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Mercury in Cancer Ascendant

Mercury in Cancer Ascendant

People of Cancer ascendant are chubby and of medium height. There is a glow on his face. They are generally emotional and care about others. They like to be around the house. They have a good imagination and the power of art. They have spiritual qualities. In Cancer Ascendant Kundli, Mercury is the very enemy of Ascendant Moon, the lord of the 3rd and 12th house, hence a malefic planet is formed.

Mercury in all 12 Houses for Cancer Ascendant

Mercury in 1st House Cancer Ascendant

If Mercury is situated in the Ascendant then the person is intelligent. In the Mahadasha of a strong Buddha, there is no profit in partnership work, problems in married life, and work conditions are not good. There is a decrease in the happiness of brothers and sisters.


Mercury in 2nd House Cancer Ascendant


Such Mercury is not giving auspicious results for the family. The voice of such a person is sweet, money is not available with the family. The sum of foreign settlement is formed. Difficulties have to be faced in earning money. The native may have to face many health-related problems.


Mercury in 3rd House Cancer Ascendant


The younger sister's yoga is formed. The person is very hardworking, expenditure is also high, and travels a lot. Only after a lot of hard work, does the work of the person gets completed. The sum of foreign settlement is formed. Relations with the father remain sour.


Mercury in 4th House Cancer Ascendant


The native may have to face problems from his mother. Mercury will not be very helpful in garnering all the amenities. In the Mahadasha of Mercury, there are chances of problems in professional life. More expenditure is less income.


Mercury in 5th House Cancer Ascendant


There is a problem in the stomach, there is a failure in love relationships. There is a possibility of sudden loss. The birth of a child is formed. Relations with elder siblings are not good. In the Mahadasha of Mercury, there is a state of depression. There is also the possibility of hospitalization expenses due to the illness of the spouse.


Mercury in 6th House Cancer Ascendant


The fear of accidents remains. Court case or hospital cost. The debt increases and the person can hardly come in a position to repay. If the Moon is strong and benefic in the force, then Vipreet Raja Yoga is formed and the native gets auspicious results related to the 3rd, 6th, and 12th house.


Mercury in 7th House Cancer Ascendant


It is common thing to have a dispute with the wife, there is a possibility of loss in partnership work. Health deteriorates, and hard work does not yield results. Normal relations with external places, humility, cooperation, and peace on the enemy's side lead to success.


Mercury in 8th House Cancer Ascendant


Along with the native, his family members also get into trouble. The mind remains sad. The family does not get along. In the Mahadasha of Mercury, the person stays away from the family. The effect of strength is seen in the body of the person.


Mercury in 9th House Cancer Ascendant


By coming in the debilitated zodiac, the person does not become a paternal devotee, religious, or fortunate. One is one who travels abroad with his hard work, but the benefits are rarely received. Younger brothers are not made by sisters. Can't handle expenses. There is no attainment of a high position in the job or benefits from relation to outside places, and there are many obstacles in the promotion of fortune.


Mercury in 10th House Cancer Ascendant


In the Mahadasha of Mercury, the profession comes to the verge of termination. Mother suffers from suffering, a lack of pleasures. The person has to work hard, there is a possibility of living away from family or foreign settlement. General gains in the field of knowledge and intelligence, gains on the strength of wisdom and speech.


Mercury in 11th House Cancer Ascendant


The native does not get help from elder siblings. The birth of a child is formed. In the Mahadasha of Mercury, one's own health is not good. Money comes after a lot of hard work and it is not known how the money is being spent. There is a possibility of not getting anything even after working under the elder siblings and hard work outside.


Mercury in 12th House Cancer Ascendant


The sum of foreign settlement is formed. There is trouble regarding children, the mind remains sad, and unnecessary expenses will be incurred. Speech is bad. The loan will not be repaid, diseases may persist. There is a chance of traveling abroad. Even after working hard, the results are not proper.


Mercury in Cancer ascendant gives negative results when it is debilitated and positive when it is exalted. Talk to Astrologers to reduce the negative effects of Mercury in Cancer ascendant.

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