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Mercury Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Mercury Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

This is a comfortable position for Mercury as it is the lord of Gemini, a dual air sign. Naturally, this position is positive for the native as per Vedic astrology principles. People born with Mercury in Gemini have a refined look and always present themselves as well-mannered and polite. These people are very soft-spoken. He has a strong hold on communication and expression. Such people are also excellent in mathematics, accounts, and languages. They earn a lot of respect and recognition in society and lead a wealthy lifestyle.

If you are born with Gemini Ascendant then Mercury is the most benefic planet for you. Mercury is the lord of the ascendant and fourth house. Since it is the lord of both Kendra and Trikona in your chart, it is considered to be the most benefic planet. In the Mahadasha of Mercury for 17 years, you will achieve a lot in life.

It will also bring a beautiful home, good academic records, a high level of friends, and general well-being. You will have a luxurious vehicle and all kinds of material success. If Mercury is conjunct with the planets Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Saturn then it will bring obstacles during administration. That's why you should take precautionary steps to activate Mercury.

Results of Mercury Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

The Mahadasha of Mercury is favorable for Gemini Ascendant. The ascendant lord of Mercury is the one who gives happiness to the person. There is an increase in struggle but there is a good profit. Positive efforts in life also give good opportunities to move forward. During this, there may be problems with the job. Minor diseases also have to be faced. Skin-related diseases bother you.

In Gemini Ascendant, Mercury is the lord of the first house and is the lord of the Ascendant, which is representative of very important subjects like form, zodiac, caste, body, age, happiness-sorrow, discretion, mind, nature, shape, and overall personality of a person. The situation of a strong Mercury gives very auspicious outcomes in these subjects, while a weak and malefic past Mercury gives inauspicious outcomes in these contexts.

Positive Effects of Mercury Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Jupiter becomes very auspicious and fruitful for the native by sitting in the ascendant house of Gemini ascendant. Develops the personality of the person. Makes the person patient and serious. The person is the one who respects religion and elders. The person becomes knowledgeable and characterful. From here, due to his fifth vision falling on the fifth house, the native gets success in the field of education, progeny, love, and share marketing. Seeing the seventh house from the seventh point of view gives the native happiness in married life and all the good results related to the seventh house. Looking at the ninth house from the ninth point of view, the person becomes lucky. Gives success to the Jatak in political work, and makes them interested in religious work. The person is a very good scholar and attains higher education.

Mercury in Gemini also gives them a keen ability to argue and win. Their way of living is quite independent. He likes freedom and personal space for development. They are quite logical and practical in their way. His mind is a storehouse of thoughts. They love to receive new information and learn new ideas. They get quick solutions to problems by using their intellectual abilities. These people do well as astrologers, reporters, teachers, singers, poet,s and writers. His interests are quite diverse.

Negative Effect of Mahadasha of Mercury on Gemini ascendant

From here, his fifth vision falls on the seventh house, so there will be some difficulties in the married life of the native, but they provide good cooperation in the partnership which increases the daily income. 0 If you look at the ninth house from the seventh vision, then it makes the person lucky, but along with luck, it also makes the person hardworking and brave. That is, the person is going to build his fortune on the basis of hard work. If we look at the house of Lakshmi from the ninth point of view, then the sources of income of the native increase, but for this, the native has to work hard.

When comes in the sixth house of the Gemini Ascendant, it becomes deadly by coming here. Therefore, the native gets all the negative results related to the seventh house, the tenth house related to the sixth house, outer house related to the second house. If they sit in the sixth house, their seventh vision on the fifth and tenth house the seventh visiin in the 12th house, and the ninth visiin in the secind house affect all of them. And all the negative results related to the above expressions are bound to be given by Jupiter in its Mahadasha and Antardasha.


In Mithun Lagna Patrika, Lagnesh Budh Dev has given Jupiter the ownership of the seventh house and the tenth house. Anyway, Guru Jupiter has a relationship of friendship with Lagnesh Mercury. Although both the signs of Jupiter are in the center, there is a possibility of them getting Kendradhipati defect. But it will take place when Jupiter is situated in 6 8 12. Otherwise, even if both the zodiac signs are in the center, they will not be blamed for the center. Thus Jupiter gets 5, 7, and 9 aspects. So wherever they sit. From there we look at 5, 7, 9 houses with complete vision. In this way, after the basic information, now we consider the auspicious and inauspicious results of Jupiter in the twelfth house of the Gemini Ascendant. Through Astrology phone consultation, you can know in detail about Mercury Mahadasha in Gemini Ascendant.

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