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Moon in Cancer Ascendant

Moon in Cancer Ascendant

In Cancer Ascendant Kundali, along with Moon being the Ascendant, there is a karaka house. Even if the Moon is strong and beneficial, then most of the results are obtained only. If the Moon is not strong in the degree of Moon in this ascendant, then there is a decrease in its auspicious results. Note that it is best to know that the Karak planet is strong in strength and is in an auspicious position and it is best to know that the Marak planet is weak in strength. Only after proper analysis of the horoscope, a decision is taken regarding the remedy whether the said planet has to be strengthened with gems, to reduce the effect of the planet by donation, to pacify the planet by the water flow of some elements or whether the said planet is to be destroyed by chanting. You have to get protection by getting blessings. Mantra meditation is beneficial for everyone. If Moon is situated in any of the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, or 11 houses of the ascendant, then pearl gemstone can be worn.


Moon in all 12 Houses for Cancer Ascendant



Moon in 1st house Cancer Ascendant


In Taurus ascendant Kundali, if there is Moon in the Ascendant, then the person will be of gentle nature, attractive to look at, and emotional in nature. Such a person is of an artistic, creative tendency. They come out easily from any problem.


Moon in 2nd house Cancer Ascendant


The person earns money and gets the affection of the family. There is a wonderful voice. In Moon Mahadasha, wealth increases, the person's family is happy with the person, obstacles are removed, and the mind remains happy.


Moon in 3rd house Cancer Ascendant


Very hard working. The younger sister's yoga is formed. There is a quarrel with the father. Such a person also becomes an atheist in some situations.


Moon in 4th house Cancer Ascendant


The person gets the happiness of land, a house, and a vehicle. The native has a special attachment to his mother. Chest-related disorders are removed, and the profession of the person goes very well.


Moon in 5th house Cancer Ascendant


Because Scorpio is the debilitated sign of the Moon, therefore the intellect is weak, the mind remains turbulent, and there is a negative effect on the decision-making ability. Relations with elder brothers and sisters are not cordial. The person is romantic. There is a failure in love relationships, and a state of depression is created.


Moon in 6th house Cancer Ascendant


The court case, hospital cost. Many enemies stand up, and the fear of an accident remains. The mind remains troubled. Have to spend in vain.


Moon in 7th house Cancer Ascendant


The life partner of the native is very attractive. In the Mahadasha of the Moon, such a person can get profit from the work of the partnership.


Moon in 8th house Cancer Ascendant


Due to the eighth house, there is a hindrance in all the work of the person, the fruits of hard work are not available, and mental problems increase. Sometimes the person becomes a victim of depression. The native may require the help of a psychiatrist.


Moon in 9th house Cancer Ascendant


The person is a believer, a paternal devotee, and a caregiver of younger siblings. There is also the possibility of getting a profit by traveling abroad.


Moon in 10th house Cancer Ascendant


The profession of the native goes very well. Chest-related disorders are removed, and the person gets the pleasure of land, house, and vehicle. Such a person has a special attachment to their mother.


Moon in 11th house Cancer Ascendant


Being situated here gives the support of elder brothers and sisters. There is a profit coming from somewhere. The sum of getting a beautiful daughter is formed.


Moon in 12th house Cancer Ascendant


One or the other worry remains constant in the mind. The court case, hospital cost. The fear of accidents remains. Foreign settlement can happen in the Mahadasha of Moon.


In the Kundali of Cancer Ascendant, when the Moon is strong, it gives auspicious results and when it is weak, it gives inauspicious results. Talk to Astrologer to know in which house the Moon is in your Kundali.

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