October Scorpio vs November Scorpio

October Scorpio vs November Scorpio

Almost all people born between 23 October and 21 November belong to the Scorpio zodiac. Scorpios born in October and those born on November 21 can vary wildly. The Sun moves about one degree a day, meaning October Scorpios are First Deccan Scorpios, while November Borns are either Second or Third Deccan Scorpios. Let's go through some of the astrological differences between October Scorpios and November Scorpios.

October vs November Scorpio

Scorpio's ruling planet is the powerful Ketu, the planet of change, but most Scorpios born after November 1st are second or third Deccan Scorpios, meaning they have a second co-ruling planet influencing their zodiac sign. Scorpios born in October are ruled by Ketu, they embody the most notorious Scorpio strengths and weaknesses. It is deeply emotional, and powerful and involves the search for truth.

November Scorpios are almost all second or third decan Scorpios, meaning they have the Moon as their cosmic co-ruler. These planets bring a mysterious and passionate influence on the energy of November Scorpios, enhancing their natural psychic powers. November Scorpios are more spiritually attuned than October Scorpios and drawn to occult practices.

October Scorpio vs November Scorpio Personality

December 1st October Scorpio people are completely ruled by Ketu, which enhances their naturally competitive nature. Because of this strong desire to get what they want and maintain control, October Born Scorpios sometimes get overly possessive and jealous when it comes to work or love. They may take longer to develop trust than November Scorpios.

Water Scorpios are highly sensitive people who are driven by their emotions, even if they don't always show it. Scorpios born in November are co-ruled by the Moon. They are influenced even more by their larger-than-life emotions. November Scorpios can easily pick up on other people's temper and have a harder time wearing an impassioned face than their October-born counterparts.

October Scorpio Personality

Scorpios love to go beneath the surface of life and explore the far-flung depths of human beings, and this holds true for October Scorpios. As the only decan of Scorpio that is completely ruled by the powerful planet Ketu, these Scorpions are forthright in their search for truth and take everything to the extreme. They crave change, have an approach to life, and are never afraid to take things to a drastic level.

November Scorpio Personality

All Scorpios have a reputation for being dark and mysterious, but November-borns value their privacy more than Scorpios. About half of November Scorpios are co-ruled by the elusive planet Neptune, which gives them a veil of enigma while the other half is co-ruled by the Moon, which feels most comfortable. These influences emphasize the secretive nature of November Scorpios, which explains why it always seems like they're hiding some tantalizing and closely guarded secret.


One of the best things about October Scorpios is their loyalty to their significant others. October Scorpios value trust and honesty, making them a very loyal sign, and they expect the same from their partners. Anyone whom November Scorpios respect and keep close is treated with amazing loyalty, generosity, and kindness. October Scorpio follows their heart more than anyone, they are incredibly devoted, and loyal when it comes to relationships. The November Scorpio is loved, he is loyal, strong, protective, gentle, loving, and devoted to the end. Talk to astrology to know more about October Scorpio and November Scorpio.

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