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Moon Number in Numerology

Moon Number in Numerology

Number two has been considered as the number of Chandra dev. There may be a lack of leadership spirit inside a person with two numbers, but such a person will be a person who works in a group. Under the influence of number two, you will be a peace-loving person, cooperative with others, and friendly with everyone. Due to the influence of number 2, a person can become very emotional.

Effect of Moon on Number 2

Numerology is also a part of Indian astrology. In this, we know about the planets and their nature determined by adding the numbers of the date of birth. The person whose birth comes under number 2, works according to that number. From this, we can know about the good and bad events that will happen in our future. Today we will talk about the nature of people with Number 2 and the secrets related to them. People who are born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month. Their Number is 2. The ruling planet of the people of this Number is Moon. Moon's nature is cool, and calm, and gives moonlight. Similarly, the nature of the people of this Number is also very calm. People of this Radix are beautiful in the body as well as in mind and they get attracted to beautiful people very quickly. However, due to this quality of theirs, sometimes many problems also come in front of them.

For those who are born on 2, 11, 20, or 29, their Number is 2. This number is represented by the planet Moon which is also the lord of the mind. For this reason, the people of this Number are emotional, sensitive, fickle, and living in a state of uncertainty. The burden of lifelong responsibility rests on them. They have a lot of original talent, experience, and understanding, but they are not completely successful from the material point of view. No thought can stay in their mind for a long time. The ideological change is their specialty. Not being satisfied with the same work in life, they keep changing and adopting the means of living.

Personalities of Number 2

Number 2 people are rich in mind and prove to be more successful in intellectual works. They are soft-spoken, imaginative, calm, and gentle by nature. They have good intelligence and tact and due to these qualities, they get more respect from others and become popular. They are rich in ideas and principles and become a source of inspiration for others. They are able to win easily even in adverse circumstances without getting upset at all. These people do not like to be alone and mostly someone or the other stays with them.

Men and women born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th are highly imaginative, art lovers, sensitive, and sympathetic towards others. Due to sympathy, sometimes they have to face financial and mental problems, but they do not care about anyone.

According to numerology, people who were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th of the month will have radix 2. These people are emotional, sweet-spoken, imaginative, and soft-hearted. Just like the nature of the moon is considered fickle, similarly, the state of mind of these people never remains the same. These people are very emotional and moody in nature.

Remedies Of Number 2

Who doesn't like a colorful world? The ruling planet of Number 2 is Moon and its associated auspicious color is white. Which is the symbol of a calm mind, hence the auspicious colors of the people of this Number are camphor, sun-shade, orange, and light green. These people should try to use the given auspicious colors as much as possible.

Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of people with Number 2. Mahadev has given Chandra a place on his head, so there is a supernatural relationship between the two. Worshiping Lord Shiva is very fruitful for happiness, prosperity, and success in life. These people should offer water to Shivling every day.


Number two people are loyal, they prove to be good friends of emotional nature. They have a good understanding of the sorrows and pains of others. If they say they love you then you can believe them. In this, they understand the sorrows and happiness of others very quickly. If someone narrates his past to him, then it can be said that he listens to the other person sensitively and is also a good listener. They have many friends and beauty lovers too. They like to beautify a lot. If you want to know more about Number 2 ruled by Moon then talk to astrology.

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