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Mars Mount Palmistry: Effect of Mount Mars on Life

Mars Mount Palmistry: Effect of Mount Mars on Life

Two regions of Mars are found in the palm, which is known as advanced Mars and retrograde Mars. The area below where the lifeline starts in the palm and the area surrounded by it just above the Mount of Venus is called the Mars area. Mainly this mountain is considered a symbol of war. A person who is auspicious is courageous, fearless, and powerful. People who have strong Mars areas in their hands are not cowardly or submissive. There is stability and balance in the life of such persons. If there is the absence of Mars in the palm of a person, then that person should be considered a coward.


Mount Mars Effect on Life


Having a cross mark or island on Mount Mars can give problems like headaches, fatigue, and anger to the native. If this mountain is underdeveloped, a person may have problems like depression. If a line goes from that mount of Mars to the mount of the Moon, then such a person is used to delay in taking decisions and doing erratic work continuously. If this Mount of Mars is suppressed by the Mount of the Moon, then it also causes irritation due to not getting success. Any inauspicious sign on this mountain makes the person face financial troubles and family problems and his speech gets affected.

Those who are Mars dominant are strong in heart and full length of the body because Mars itself represents a strong person. They do not tolerate injustice in their life at all. Such persons reach a very high position in the police department or in the army. The quality of ruling is within them from birth itself and only auspicious people are capable of leading in society.

If the Mount of Mars is highly developed in a hand, then such a person is vicious, tyrannical, and criminal. They can always be seen ahead in anti-social work. Their nature is like fighter people. They have a tendency to forcefully persuade others. Such persons are the ones who fight on every point, sacrifice everything for their rights, and are dissolute and cunning.

According to palmistry,if the inclination of the Mars region in a hand is towards the Venus region, then it should be understood for sure that that person will have special bad qualities instead of good qualities. If such persons keep enmity then they will be fierce enemies and if they behave in friendship then they will be ready to sacrifice everything. 

In a true sense, such people are rude, harsh, and harsh. If the lines are especially visible on the Mount of Mars, then it should be understood that such a person is fond of war. This type of person can later become an army chief or can also become a fierce dacoit. If they are encouraged, they are ready to sacrifice everything. Triangles, quadrilaterals, or any kind of point on the Mount of Mars are not considered auspicious. Such signs clarify the disease of a particular person and the disease related to blood remains constant in his life.

If the Mount of Mars is well developed and at the same time the color of the palm is also reddish, then that person definitely attains a high position. In his life, regardless of the struggles and obstacles, he achieves complete success in reaching his goal. The yellow color of the palm makes a person feel guilty. If the color of the palm is normal blue, then such a person can be a patient with arthritis. Such people are ambitious and they always keep their goal in mind and keep moving towards their goal. If they do business, they can achieve success, especially in the line of medicine, etc.

If the Mount of Mars is prominent and the fingers of the hand are angular, then such a person is an ideal lover. Square fingers are an indicator of a person being practical and taking steps in life. Such people are clever and clever as well as pay special attention to their interests. If the fingers are knotted and the Mount of Mars is exalted, then the person is a reasoner and acts thoughtfully in his life. If the sign of a cross is seen on the Mount of Mars, then that person definitely dies in war or by getting stabbed. If there are horizontal lines on the Mount of Mars and it has become like a net, then definitely his death is due to an accident.


Mars is in two places in the hand. One near the thumb below the lifeline and the other near the headline just below the heart line. If the upper Mars moves towards the Mount of Mercury, then the person's nature becomes fierce. Such a person always thinks of himself to be a skilled warrior. Due to this, there are possibilities of serious injury in the body of the native. An excessive amount of blood can flow in such a person and his life can be made. If you want to know more about Mount Mars, then go through the online Jyotish consultation.

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