Measures To Avoid The Inauspicious Effects Of All 9 Planets

Measures To Avoid The Inauspicious Effects Of All 9 Planets

Remedies are related to astrology. It is very effective, easy, and low-cost. The auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the Navagrahas are according to the planets located in Bhavagat in the horoscope. If the emotional planets are in an auspicious position in the horoscope, then the native also gets good results. If you are in an inauspicious condition, then the work being done will get spoiled by itself. Chant planetary mantras or fast or donate planetary objects to make adverse planets favorable.


Sun Remedies


The Sun represents the planet. Follow the commandments of the father and see the divine part in them. All your work will be done. By worshiping the father, the ego will turn into love and with the blessings of the father, there will be auspiciousness. Have sun darshan on Sunday morning and offer water to the sun. Keep fast on Sunday to remove the inauspiciousness of the Sun. Make food salt free. Donate sun-related items-jaggery, wheat, or copper on Sunday evening. If you want, feed jaggery-wheat to a cow or a calf. serve your father. If you can't do this, do Surya Namaskar every day.


Moon Remedies


Moon represents the mother. Due to the mildness of this planet, it is called the parent. Every day after waking up in the morning, first of all, take the blessings of the mother. God's blessings may take time to bear fruit, but mother's blessings show immediate effect. Offer water to Lord Shiva on Monday.


Mars Remedies


Mars represents brothers. Take blessings from the elder brother and pamper the younger one. If your brothers remain happy, then you will continue to get successful in life. Your name will be taken with respect and honor even on social and political platforms. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. Keep a fast on Tuesdays for protection from the adversities of Mars. Take special care of your younger siblings. Keep donating auspicious things-red cloth, jaggery, lentils, gold, copper, and sweet bread made on tandoor. Always try to control the impulse. Stay away from violent actions. It is also a good solution to shed jaggery in running water.


Mercury Remedies


The planet Mercury represents the daughter, aunt, sister, and aunt. Do not make them angry and establish good relations with them. Apply saffron tilak on the forehead and wear gold. Donate green moong on Wednesday, and feed fodder to the cow. To get rid of Mercury Dosha, fast on Wednesday. Feed boiled moong to a poor person on this day. Worship Ganesh Ji with Durva. Donate green clothes and moong dal on Wednesday afternoon. To remove the defects of Mercury, feed green grass equal to your weight to the cows. Always respect sisters and daughters. Pierce a copper coin and let it flow in running water.


Venus Remedies


Venus is considered a female planet. No matter how bad the husband is in his behavior, act wisely. Always keep your wife happy. The husband is incomplete without the wife. There should be a stable relationship between the wife and the husband. Donate white things. Wear white clothes and apply perfume etc.


Saturn Remedies


Shani Dev loves the poor a lot, so keeps the servants of the house happy to get his blessings. Keep donating Shani-related donation items like black lentils, black sesame seeds, blankets, and mustard oil on Saturdays.


Jupiter Remedies


The planet Jupiter represents Brahmins or elders. Taking the blessings of Brahmins or elders daily not only helps us to move forward on the path of progress but also averts the crisis that may come upon us. If Devguru Brihaspati is giving adverse results in Dashavash or transit, then fast on Thursday. Worshiping banana, offering water to Peepal, and respecting teachers and learned persons also removes the inauspiciousness of the Guru.


Rahu and Ketu Remedies


Serve poor or handicapped people daily to get the blessings of Rahu or Ketu.


If the remedies are done properly and after consulting a knowledgeable astrologer, then you can be benefited by making your planets favorable. If you want to know about the remedies to avoid the inauspicious effect of 9 planets, then talk to astrology.

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