, a time has been given for worship and chanting, etc. Similarly, Om should be chanted in the morning before sunrise. Choose a quiet place to chant Om, where you can meditate completely. Now sitting in Sukhasana posture, meditating on the shape of Om in the mind, it should be pronounced. Om should be chanted at least 108 times at a time. After that, you can gradually increase the duration of the pronunciation. Choose a quiet place. It would be great if you get up early in the morning and do chanting. If this is not possible, then chant it before sleeping at night. If there is no open space like a field, terrace, or garden, then chant it in the room itself. Laying a seat on the ground in a clean place and chanting. Do not chant while sitting on the bed or sofa. Chant Om in a loud voice. After finishing the pronunciation, meditate for 2 minutes and then get up.


Chanting Om helps in releasing the negative energy present in the mind and body. The chanting of Om causes vibrations in the body and due to the vibrations, the stress hormones present in the body start getting destroyed. If you also want to know the method of chanting the Om mantra, then talk to astrology.

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