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Moon Mahadasha: Chandra Dasha Effects

Moon Mahadasha: Chandra Dasha Effects

Moon is the factor of mind. When a person has a good mind, then he can easily do even the biggest work. But when this mind gets spoiled then the person gets trapped in a dilemma. Their decision-making ability ends. Mind is directly related to Moon. When the moon starts giving inauspicious results in the birth chart, then the life of the person gets ruined.

Moon has its own place in astrology. As the sun is the factor of the soul, similarly the moon is the factor of the mind. In such a situation, the importance of the moon increases even more. What is the Mahadasha of the Moon? And in this Mahadasha, what effect and result of the sub-period of other planets does the person get in life? We will throw light on this also. Which will prove to be very helpful for you.

The duration of Moon Mahadasha is 10 years. When the effect of this dasha is on the native, then he is affected by some of the Moon's qualities and religion. How the moon is situated in the horoscope, the effect of all these things is visible to the person during the Moon Mahadasha. During the Moon's Mahadasha, a person also gets the Antardasha of other planets.

Chandra Dasha Effects

When the moon starts giving bad results, then many types of problems start coming into the person's life. The person is unable to decide on any issue. Because of this, he starts facing problems in the field of job, business, promotion, education, and employment. When the moon is bad, then these symptoms start appearing in the person's life-

  • The mind remains restless.

  • The mind does not remain stable.

  • Difficulty in making decisions on any subject

  • The confusion persists

  • Mental tension remains.

  • Interrupt work.

  • Make a loss in business.

  • Not completing work on time.

  • Delay in getting employment.

When the Moon gives bad results, then such symptoms appear. When such problems start coming into life, then it should be understood that the Moon is giving inauspicious results. If its remedy is not taken in time, then the person has to face serious consequences, and everything about the person gets destroyed. That's why the inauspiciousness of the moon should be removed as soon as possible.

Result of Chandra Mahadasha

According to Vedic astrology, the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. On the other hand, if the Moon is inauspicious in the horoscope, then the person may have to face mental pain. During this the person's memory becomes weak. Mother has some kind of problem or the other. Also, the relationship with the mother can get spoiled. On the other hand, the moon also gives pain in the brain, headache, tension, depression, fear, nervousness, asthma, and blood-related disorders. On the other hand, in the Mahadasha of the Moon, a person may have to face more troubles.

On the other hand, if the moon planet is auspicious in the horoscope, that means if it is sitting in Taurus, then the person remains mentally happy. They get mental peace and their imagination power also prevails. He is attractive to look at. The relationship with the person's mother remains good. A person gets good results in the Mahadasha of the Moon.

Moon Mahadasha Marriage

According to marriage predictions, the zodiac sign in which the moon is located at the time of birth is called the moon sign and on the basis of the moon sign, the daily, weekly, and monthly predictions are told. In Indian tradition, the horoscopes of the bride and groom are matched before marriage. This matching is also done by looking at the position of the moon in the horoscope. According to astrology, the moon is a direct factor of the mind and marriage is a mutual union of two minds.

Chandra Mahadasha Remedies

  • Offer water to Lord Shiva.

  • Keep fast on Monday. Donate rice and milk on Monday.

  • wear a pearl on the little finger of the hand.

  • Wear a silver ring.

  • White things should be donated.

  • Offer water to the moon on the full moon day.

  • Touch mother's feet every day.

  • Chant this mantra Om Som Somay Namah 108 times daily.

  • Donate white colored things. To avoid Chandra Dosh, do worship of Shri Krishna, Mahadev, Kamla Mata and Chandra Dev.

  • On the day of Sharad Purnima, make rice kheer containing camphor, white sugar candy at home and keep it in a silver plate and offer it on the roof of the house when the full moon is visible. Keep it overnight under the moonlight and distribute it to all family members in the morning. Eat some too.

  • The favorite flowers of Chandra Dev are the white lilies that bloom at night, apart from this, the white conch flower is also considered to be the most favorite flower of Chandra Dev. If you don't get these, you can worship with any other white flowers.


The position of the moon in the horoscope is very important for the Kundali holder. Prevailing Gand Mool Dosh is also seen from the position of the Moon in the Kundali. According to astrology, the position of the Moon in the Kundali controls the mind and emotions. If the moon is strong in the horoscope, the holder is soft by nature, sensitive, and affectionate towards the people around him. Talk to astrologers to know more about Moon Mahadasha.

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