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Moon Opposite Mercury

Moon Opposite Mercury

Unlike those born with Mercury, the Moon can give an outwardly bubbly personality that gives off an inner fragility. This can make you a normally quiet and introspective person who becomes talkative and amusing in the presence of others.

The main challenge with the Moon opposite Mercury is the internal struggle of your thoughts and feelings. Your feelings and instincts are often at odds with your rational thinking. When the Moon is opposite Mercury, your heart may say one thing, but your mind another.

You can appear overly analytical one moment, overly emotional and irrational the next. This can make you very sensitive, curious, and confused. The inability to find inner balance and reach a calm state of mind can leave you with a lot of addiction tendencies.

Emotions arise from the opposition between the Moon and Mercury, and emotions are pulled in one direction, and rationality, logic, and the conscious mind move in the opposite direction. This internal dissonance is then manifested through projections onto the outside world. As long as this internal division remains unresolved, there will always be conflict in relationships.

Moon Opposite Mercury Natal

Over time, as you learn from life experience, you will be able to develop skills in counseling and gain greater objectivity toward the feelings you are dealing with. However, the complexity of this innate polarity means that you can sometimes appear overly rational and unconcerned with your emotional expression, while at other times you can be so emotional that you have difficulty understanding what is happening. Is. Is. You have a tendency to project your internal issues into your external relationships, so it will be worth your time to develop techniques and practices for becoming aware of the contents of your subconscious. When life gets dramatic and your emotions start to feel overwhelming, you'll benefit greatly from going on a hike or hitting the gym for a workout — anything to get your body moving and releasing the emotions flowing through you. 

Moon Opposite Mercury Synastry

The polarity between rational thinking and intuition can lead to an inability to understand and express your true feelings. It can distort your perception of reality and cause problems with decision making. You can be dogmatic, parochial, or prejudiced.

Moon opposite Mercury can create some difficulty in understanding the feelings of others. Due to a lack of tact and diplomacy, you may appear insensitive and even aggressive at times. Your views may be controversial, yet you may be overly sensitive to criticism and miscommunication may result in arguments and relationship conflicts.

Combining your intuitive insight with your analytical mind is the key to solving these problems. This can lead to better self-standing, clearer self-expression and more direct communication. Staying busy and productive will also help.

Moon Opposite Mercury Transit

On the day the transiting Moon opposes your Mercury in the Natal chart, your thoughts will naturally turn inward to consider what is happening in your life. This would be an effective day for a therapy session or a get-together with a close friend who can have a deep conversation with you. Your mind will also be active today in a way that can provide a helpful spark for any writing or research projects, or mercantile crafts that you hone. In your day-to-day interactions, be careful of conflicts as this transit may lead to a tough argument which is not necessary. This is a good day to get things off your chest, to express and release any feelings that have built up in self-restraint. Finding a way to channel your feelings through yourself, whether through self-reflective writing or physical exertion, will bring the rewards of important insights to integrate.


The Moon opposite the Mercury transit makes it difficult to understand and share your feelings. Scattered or polarized thinking can make it challenging to find inner balance and comfort and make it difficult to deal with everyday problems. You can be overly analytical one moment, then hyper-emotional and irrational the next. This may be due to emotional bias or a simple lack of understanding. Other symptoms include anxiety, prejudice, racism, and addiction. Extra care needs to be taken with conversations, important decisions, and sensitive discussion topics. If you want to know more about the Moon Opposite Mercury, then talk to astrologers online.

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