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Moon Mount Palmistry: Effect of Mount Moon on Life

Moon Mount Palmistry: Effect of Mount Moon on Life

Although the moon is considered to be the satellite of the earth, among the nine planets, the moon has been accepted as a planet. The Moon, being closest to the Earth, leaves a deep impression on the human mind. In a true sense, this planet is considered to be a factor of beauty and imagination. It is beautiful and gentle to look at, as well as a person fantasizes more due to its influence.


Mount Moon Effect on Life


The part of the palm below the smallest finger in the hand, which is the area connected with the wrist, is called Chandra Kshetra or Chandra Parvat. This area is near the fate line. The people in whose hand the mount of the Moon develops, those people are soft, passionate, and emotional. In whose hands the Mount of Moon is fully raised, they are nature-loving and beauty-loving, that is, such people love natural beauty and such people live more in fantasy than in reality. There is absolutely no lack of imagination in life, due to which they remain very lost in themselves, and due to this, they are not able to bear the rigors and troubles of life. They get distracted by the slightest problem.

If there are many lines on the Mount of the Moon, then it shows the anxiety of the person. The mark of the cross on the Mount of the Moon is not considered auspicious. When this happens, there is a possibility of a water accident with the person. If the moon mountain is raised then it is considered good. Such people are mentally very strong. They take rest only after completing the work they decide to do. If the Mount of the Moon is prominent, then it shows the excessive imagination of the person. Such people dream more and do not work to fulfill them. A cross or blackness on the Mount of the Moon also indicates some kind of mental illness. However, if there is a square on the Mount of the Moon, then it protects from difficulties.

Others call such people away from the world's deceit and wander into a calm and imaginary world. Such persons become best-class artists, musicians, and writers. There is special righteousness in their thoughts. They are not able to work under any pressure. Their thoughts are also free and clear.

People who lack Moon mount in their hands are hard-hearted and completely materialistic. The absence of the mount of the moon can be clearly seen in the hands of those who do nothing except war. The hands in which the Mount of the Moon is well developed are imaginative rather than materialistic. Love and beauty are the weakness of their life, but due to not being able to understand worldly deceit, the end of their lover's life is sad.

If the Mount of the Moon in a person's hand is more developed than necessary, then such a person can even become mad. If the Mount of Moon is developed at a medium level, then such a person wanders in imagination and builds castles in the air. Such persons make plans worth crores while sitting, but only in their thoughts, none of which come true. It can also be said that they make plans but they do not have the ability or courage to fulfill them.

Such people are more emotional than necessary. Even the smallest thing stings them a lot. If someone makes a small sarcasm with them, they are completely shaken. The spirit of struggle in such people is negligible and in adverse circumstances, they run away and gradually the feeling of despair increases in them.

If the Mount of Moon develops and leans towards the outside of the palm, then Rajogun becomes predominant in such a person. Such persons become indulgent, sensual, and lustful and go on wandering behind beautiful women in vain. The aim of their life is indulgence and luxury, but they do not get this happiness in life.

If there is an experience of tilting towards the Mount of Venus, the Mount of the Moon in a palm, then such a person is sensual as well as shameless. They do not have any difference from their strangers, due to which such people become infamous in society.

According to palmistry, if horizontal lines are visible on the Mount of the Moon, then such a person takes water trips many times. If there is a round circle on the Mount of the Moon, then the person travels abroad for political work. If a hand lacks the Mount of the Moon, then that person is dry and completely materialistic. In whose hands the Mount of Moon is normally raised, they are very beautiful and intelligent from the inner point of view. If this mountain is raised from above, then such a person suffers from diseases like arthritis or cold.

If this mountain is developed more than necessary, then such a person is of unstable intelligence, disappointed, delusional, and almost mad. Such people regularly complain of headaches. If this mountain has slipped downwards then that person is powerless. If there is a sign of a conch shell on the Mount of Moon, then such a person becomes successful through his own efforts, but at the same time, there are equal obstacles and troubles in his success. Despite this, such people believe in living life properly and giving cooperation and help to others.


Moon is considered very special not only in palmistry but in the whole of astrology. It is in the form of a moon mountain in the hand. The amount of the moon is just below the Mount of Mercury in the palm. The amount of the Moon gives an indication of a person's mind and his economic condition. Accidental accidents can also be predicted from this mountain. Moon Mountain tells the nature and thinking of a person. Overall, the Moon affects a person's life in a big way. According to palmistry, if the moon mountain is pressed in the hand, it means that the person is very weak in the mind. Such people are always sad. People whose Moon is in a bad position think negatively. If you want to know more about Mount Moon, then go through the online Jyotish consultation.

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