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Master Number 11 - 11 Numerology

Master Number 11 - 11 Numerology

Master number 11 represents vision. This is the number of ambitions and imagination. The number 11 has an intuitive meaning different from all the numbers. It represents light, knowledge of the subconscious, rational thinking, insight, sensitivity, and nervous energy. Everything happens very suddenly in the life of a person affected by this number. People with this number are very sensitive. If the mind of a person with this number is connected to spiritual life, then it becomes tolerant, kind, and charitable. If the external goal of this number is not focused, then it becomes internally self-centered and is surrounded by many apprehensions and fears. Number 11 is a number associated with spirituality.


11 Meaning Numerology


According to Numerology Predictions, if the sum of the spelling of your name comes to 11 or your birthday falls on 11 or the sum of all the numbers of your date of birth comes to 11, then you will take this number as such. 1+1 = 2 won't do it. This is considered a very auspicious number and has been called a Karmic number.

Master Number 11 is related to spirituality, so you can be a settled teacher. You can do work related to missionary or religious institutions. You can be an artist or you can also be a musician. You can elevate your name in any field of art. You can be a politician by being interested in politics, you can also be a scientist or a writer. You have an innate sense of human welfare, so you may be interested in working in the field of human development.


Number 11 Compatibility


100% compatibility factor cannot be obtained through numerology only, the compatible numbers for master number 11 are 2, 5, 7, 22, and 33. These people will lead a good married life with joy and satisfaction in most of the people's life. These natives will mainly have a love marriage, although there may be a problem of mutual consent and understanding in the beginning these natives get luck in marriage and get long-lasting supportive partners.


Personality Number 11


Due to the effect of master number 11, the quality of humanity will be present in you, so you will always think about the welfare of others. You can be full of energy inside you. You will be fit Number 11 has been called Karmic Number, so with its effect, your intuition power can increase a lot. You can be a motivational hymn for others and you can inspire them towards their goals. With the influence of this number, your inner strength is strengthened and due to this you also have the ability to predict the future. Wherever you live, you will light up the environment with your positive qualities.

Number 11 is related to a person or event with wonderful and extraordinary qualities. That's why extraordinary talent is hidden inside you too. You are the initiator of work and the number one strong-willed quality is present in you. Spirituality is also present within you due to the effect of the number 2, thus there is a tremendous combination of 1 and 2 within you. Due to the mixed effect of 1 and 2, you get enlightened by spiritual powers and you move toward a positive direction.

You are a very warm-hearted and generous-hearted person, but you can remain somewhat careless from your side and from your family's side. Be it your love affair or your marriage, success in both cases will be possible only when the thoughts of both of you are the same, otherwise not. If there is a difference of opinion among each other, then neither the love relationship nor the married life will be able to run smoothly. You are very calm emotionally. You don't show your feelings. You do not have the feeling of performance or show-off. Whatever you do, you do it from your heart, you don't do anything to show it to anyone. You live separately from everyone, cut off and careless. This is your weakness which you should remove and try to meet everyone.


Master Number 11 Career


Those who are associated with the master number 11 through Radical Number, Name Number, Soul Urge Number, and Life Path Number are intellectually capable of achieving success at the highest level in a career season in management, banking, stock market, and social welfare sector have the capacity. Media Sector, Employment in Government Departments, Police Sector, State Affairs, etc. These people do very well in self-employment as well as in the fields of technology and communication. These people usually get success between 30 to 46 years of life.




You are a very emotional person and due to this, you get stressed very quickly. You are not practical at all and your selfishness shows your shortcomings. Sometimes you become inconsiderate and whether someone likes it or not, you impose your views on others. You are always caught between worldly things and spirituality. Neither live here nor there. Due to the effect of Master number 11, you can have very sinister and dangerous intentions many times. A better example of number 11 is Mussolini on whom this number had a more negative effect. To know more about the negative and positive aspects of master number 11, talk to astrology.

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