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Mercury Opposite Moon

Mercury Opposite Moon

The Moon is in a challenging aspect in synchronicity opposite Mercury. Still, it can indicate a very important and supportive relationship between two people. Communication can make or break a relationship. Moon and Mercury are the two major planets associated with communication. Moon is one of the two luminaries. Thus it has many meanings. One of these is communication. As the fastest-moving planet, it traditionally rules over messages and messengers. One con is the complex aspect. On the one hand, it is stressful and difficult. On the other hand, it plays a special role by providing balance in relationships.

When Moon is in opposition to Mercury there are misunderstandings and other problems between the two people involved. It is almost inevitable. It will be difficult for both of them to see things together. To make matters worse, the two would not be able to "agree to disagree". Yet, this aspect is not all negative. Any connection between the Moon and Mercury can be helpful, even a difficult one like this one.

Mercury Opposite Moon Natal

The Mercury opposite Moon suggests that the way and speed with which you take in and absorb experiences make a difference to the way and speed with which you process information. Either you take in things quickly and then process them very slowly, or you take in things slowly and still process them fast. In either case, there is an internal delay as you either wait to process what has just happened or wait for more experiences to come. If it's the former, the secret lies in developing extended anticipatory pauses. To avoid the pressure of moving before you are ready, you must learn to outwardly act as if you are seeing or hearing something external. If it's the latter, you must learn to take the time to investigate all possibilities before proceeding.

Mercury Opposite Moon Synastry

Mercury opposite the Moon depends on the emotional excitement involved in the aspect. An intergalactic aspect of this conjunction of celestial bodies integrates the emotionality of the Moon with the wisdom of Mercury. A harmonious conjunction between Mercury and the Moon can lead to deep conversations and the comfort inherent in trusting one another. Mercury influences subjects to be initiated and brought into conversation while the Moon involves emotions in them. Lively, insightful conversations are sure to be an affront but they can sometimes devolve into excessive intellectualism and emotion. A Mercury-Moon square can be mostly critical, inconsistent, judgmental, and insensitive. Other harmonious aspects such as the trine and sextile between the Moon and Mercury encourage self-expression, appreciation, empathy, and understanding.

Mercury Opposite Moon Transit

Mercury opposite the Moon's transit also challenges inner emotional identity or personal security. Things should be examined to see if they are "deal-breakers" or not, and potential enemies may be avoided until things are over. This is usually a quick transit that comes about once per year, but as often as six to seven years or more rarely 13 years apart, Mercury will form a series of three oppositions with the middle occurring during retrograde motion. This is a much more significant transit that suggests an inner need to evaluate your feelings of nurturing, care, and relaxation. You may need to take better care of yourself somehow or decide how to deal with someone else who is either not doing their part or has broken your trust in some way.


Even though both will disagree on many things, this aspect will keep them talking to each other. This will keep them talking to each other, which will help in maintaining the relationship. If both are open to change, this aspect can provide balance. They can help each other to see things from a different perspective. Planets are strong in the signs they rule and exalt, and they are weak in opposite signs. Because of this, there are many special sign combinations of opposition in synastry. These special sign combinations can modify the meaning of this aspect. If you want to know more about Mercury opposite the Moon, talk to astrologers online.

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