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Number 13 is Auspicious or Inauspicious

Number 13 is Auspicious or Inauspicious

People get scared as soon as they talk about 13 numbers. What is it in this issue? Often people consider this number a symbol of inauspiciousness. But this number is also considered auspicious in many sects, including Hinduism. Apart from this, special importance is given to this number in astrology and numerology.

Most people are very much afraid of the number 13 because they do not have any real information about it. The truth is that this number is not inauspicious in any way. The main reason for being afraid of this number is that it was used extensively in Tantric methods and in very ancient times it was considered to be full of power as well as fatal.


Why is Number 13 Considered Inauspicious?


There is fear in people's minds regarding the number thirteen. Because it is associated with many myths. The combination of thirteen and Friday is considered most inauspicious. Because many such incidents have happened due to this coincidence, it has become in the mind of the people that the number 13 is inauspicious.


The Mysterious Number of Astrology is Thirteen


Number thirteen is considered as the number of misfortune, but astrology considers it as the number of contingency. The power of Rahu and Ketu is found in this number. Sun and Jupiter are also present in this number in some quantity. This is the most mysterious number in numerology. This number has mysterious powers. God's grace is seen near it. These people are very successful in magic, tantra, astrology, and spirituality. Reach heights after middle age.


Number 13 is Formed By The Combination of Powerful Planets


If we look at the value of thirteen in numerology, then it is 4 which is considered the number of Rahu. In Vedic astrology, Rahu has been called the cause of change. Astrologers say that this number is formed from the combination of two powerful planets – the Sun and Jupiter. Sun's number is 1 and Jupiter's number is 3, with the sum of this 13 numbers has been formed, which have many powers and abilities within themselves.


Number Thirteen is Very Powerful


In numerology also, looking at the fate number of the person, its possible results are told. The number 4 obtained by adding 1 and 3 is considered very effective in numerology. It is also said to be the symbol of Karma, that is, the fruit according to Karma. You will get what you do. In numerology, it is called a master of numbers. Along with this, it is also considered a factor of change. If it is correct and effective, it becomes miraculous for the native. But when it is bad, it becomes a factor of destruction. Overall, it would not be right to consider number 13 only as inauspicious.


Number Thirteen is Auspicious


Contrary to western beliefs, the number 13 is considered auspicious in Hinduism. Even among the dates, the thirteenth date of the Hindu calendar has been called Pradosh and it has been dedicated to Lord Shiva. Considering Pradosh as auspicious for all works, auspicious times are also taken out. According to astrologers, the number 13 is auspicious, on this day you can start any auspicious work, and you can start a new work. So you should not be scared of the number 13.


Every number has its meaning in astrology. It has its language, its frequency, and its character. Strange as it may sound, numbers in astrology can bring good luck as well as bad luck because each of these numbers has its star sign and even its ruling planet. Number 13 in astrology is one such number that is most sought after in astrology. Some people consider the number 13 to be unlucky and some others consider 13 to be a sacred number and bearer of good omen. If you want to know more about this, then Online Jyotish Consultations will help you to understand more about auspicious and inauspicious numbers.

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