Mars Opposite Moon

Mars Opposite Moon

The transit of Mars over the natal Moon will intensify emotions for a few days. You will be more aware of your inner beauty. These give great contractions, which are brief resistances if you are in touch with your unconscious.

They can lead to irrational behavior, especially if you suppress your needs or allow others to take advantage of you. You can have more satisfying relationships with others and with your family unless another transit causes more conflicts. When transiting Mars is square to your natal Moon, you can be moody and feel irritable. Therefore, there is a tendency for irrational emotional outbursts and compulsive behavior that do not serve you and lead to more conflicts. Hidden stresses do arise and you must learn to manage and control them, not let them control you.

Your sexual relationships may be more satisfying, however, if you feel stifled and others are not taking your needs into account, you need to confront them. Whether the results will be favorable or not depends on the transit. Many childhood problems and compulsive behavior patterns may arise now; You must maintain balance and emotional control so that you can make positive use of the inner strength that this transit gives you.

Mars Opposite Moon Natal

It is probably difficult for you to accept the comfort and security in your life. It's not that you think you don't deserve those things. But you probably fear that a safety net and comfort zone are traps that hold you back from living your best and freest life. Therefore, you avoid a lot of nurturing, hugging, caressing, and other creature comforts because you don't want to feel like a pet. It probably sounds extreme, but chances are you're prone to extremes. You may feel that you cannot move an inch with your feelings because something or someone is taking a long distance in your heart. So, you're ready to stay on the defensive and engage in a push-pull tango with the people who love you or want to be close to you. You can also play some permutations of this dance with friends as you generally avoid getting too close or intimate.

Mars Opposite Moon Synastry

Mars Opposite Moon Synastry, when transiting Mars in conjunction with your natal Moon, you feel very intense, even irritable and angry. There may be no apparent reason for your irrational behavior, as your anger stems from past situations.

You aim it all at the people you live with, your family, or people you are closely related to. You have such intensity and emotional resistance that you can better cope with a difficult situation or emotional conflict. You dare to do or say things that other times you would not dare to do. You can fight to protect yourself and your inner needs.

Mars Opposite Moon Transit

You find it difficult to talk openly about your feelings, for fear that others may manipulate you or compromise your autonomy in some way. Still, your fear and defensiveness will probably lead to more conflicts with others because your emotions often bubble to the surface. But this prospect seems irrational and troubling to others. Others may not expect anything from you other than to reveal the feelings you seem to be keeping so well under wraps. You're not, and once you make peace with that, you'll probably start getting along better with more people. Nevertheless, you will be very successful at keeping away those who are really trying to dominate you or play underhand games. But they probably aren't the people in your inner circle who you love and who love you back.


You can tolerate difficult situations and challenge others when necessary. This can be very positive as long as there is no old resentment that is building up and spiraling out of control, otherwise, you will feel more in touch with your own feelings and needs. You have to find a way to express them and find creative uses for them. There is unity between your feelings and conscious intentions so that you can express to others what you really feel. In a loving or sexual relationship, you can feel more alive and you can enjoy it more. If you want to know more about the Mars Opposite Moon, then talk to astrologers online.

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